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    Urgent help needed in ploting Date in Metastock Exploration

    Hello everybody I am Deepak and would seek your help in creating an exploration indicator which tells the Low or High date in mm-dd-yyy format. For eg if I run an exploration of 20 stocks I would want to know in the given year say 2015 which day-month-year did it make its 52 wk low. I want...
  2. X

    Exploration AFL Debugging

    Greetings! I like to share with you a first alpha stage of a code Im writing in order to make basic indicator exploration on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframes with a "Percentage ScoreRank" result system. This alpha is basically the main body of a more complicated code (that will and...
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    Metastock Explorer and Indicator

    Hi guys, I am new to metastock and I am trying the explorer feature. What I don't understand is why is it that the indicator (rsi using daily closing prices with a period of 14 days) and the explorer with colA as RSI with a formula of RSI(C,14) (periodicity = daily) have different results...
  4. S

    Explorer help- Filtering out expired contract

    Dear Experts, I want to define an Explorer to filter only those contracts which are still active, filter out all expired contracts from in my result (As Metastock download expired contracts also). If you are aware of it or can give some idea, it will be appreciated. SatyaB
  5. A

    Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal...

    Hi fellow Traders, I am using MS 9 EOD and it it giving wrong results in MS explorer. Metastock explorer is providing incorrect MACD buy signal... I manually checked India Infoline and it generated a buy signal as the MACD has crossed over it signal line but Metastock explorer is not providing...