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  1. comparison between NCFM and NISM
  2. Risk Reward doubt
  3. Naked Strangles in weekly Bank Nifty
  4. Market Profile - Order Flow Daily Updates .
  5. Elections,results and effect on the markets.
  6. Re: Day trading Nifty & Stock Futures
  7. Termimal for Simulation Trading using Nest starter pack.
  8. Price Bands or Circuit Limits
  9. Stock management - positional
  10. Which are best and trusted discount brokers?
  11. Alternative income for a trader
  12. Participants of Popular Trading Challenge
  13. Market research - NIFTY, BANKNIFTY & STOCKS
  14. STT-A bad deal for traders & a systemic risk for capital markets
  15. Event Days Charts, comments etc.
  16. What is acceptable range of trigger and limit price in stop loss orders?
  17. Any Benefits for share trading in this Budget ?
  18. Simbhaoli sugar
  19. Just Dial
  20. Ifci
  21. Adanient
  22. Ismt
  23. Which gives more return
  24. Future versus Option trading
  25. Nifty Future volumes shrinking fast, out of top 20 soon?
  26. Only 45k Left
  27. how 2 overcome dis serious prb
  28. Why do markets go haywire on budget day?
  29. ST Sir's Best Posts Collection.
  30. Tension Free Safe Earning with Trading
  31. Strong buy for MGLG: why you must not wait any longer!
  32. Learning to trade breakouts, Supports & Resistance
  33. General questions for Investors and traders
  34. Correcting Mistakes-Option Help
  35. FII/FPI Analysis
  36. need help on bnf
  37. last visited 2014
  38. Which category do Traders belong ?
  39. Investors Meet-Up Delhi
  40. Trading futures and options in US and Singapore
  41. UPI - Unified Payment Interface - Experiences, opinions, advice etc.
  42. How to invest in Dividend stocks
  43. Need a help for EMA Pivot backward Testing
  44. What are the types of analysis need to do in Forex Trading?
  45. Dividend
  46. OI on COMTiger ( Sharekhan)
  47. Business Model of Minance
  48. Nifty Analysis
  49. Transfer Share
  50. Action Construction Equipments Ltd.
  51. 1L Per Month
  52. Expected return on investment/trading per year
  53. what do you guys do when you're not trading?
  54. Mutual fund Vs money lending Vs FD
  55. NF or BNF for Scalping?
  56. Mrf
  57. Wipro
  58. Lycos
  59. Patel Engineering
  60. Want to use Options for My Nifty Positional strategy.
  61. Separate thread for Stock analysis
  62. Telegram chatrooms
  63. Poll: Are you a full time stock trader?
  64. BTST Profit Target and Delivery Handling Charges
  65. Useful offers, schemes, deals etc.
  66. Free intra day virtual trading account for india ?
  67. Any website or broker that gives real-time information on tax free bonds
  68. General Chat with Crude :)
  69. Brokrage charges in OPTION trading
  70. cover orders
  71. MT4 in India
  72. I want to deal in online stock trading. Will I need to pay brokerage for it?
  73. While investigating companies, how much is too much?
  74. Basic Guidance Sought
  75. NIFTY 50 Future T R E N D S
  76. Maximum Quantity with Limit Order
  77. Which penny stocks works best with Limit Order?
  78. any virtual trading platform were one can earn real
  79. GST related
  80. Indian business TV channel Experts or Astrologers?
  81. Can ordinary / illiterate make money with proven system ?
  82. "NOW YOU SEE ME" - The Secret Cult Kings of Trading
  83. What is the difference Between purchasing and selling?
  84. Shared Office space/ Co-working places in Bangalore for trading
  85. Which broker offers direct access trading?
  86. Best free mobile app for technical analysis
  87. Hi friends,
  88. Profit/Loss Targets
  89. Which brokers in India provide email, SMS or both based stock alerts?
  90. How to make profit each month using given ALGO
  91. How much risk is involved Forex trading?
  92. What kind of system trades works in intra day stock trading?
  93. Are Markets Random?
  94. How to buy or sell with minimum capital (No day trading)
  95. BNF Scalping
  96. The Myth around the Stocks- Can anyone clarify?
  97. Fractional bonus share
  98. Stock Market Courses in Delhi - Basic Trading Questions?
  99. stop loss !!
  100. Interactive brokers? CME group? Advice please.
  101. How Brexit influences UK banking sector?
  102. What is the purpose of stop loss in india for equity/derivative delivery?
  103. What happens if you buy and sell stock before T+2 deilivery?
  104. Best Mobile App for Markets
  105. Trading Methods For Market Profile
  106. Local voting on Brexit
  107. Why don't exchanges allow stop loss market order on delivery trades?
  108. Re:Reliance 4G data pod
  109. Strange price movement in SBIN
  110. British businessmen demand the withdrawal of the country from the EU.
  111. Chasing the News
  112. Were we can see A grade stocks more than 40% down and up
  113. Question of Growth
  114. Copper is Angel and not Human :)
  115. Daily Options an Futures Trading Ideas
  116. Anyone Trading From Dubai
  117. Traders from Tamilnadu
  118. What are the problems relating to compounding your money for a long period of time ?
  119. Glossary / Terminology
  120. Lowest Brokerage Charges
  121. Options training
  122. trading
  123. Short-Selling
  124. Restrictions on Govt Servants
  125. What is DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL
  126. Indian steelmakers are investing $6 billion in the Gulf countries
  127. India Aviation 2016- begumpet
  128. What do you think about startups and the amount of money that they need?
  129. Dividend yield
  130. Has anyone played chart game
  131. Is this real 2000% profit in 3 months in indian equity
  133. Debit / Credit card issues, frauds, problems etc..etc..
  134. Budget day poll 6868 or 7272
  135. Can I manage my uncle`s money?
  136. Thoughts about Brexit
  137. Google Finance Stocks/index charts Technical Indicators removed?
  138. Giving Power of attorney to brokers
  139. How our investment will be safe in broker firm
  140. Question for every broker.?
  141. What are the requirments for starting a stock recommandation or suggestion sites?
  142. Power of Attorney and Freezing of demat account
  143. Bank Guarantees for Intraday trading limits
  144. BSE Indices Historical data
  145. Brokers n regulators
  146. About position sizing
  147. How much do you make as a day trader?
  148. Funding - For traders/investors
  149. My Collection
  150. Aham tat sat – the ultimate frontier
  151. Traders From DELHI
  152. Found the holy grail but...
  153. What is the trend of the current indian market?
  154. ieod tick data for crude
  155. Lowest Brokerage and High efficient Software
  156. Stocks that are in uptrend but never talked about in news or by brokers
  157. Which has the highest failure perecentage?
  158. My PA learning from live trading...
  159. How Will The Market Behave Near And After Fed Meet In Mid December ??- Traders' Views
  160. LIC policy Investments between 10-50k annually with good returns after 20 yrs
  161. Kushal Tradelink
  162. DP to margin - which brokers have the best facility ?
  163. i need demo id and password for NEST OR NOW.
  164. Is overnight trailing stop loss illegal in india?
  165. What will happen if forgot to square off shortsell
  166. Which bank in India offers a debit card with maximum benefits?
  167. International trading investing - which brokerage house would u suggest
  168. Required materials for advanced trend trading techniques
  169. Members have no right to demand any forum rules here as guests
  170. Worlds Best Traders
  171. Why Nifty ?
  172. The significance of the volume level
  173. What is span and exposure margin
  174. Terrorist attack in Paris : How will it affect the markets ?
  175. Happy Diwali Friends
  176. One Lot Trader
  177. Advice needed...
  178. share price and property assets
  179. Advice needed for an experienced investor
  180. Collective Investment Scheme in stocks and futures trading?
  181. Day Traders' Routine
  182. My experiments..
  183. Shares and mutual fund transfer after death
  184. What is meant by AR ?
  185. What is meant By AR ?
  186. Need guidance!
  187. Today Market
  188. Intraday help !!
  189. Can you suggest some high winning percentage strategies
  190. Forex is our business and we have to respect Forex!!!
  191. Pure play psar for nf and bnf.
  192. Is it possible to become rich by trading
  193. Trading in foreign stocks/ overseas stock trading
  194. Suggest broker please!
  195. Cheaper API for accessing live NSE Data
  196. What is the difference or releationship between stock and its future stock price
  197. Data Request-Amibroker-Tata Motor Equity
  198. Trading Futures: Indices Vs Individual Stocks
  199. Should I make stop loss orders on unsettled purchases?
  200. Introduction
  201. Where would be headed nifty in oct 2015 series?
  202. Anyone tried Zip Sip?
  203. What gives you more thrill
  204. Which demat account is best for trading in india?
  205. Best structure for consultancy firm for tax saving?
  206. Trading a business/profession/job
  207. Securities in Ban Period.
  208. Trading and stars
  209. Trading with no knowledge just plain money management?
  210. Developing A Trading System
  211. First Time First Stock
  212. @ Pratapvb Sir,@Admin-Regarding Combining trend and VWAP ranges Thread
  213. Can we use discount brokerage for long term investing?
  214. What are these dashes?
  215. Traders in chandigarh !
  216. ..........will we get back all our money invested/principal amount invested in them ?
  217. China devalues currency
  218. Vipassana meditation technique
  219. Books That Changed You
  220. Becoming a millionaire or corepathi in india by trading is a fantasy or reality?
  221. Which stock you are going to buy tommorrow
  222. PSU Bank Recapitalization - Is it desirable ?
  223. What is the purpose and advantages of different lengths of contract in futures
  224. This question is disturbing me.... regarding order matching
  225. Can anyone provide reallife futre trading examples
  226. How gain loss calculated in future stocks
  227. Gain loss calculator
  228. Can we make money in a bearish market
  229. How to predict the ending of a trend
  230. What happens in a future trading when losses are more than the margin
  231. How to add or import google/yahoo finance realtime data for bse and nse to aptistock
  232. How to Buy/Sell futures in NSE paathshaala
  233. Results Timmings
  234. Which is the most rewarding trading stock, futures or options
  235. What is future trading and how to do it
  236. Kindly provide feedback on my investment strategy
  237. What is the difference between investing same stocks in NSE and BSE
  238. Buy Sell Signal Software
  239. Professional Traders Lifestyle Choices
  240. Fixed Deposit Calculation
  241. Poll on trading system types
  242. ICICI Bank Credit Card
  243. Swing Trading by RK
  244. Can i post my money control portfolio images
  245. Show Off Your Trading Desk & Sys Configuration ! :D
  246. TJ Dump
  247. Categories Of market players in India
  248. will nifty cross 9000 in this month?
  249. Rupees to USD
  250. New To Mutual fund