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    IIFL -Delivery Square off ?

    Hi, I have a query regarding a sell activity and the net position. Say already I have 500 shares of X in my holdings (dp ACCOUNT) and have sold it under Delivery mode. The Net position shows as -500 qty for the sold share and the holdings tab show 500 as sold . But , there is an option...
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    Which one is the best strategy in the market?

    Can anyone suggest or start discussion about best strategy in the stock market? I am talking about Intraday , BTST or Delivery . Intraday- Same day clear your position BTST - Buy today sell tomorrow Delivery - Hold stock for long term
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    Help get On trading

    Hi, I am newbie here(trading). willing to start, but not knowing how and where. Finally found this blog which is helping many like me. I am good at observing and learning. So, could any one here please suggest me some specific stocks to buy and observe for some time(may be a week) and...
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    Fungibility of gold and gold mini?

    I am long 1 Kg in Gold and short 1 Kg in Gold Mini contracts expiring on 5th December and don't plan to square off my positions. Would I be compulsorily required to take delivery in Gold and give delivery in Gold Mini ? Or would MCX net my positions in gold with gold mini and not ask for...
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    margin & delv, religare odin diet help?

    Dear forum members, I am new to trading.I started using ODIN DIET (provided by Religare). I placed buy orders with order type "Margin" without knowing the difference between margin and delivery. I searched this forum and I vaguely understood that margin is for intraday trading and...
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    Max Leverage & holding period for Delivery transactions

    I heard that Religare offers 4 times leverage and a holding period for 5 days for delivery transactions. Does anyone have knowledge of a better offer ? Thanks!
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    Reviews & Tips

    Good reviews and Tips will be put in this thread everyday. Follow it to earn. these will be delivery tips.
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    What is the meaning for : INTRDAY and DELIVERY

    Hi, I am new to this site. I recently have my Motilal Oswal account opened. I have a few basic questions. Would someone please answer these for me. I am basically interested in holding shares for longer terms (1 to 5 years or so). in the BUY screen of MotilalOswal I see, Product type as...