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  1. Is this forum still about trading?
  2. Figure Out What the Future Holds
  3. Please Help 1st Time Trading - Sharekhan Trade
  4. Best daily newspaper
  5. Is there any source where i can get the annual average trade price of nifty stocks?
  6. How do I place these orders on RK Global
  7. Hope this is the right place to post.
  8. Banking in 2014: Pay more for add-on services
  9. Trading IDEA*Innovative*Dream*Experiment*Action*
  10. Moneycontrol portfolio
  11. Trading as a business
  12. 5 Small Steps to Create Big Assets
  13. Another strong year ahead for Indian IT
  14. Learning Programming for better TA
  15. Advice needed please help !!!
  16. Hold on to basics as markets sway
  17. India's 10 Largest Wealth Destroyers In 2013
  18. India's biggest wealth destroyers, Reliance tops
  19. Navigating the Parts of the Charts
  20. Taper fear spooks market, but IT counter gets a high
  21. Why sgx and foreign market is green
  22. Top Ten Wealth Creators from 2008-2013
  23. Conversion from regular demat a/c to BSDA- current dues?
  24. nifty will consolidate between the range 6000 to 6350
  25. How you decide Stop Loss?
  26. What's the most important trading lesson that you learned this year?
  27. BJP favours abolition of income, sales, excise tax
  28. Local brokers upbeat on Sensex after BJP win, foreign banks cautious
  29. Time is changing but are we really changing as a Trader?
  30. How NSE surpassed BSE as the dominant stock exchange in India?
  31. Zee Business Sensex Ka Sultan
  32. Bitcoin and its Trading!!!
  33. PRESS sticker on car
  34. Seminar on ‘Investments in Indices’
  35. Any one knows GANN theory...?
  36. Any one using software of visshu satyanarayana iyer pls tell me worth to buy or not
  37. Eighteen stocks witnessing surge in volumes
  38. which system to trade , plz suggest
  39. Is it somehow possible to download this flash based futures price chart?
  40. HOW to know a demat a/c is active/closed?
  41. Money
  42. Beware!! Markets may crash within Next 1-2 months
  43. Profitability Picture Improves for some Large and Small AMCs in FY12-13
  44. Sensex@20,600; Re next 63: Party’s not over, contingency be politics
  45. Potential Banking License candidates ??????
  46. Infomation online traders should be aware of!
  47. How is DP calculated
  48. Analysts take on key Q2 earnings last week
  49. Art of Trading through Art of Living !
  50. Latest on NSEL ISSUE
  51. During Nov. 2013, nifty may trade beyond 6400
  52. Investing in shares
  53. 30m 20 sma
  54. Will nifty commence trading above 6200?
  55. 30M tracking of Supertrend in Nifty and Bank Nifty
  56. Men who crashed the world
  57. Forget money, gold growing on trees...
  58. Nifty Double Top
  59. Difficult? Yes ! Profitable? Maybe.
  60. Any Poker Players Here
  61. SGX Nifty
  62. Dream 2020 by Tamil Trader: Every Indian Home needs one professional trader
  63. Is there any free charting software available..?
  64. Are you an Internet Addict?
  65. what is exsplit?
  66. Paper Trading your system- Is it needed?
  67. Is intraday stock trading in U.S listed exchanges from India illegal?
  68. My hindi,, english thread(all is bad)
  69. Any winner of zerodha 60 days challenge
  70. Historical IEOD data From Broker?
  71. Increased Heart beat and lost of breath
  72. One Good Source
  73. GyaniPundit's Learning by Sharing : Trading Strategies
  74. group on watsapp
  75. Sector to bet on festival time (Oct-Dec)
  76. Playing for profit
  77. Option Trading Strategies
  78. The Survivors!!
  79. NSDL & CDSL Charges added by ICICI Direct
  80. Trading on Saturday
  81. Should I do a course in Microsoft Excel?
  82. Most honest TV Analyst - Sandeep Wagle
  83. good mobile for trading??
  84. What Certifications can I pursue?
  85. Start real time professional trading game
  86. Multiple orders on different accounts in one go possible?
  87. Corporate Governance in Infosys
  88. Options!! tomorrow
  89. Query - Options!!
  90. Trading Account in Silchar Assam
  91. can NSE be default like NSEL
  92. what happened if NSEL default
  93. One big problem for me
  94. OptionsXpress or tradeMonster ?
  95. GREAT posts (GEMS)
  96. NRI NEFT doubt
  97. What are your investment goals?
  98. Capital Gains P/L Report from Brokerage Houses
  99. Rock Climbing session for Traders in Bangalore.
  100. Future of small caps and mid caps
  101. How to calculate gross profit
  102. correction or downtrend
  103. Lets start a Game
  104. Lowest trading Tax
  105. Understanding F&O
  106. MONEYBHAI.com prize real or fake
  107. Senior guyz help required
  108. Trading Floor in Bangalore?
  109. What taxes and charges does your broker deducts from your earnings on equities?
  110. couldn't traders & investors from Kolkata unite
  111. text me for TA discussion
  112. Newbie- Square off confusion
  113. Delhi trader & investors association
  114. how they bought bulk of shares...??
  115. compare between RKSV and Zerodha
  116. what about kabra extrusion technique ?
  117. about bartronics,ivrcl and valecha engineering
  118. Best Stock Tips provider
  119. How to do that
  120. Basic Queries on Online Trading
  121. Question on lower and upper circuits
  122. About trading a/c
  123. about ankur drugs,lakshmi energy and food,manappuram finance
  124. Equity Crash - Connecting the Dots
  125. Demat trading orders
  126. "operator"
  127. Tax on Margin Plus orders
  128. License for broker
  129. about biocon and selan exploration
  130. Fitch revises Indias rating outlook to stable
  131. My intraday trades in nifty options
  132. about gujarat fluorochemicals
  133. Anybody Trading in NSE from overseas?
  134. stock trading
  135. mechenical system
  136. a proper trading plan
  137. loss is the part of business?
  138. what are the ways for increase your trading business
  139. Letters of Opinion
  140. Pink Sheet OTC
  141. Counting and Evaluation of Psychological Barrier %- a must for struggling trader
  142. Ravi Bhokse Course
  143. i am central govt employee (defence). can i trade intraday and future options
  144. How i can make a lot of money by forex ?
  145. Is the NSE/BSE market working tomorrow?
  146. Chartered Market Technician (CMT)
  147. Is investment in mutual fund safe?
  148. FIIs Bullish. Pour in Rs 2,600 crore in May
  149. MBA Vs. CFA
  150. How many days to paper trade before live trading?
  151. SBICAPSEC Brokerage Rate!
  152. Sec. Trx Tax
  153. plombier paris 3, Plombier Paris 3eme,
  154. No Maintenance Charges - No Account Opening Fees - No Demat Account Fees
  155. A Query
  156. What will be taxable amount in trading.
  157. Introducing Ripple, a better Bitcoin copycat?
  158. What games are you playing at the moment?
  159. SIP investment in NIFTY basket
  160. hello world
  161. How to Invest In Stocks Safely
  162. Hello
  163. International Linkages of the Indian Commodity Futures Markets
  164. Bitcoins
  165. Low cost broker+high quality data=fully automatic system
  166. hi, nice to be here right now
  167. Real time news source
  168. Question regarding a Stock
  169. SeoUpTime - компания по
  170. Expert/experienced traders' advice requested
  171. How many of you are full-time traders?
  172. new one
  173. Some Stories of Share Markets..!!!
  174. am newbie pls help
  175. Are these good stable stocks(india)?
  176. Forex is a luck business or mind game
  177. india info line
  178. My First Thread
  179. Free stock scanner
  180. Entering - Cylinderical nature sectors
  181. Natural Gas Trend For Today Bearish
  182. www.standardmorgan.com
  183. How do i short the market?
  184. account opening form iifl
  185. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS how far right?
  186. Alternative of Meta 4.00 Platform??
  187. free tips agency
  188. Query on transferring shares on accountholder death
  189. Future Query
  190. Do you think Searching for AFL or similar make trader dump
  191. Webinars For Signal Service On MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for Brokers
  192. searching for beginners guide
  193. Indian Rupee Trading Dominates as DGCX Reports Record Volumes in 2012
  194. MetaTrader 4/5 Trading Signals: Increase Trading Volumes, Get More Clients, Clear Pro
  195. Need Help !!
  196. MetaQuotes Software Corp. Opens Its Representative Office in India
  197. Can i get back the deposit money given for lower slab in Ventura
  198. Infosys
  199. Find Correlation between EMC and Nifty...
  200. TAXSAVER Mutual Fund
  201. Bank shares on fire .. why?
  202. Basic Question on Trading!
  203. Required Professional Stock Traders, Arbitragers & Jobbers
  204. How to use a single CE001.format for mutlitple .csv files ?
  205. 2013 New Year Trading Resolutions
  206. CUB-Rights issue- Do it affect market price ?
  207. Bonanza combo Offer - Rs. 36,500/- only
  208. Capstone Securities Analysis Pvt. Ltd.
  209. Basic Doubt in analysing shares
  210. Amibroker basic doubts
  211. New year and market outlook
  212. How to invest in Nifty futures/options from USA (NRI)
  213. Where can I get best tips for Investing?
  214. hello friends
  215. Suspicious ICICI Pru call
  216. can I buy and hold B Group shares for more than a day
  217. Sharekhan Brokrage Charges 2012?(-Excel Attached)
  218. Calling all coders,afl experts...
  219. When to sell JetAirways ?
  220. is TA an ART or SCIENCE...?
  221. Hindustan Copper FPO
  222. How to register with SEBI as Investment Advisor
  223. What business you are doing?
  224. http://zignals.com - How much userful
  225. Whats the meaning of these?
  226. Reliance Monthly Income Plan
  227. Global Effects on Local Markets.
  228. Some thoughts out of the normal box
  229. Holdings margin in rec
  230. nifty and banknifty or crude and gold?
  231. Dividends of deceased
  232. Need some info
  233. Business magazine and journal
  234. Help required
  235. obtain demat account holding statement from CDSL(also known as CMR)
  236. NSE NOW going to b Charged !!!
  237. Trading software with buy Sel Signals
  238. Binary Option Trading
  239. Trading Hang Seng
  240. technical analysis
  241. can log into nseonline.in but not on NSE mobile
  242. DLF ? Vadra ? Indian Retail shareholders?
  243. Yesterday's LTP vs Today's CMP
  244. NEED HELP with Mutual funds~!!! <---
  245. Request to know regarding-high volatility/movement scripts from senior traders
  246. Flash Crash - wipes $60bn off India shares
  247. Info regarding Capstone Securities.
  248. Tracking Sugar price - Brazil market
  249. Where Nifty can Go
  250. Shares Transfer - Tax implications