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    Lost 1 Lac in mcx , need startegy

    Hi traderji members I have lost 1 Lac in mcx trading (in 2 years). I dont know what is going wrong . I have tried many strategies but doesnt work (for me atleast) . I have even use from LRC to COG waves and simple price action to parabolic sar to fractals to DOM reading and much more . I...
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    Info on NCDs

    As TJ doesnt have a sub forum on debt so posting my query here. I wanted to know from where can I get all the info on listed NCDs? I see its Group F on BSE but BSE site gives info only on trades on that particular day. Also detailed info is full of errors. Is there any site which gives...
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    List of discount broker with Debt/IPO/Mutual funds trading facility

    Hi All, All the online discount brokers like Zerodha or VPS provide services only in Equity/F&O segment, few with commodities. --No one is allowing to apply for new Debt/Equity IPO/FPO's. --Once these debt securities like Taxfree bonds start trading in market we cannot buy or sell them...
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    Mutual Fund Distributor

    Hi friends, If you have queries about Mutual Funds, please let me know. I will try my level best to answer your queries. Happy Investing.
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    A forum on fixed income/debt/bonds, etc.?

    Why not make TJ a complete forum by including a forum on fixed income/debt/bonds/fixed deposit, etc? Recently I have started investing in FDs but dont find any reliable information/forums (with respect to Indian markets) to share my views. Why not start a forum on this?
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    Debt Funds

    Hi All, I am new to MF and benefited a lot by reading this forum. I am planning to invest around 5 lakhs in mutual funds. After reading some posts here and valueresearchonline, the general advice would be to put the money in a short term debt plan and initiate a STP to other large...