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  1. Shivam DUbey

    Mutual fund returns

    Why is it that mutual funds have very high 1 year returns and lower 2,3,5,7,and 10 year returns? What if invest only for one year and take 29 % return and then again invest that amount for 10 consecutive years. (I know this doesnt make much sense, if it did people would have been doing it...
  2. S

    SIP vs LumpSum which one and why??

    Hi, Suppose I am planning to invest in ELSS plans and i already have the money which i need to invest. So should i go for SIP or Lump sum? I have heard people talking and suggesting about the lump sum? But i have few questions. SIP would be great option if you don't have the funds...
  3. M

    Which of these trading strategy should i follow?

    I have created two trading strategy one which follows trend rules and other momentum. I have backtested both strategies in a universe of stocks which has been chosen randomly for 10 years of data. Below is the backtest result Trend strategy Momentum Strategy Any Advice NOTE: I am planning...
  4. S

    Need advice on MF Portfolio

    Hi Friends, I am new to Mutual Funds, and after reading some forum and article, here is the MF portfolio I have designed, please give your thoughts and suggestions. 1) ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip equity (Large Cap) - 20% 2) ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (Balanced) - 20% 3) HDFC Balanced...
  5. C

    Artsy fartsy newbie investor: Good record

    Your view on this diary. I havent traded since April of 2014. On an investment of 2.8l I have made the same invested amount into 4.5l. I know it isn't great as strategies go but is it any good?? I was a copy editor for Investors India magazine a marketing and research initiative of Bajaj...
  6. RS2330

    S o s

    Fellow Traders Please help me find a solution to this Dilemna - wherein I believed implicitly that the Bulls shall rule NIFTY forever when it attained a golden great figure of near 8622 - I purchased 4 lots of NIFTY8600CE at 85.65, 4 lots at 81.00, 4 lots at 78.00, another 4 lots at 73.00...
  7. T

    Need Advice on commodities fundamentals

    Hello, I understand very clearly what one needs to study to understand the fundamentals of stocks..I recently started trading commodities and I trade only on technicals but want to understand the fundamental analysis of commodities because the fundamental picture for me is very clumsy. Please...
  8. R

    Quotes from Edwin Lefevre - Trader & Author of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    * In life or any other endeavour it is our inner demons that does us in. * Fate does not always let us fix the pain. It delivers us the education at the cost of pain. * The desire for constant action irrespective of market condition, is responsible for professionals to loose in the...
  9. DiwaliCrackers

    How to acheive target 10 Lac in 1 year

    Hey Guys, I want to achieve my target as 10 lac before 1 Jan 2012 with moderate risk capacity. My initial investment is: 2 Lac in Equity Shares. and monthly capacity is around 18k.... Please let me know, how i can achieve my target , through legal way and moderate risk :)
  10. J


    Hi Joji, Welcome To Traderji !!! Please Feel Free To Browse Through. Please Do Be Mindful Of The Forum Rules Happy & Safer Trading SavantGarde I am new to stock market and i entered to this before one yr..before recession period... i make good profit within one month... and...