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    Day-trading Vs Software Profession, Need an experts advice...

    Dear All, I am a software profession aged 29, from Chennai area. I have been with the Software industry for last 6yrs, and at sideline I keep myself engaged on Stock market as I am a stock investor; above that I have some inherited business interest too. Now serving in the industry for quite...
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    EMA Crossover with Stochs & RSI

    Hello All, I have seen quite a few posts here regarding EMA crossovers, in particular by Pride who has been kind enough to show us his trading methodologies. This is my first post and I hope to have some wonderful feedbacks. I have been using few stuff on my own, although I am pretty...
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    Worth sacrifice my Job for Day Trading??

    Hello everybody, I'm working in one of the Oilfield Services Company abroad with a monthly salary of 2.5 Lakh, have been trading from time to time through HDFC SEC for the past 3 months. Now, I'm dragged into this crazily and so excited about this trading, but not able to focus much on...
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    Selecting scrips for Day-Trading

    Hi Friends, I am trying to learn day trading and I want to know how does one select scrips for day trading ? What is the criteria one has to match to qualify a particular scrip for day trading the next day? How many stocks does one generally keep in his watchlist ? Which websites do you...
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    offer and bid quantities

    The ICICIDirect site constantly shows offer and bid quantities for a share . Now, I've seen that for some stocks the offer quantity constantly keeps at 5-7 times bid quantity throughout the day. The volume itself is also quite high. (yes bank has followed this trend last 2 days, there were...