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  1. Discussions about index movements..
  2. Where has the volatility gone?
  3. need help for very old shares held
  4. What TOOL do you used for trading?
  5. Need help understanding T2T segment scrip
  6. How to calculate target price of any share?
  7. Psu employee to invest in nifty is it legitimate?
  8. Trade Order Execution Priority & Disclosed Quantity
  9. Is a DIS book mandatory ?
  10. Zerodha's Birthday Gift(s) for 2012 (15th Aug - 2nd birthday)
  11. New in trade
  12. Now
  13. What exactly a system is
  14. margins in zerodha and rkglobal
  15. Qestion about major Indices.
  16. Which is the best thread that gives INTRADAY trading levels?
  17. Trading software
  18. Kindly suggest about Adani enterprises Ltd
  19. Beginning as a real estate investor
  20. Trading Profits doubts from Commodoties ..
  21. buy nifty fut
  22. Personal financial planning
  23. Need data / statistics
  24. Need your opinion/inpus
  25. Couple of Newbie queries
  26. is it good idea to buy stocks that have "Only buyer".
  27. European Indices & DOW Futures updates
  28. Question regarding market trend
  29. Sell at high price ?
  30. stock options vs Forex vs Forex options
  31. Slippages in a SL-M orders
  32. An amazing comeback
  33. New Commodity Trader | Gain = All Money to Broker??
  34. Saravanan Notes
  35. HDFC Home Loan Bangalore
  36. Is it good idea to buy stock when it is near its bookvalue?
  37. ESOS Share
  38. Why paper trading is considered futile
  39. Going against the Tide... the Contrarian approach
  40. It is not advisible to buy the shares after decleared dividend.
  41. New to investing
  42. Which site is the best provider Overseas Trading in India.
  43. Intraday Trading Question
  44. What is usual/reasonable spread ?
  45. Physical share demat
  46. can i do trading from UAE
  47. Default Shares Trading from Credit Card in India?
  48. Trading in MCX @ 250 per Crore
  49. ShareKhan Real Time Data Issues ?
  50. What made you a trader - Rationale
  51. Ideal trading setup / No of screens
  52. What was it like trading in 1985?
  53. Intraday VS Positional trading
  54. The Thread
  55. Au gold dust available for sale in monrovia
  56. advise me the best buy prices
  57. Intra Day Trade or Long Term Trade? Which is safe?
  58. Need a help
  59. Doubt in Intraday Trading
  60. Algorithmic Trading/ Program Trading/ HFTs, The Cloud A New Dawn
  61. You have to read this!!!! :D
  62. what exactly is this t3b system.......
  63. Is providing tips illegal in India?
  64. About Health Insurance
  65. Give your child the apt Child Insurance Coverage
  66. Give your Child a Secured Future with Child Life Insurance
  67. What kind of knowledge do you consider for your self as the most valuable?
  68. Budget 2012
  69. Long term FDs
  70. Lost 4 lakhs in trading and requesting for help in recovering it
  71. Brokerage for Penny Stocks
  72. Rights Issues
  73. Beware
  74. What has been your Shortest Trade Duration
  75. Is Trading my cup of tea?
  76. Is This BOP Crisis
  77. How stock prices are set?
  78. 40 lacs need to be invested in monthly income scheme.
  79. Basic question about trading
  80. Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows
  81. your favourite three persons on traderji???
  82. The Nifty Trading Lounge
  83. How long have you been using internet forums like Traderji
  84. Earning profit.....Time to say Thank's
  85. Trading journal/records/logbook
  86. Automatic Buy & Sell of stocks
  87. Hello, I am new comer.
  88. finally bfd terminal is working again.. enjoy
  89. Who are these guys outside BSE
  90. Pair-Trading
  91. What is GCI
  92. Best Intraday Trading Tips
  93. BSE and NSE data providers
  94. Trading Meaning
  95. SBIN Q3 Results date ??
  96. Full Time Trading - Are you ready?
  97. Help on pre-open session in NSE-BSE
  98. Is it wise to take ICICI Life Stage Wealth II policy for newbie
  99. Traderji Trading Competition 2012!
  100. TECH-nikaal ANALysis...!
  101. Saturday 7th Jan Stock Market open
  102. 15 January 2012 - India to lift ban on individual foreign stock investors
  103. Trading Holiday 2012 - India, US, EUROPE and UK mkts
  104. NRI Trading
  105. 2012 New Year Resolutions
  106. Tax & P/L calculation software.
  107. Intraday Trading method
  108. Stock Markets destroyed/ruined me/my career
  109. Support and resistance levels!
  110. EU Carbon fees ruling effect on Airline stocks!
  111. Stock market - real definitions of terms
  112. Whats your primary source Income?
  113. Contribution to a traders success
  114. Any Broker Providing Demo account
  115. How to measure success? - The performance parameters
  116. Nifty Daily View (09/12/2011)
  117. Nifty Daily View (05/12/2011)
  118. *$* Trading Tiger, Disciplined Dragon *$*
  119. Do's & Dont's of INTRADAY TRADING
  120. Limit order, how it is matched up ..
  121. Query on Indiabulls Securities
  122. Quants based trading
  123. SK Locked shares in share khan
  124. Coal India, made complete fool of me :)
  125. Do you trust Tulsian?
  126. Sell Gold
  127. Govt to allow FIIs to invest more in bonds, finance ministry sources Read more at:
  128. My Collection of useful trading materials and resources
  129. Be Careful When Using Credit Cards to Fund a New Business
  130. Can I make a living out of Trading only?
  131. Blue Star: your opinions please
  132. Why is Bilcare falling ?
  133. How to Make Money Fast in the Stock Market- an easy way
  134. Issue in setting Stop Loss - ICICIdirect
  135. What is ur tips on JAICORP
  136. Multiple Share holding pattern - Physical shares to Demat
  137. hi
  138. Has Nifty peaked out already ?? RSI readings - variation in different sources
  139. Stock SIP
  140. forex trading illegal for resident indians
  141. Trading as my profession
  142. please help me about mahindra composite
  143. Timepass's notes
  144. Need help urgently...on stock statement...
  145. NSE ETF/QGOLD vs NSEL e-Gold
  146. Need Help
  147. Want to start a Sub-Brokerage Firm
  148. Stock Market, Housing Market, GDP Growth
  149. Need Help from Seniors for a serious student on DAY TRADING
  150. Can ETF be traded on intraday basis like equities??
  151. Power Sector Information
  152. Other Charges Brak-up
  153. Best broker for intraday
  154. The Stocks That Are Bigger Moneymakers
  155. Few basic questions on stock trading
  156. from where i get full form of abbrevation short cuts names
  157. Few basic questions :)
  158. hai friends
  159. Confused ?? Please help
  160. Why Am I Making Loss Although I Sold At Profit?
  161. usd/inr
  162. Most lose Money so somebody must be cashing-in.
  163. Dividend on Coal India
  164. after buying in icici margin how to sell it ?
  165. Simple strategy to make 1 crore in one year with stock trading
  166. Trading tips website's
  167. Daily/weekly corporate action and adjusted bhavcopies
  168. Could u help me?
  169. sebi-simplifies-trading-account-opening-procedures
  170. Question on Long positions
  171. Option combination
  172. How can I cancel a STOP LOSS order in Sharekhan Trade Tiger
  173. Net Risk Adjusted Return ?
  174. pay out shortage ...help plz
  175. Share Market is Gambling!
  176. I am New in Share market
  177. Suggestion For Investing Newbie With Money To Invest
  178. Awaiting 2 outcome
  179. trailing stoploss
  180. My HIT-MISS ratio
  181. Mock trading of FnO
  182. Sharekhan brokerage help?
  183. Bull -stockes for 18th july
  184. how to trade in intraday?
  185. triveni turbines
  186. What is the future of Aban Offshore ?
  187. Need New Broking Company with Low Brokerage
  188. Can someone please help and tell me the usual ways to study market??
  189. Stock screener to find stock by LTP
  190. Nice way to attach files
  191. Please Help
  192. Price of shares after an IPO closes
  193. Intraday Trading
  194. editing portfolio after bonus or stock split announcement
  195. Birlacot
  196. Novice Question
  197. A Peculiar Question
  198. Please help me ???????
  199. How are brokerage charges applied?
  200. a little help.
  201. BHEL share price not reduced to half even after share split?
  202. Shareholding pattern
  203. Google Finance in Excel 2010
  204. Required good option TIPS providers
  205. Advantages / Disadvantages of bringing traders together
  206. Home Office based traders from chennai
  207. Who has made MONEY through Day Trading?
  208. Trading in world indices
  209. Market on Twitter
  210. Sub -Broker
  211. Stock help
  212. Consistency in Intraday trade.
  213. Trading For Living , Experiment By newbie For Nearly 15 Days.
  214. Why short selling is not permitted ...?
  215. Reliance petroleum shares
  216. zee news share
  217. Markets trade lackluster; bourses hover around their neutral line
  218. Difference between Interim Dividend & Final Dividend
  219. Selling pressure intensifies; SBI result eyed
  220. Basic Question that about Trading
  221. If a trade goes international
  222. hi...
  223. Gold ETF
  224. OnMobile Bonus shares
  225. how to know which companies from a sector are listed
  226. How to convert trading to regular income
  227. Why share prices are dropping while announcement of Quarter results
  228. top stocks
  229. EOD Data
  230. General Safe Investment, Pls advice
  231. Infosys Technologies Intraday chart on google finance india
  232. stock analysis
  233. Is there tax on mutual funds ?
  234. Automated Trading Softwares in India
  235. Feedback on HDFC Equity fund growth
  236. Traderji City Clubs?
  237. Looking for low risk investments with guarenteed returns
  240. help in investing please
  241. Share Market Tips
  242. Anna Hajare & The Fairy Tale
  243. Indiabulls Q&A
  244. Please suggest any volatile stock for today
  245. PLEASE HELP.Its urgen What to fill in Trading account window in my trading software.
  246. confusion about two exchanges in india i.e NSE & BSE
  247. which web portal provides real time stock market news?
  248. LIC POLICY- jeevan tarang and jeevan anand.
  249. Value of a system that give 80-120% monthly consitently
  250. Need query on hind zinc bonus and split