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    Kotak securities fees

    Hey guys . A happy 69th Independence Day to everyone. I want to ask the fees being charged by Kotak Securities. They charge 'other fees' other than stt, brokerage, ST. When I enquire abt this they termed it as turnover transactions tax But I only day-trade so TTT is not applicable...
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    Mutual Fund Charges

    Dear Sir , I am an Indian Investor in Mutual Funds . I would be greatly obliged if you could spare some moments to bring me out of my confusion . I understand SEBI has instructed all Mutual Fund to stop charging the Initial Expenses which could be ammortized over a period of 3...
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    Legal Vehicle for a Hedge fund in India

    What is the equivalent of hedge fund in India ? By Hedge fund I mean a trading/investing company in stocks which can accept money from people(mostly HNIs) and distribute profits after deduction of fees. I understand that this is different from mutual fund. Also The fund has to be managed like...
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    Do the Brokerage Charges Differ for different Lots of different Companies?

    Can anyone let me know why brokerage charges are different for different Company Future Lots? Ex: a) Minifty - 20 shares:1 Lot ( Rs.20.00 + Rs.20.00 Per Buy/Sell Transaction ) b) Nifty - 50 shares: 1 Lot ( Rs.50.00 + Rs.50.00 Per Buy/Sell Transaction ) How can i find out about how is...