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  1. Excel Sheet Automatic Pulling data from NSC
  2. Import Data into Excel
  3. When the market trends only 20%
  4. Doubt on order matching system of stock exchanges
  5. Real time market news
  6. Nifty Course available on web site
  7. Trading Partner Near Delhi /NCR
  8. Equity Mutual Funds,Real Estate and Gold- Comparative Study of Returns
  9. Just a gentle Query
  10. Zerodha or RKSV?
  11. FIR lodged against PayTM in E-commerce Scam
  12. Free Image Editor
  13. Why Day trading is Tough and only 2-3% are successful
  14. What kind of specific trading topics do you think are not discussed in TJ?
  15. Should we average stock below our purchase price or above our purchase price?
  16. Should we always add fresh capital in stocks?
  17. Option Target Calculator Online
  18. Interesting note I came across on US$
  19. Default CPPI funds in India
  20. When will INR be strong against US$
  21. How about SIP in stocks for long term?
  22. Cairn india or tata steel
  23. Portfolio/Long Term Investing
  24. Women Directors in Indian companies
  25. Should a person of 35 years age invest in front line bluechips?
  26. Health is wealth
  27. Circuit breaking Sudden Drop in price
  28. Average or add more stocks-Which is the best strategy?
  29. Signal reversal condition
  30. What is mtf ptst
  31. which Broker to join? complaints seen for all broker.
  32. Numismatic (coins and notes) investment
  33. EOD Data to Amibroker
  34. investing during all-time highs
  35. Monthly profit /loss statistics
  36. what % of the accuracy of intraday trading method is ideal
  37. how to do Gold valuation?
  38. Stock part of Which Index ?
  39. how much to diversify?
  40. JK Tyre slipped from about Rs.700 to Rs.100? How? No news...
  41. RE: DP Charges
  42. NSE Option Simulator
  43. Fundamental Data
  44. Is NRI allowed to involve in intraday in F&O segment?
  45. Sentiment Analysis Tool
  46. Priceless Info
  47. About Home Loans : News, thoughts, experiences, queries etc..etc..
  48. New to Trading. Help Needed. Nbi Industrial finance co ltd. Sell or Not Sell Sell How
  49. hi. i m new.. jave a very basic query. need help
  50. SEBI Research Analysts Regulations 2014
  51. Bussiness/Trading Plan review needed
  52. query about sebi research analyst regulations 2014
  53. Intraday question....
  54. Are we all being ripped off?
  55. Stock Split Date and Ratio
  56. Helios and Matheson information technology ltd.
  57. What exactly are "cyclicals" ??
  58. time and sales and intraday charts help
  59. Is Trade plus trading platform is trustworthy.
  60. Urgent Query regarding Online trading
  61. precision Technicals
  62. Discount on book value
  63. Trading Room according to Vastu & feng shui
  64. E-Mini S&P 500
  65. Evolution on Future Dax and Cac 40
  66. Investing abroad/trading foreign markets - How ??
  67. Dabba walah
  68. RBI credit policy tomorrow.
  69. How to?
  70. Eur/USD - Forex trading is legal or not in India
  71. Quit job for full time trading
  72. 2% 5 trading days
  73. News related to Market, Economy and Finance
  74. BSE Intraday chart Value Help
  75. Trading strategy for banknifty
  76. Trading strategy for nifty for jan 2015 series F&O
  77. Which is a better brokerage plan : per trade or per crore ?
  78. Music for Traders
  79. Website with Charts needed
  80. factors/observations which effect stock market
  81. Trading strategy for nifty
  82. help needed regarding options
  83. Writing Options - Is it correct or wrong ?
  84. Scalping method target 2000 per day- opinion required
  85. The zero brokerage world wide wave: Robinhood
  86. (Help) POA to execute only on market transactions?
  87. Back
  88. How to convert physical share certificate on different names to one D mat account
  89. Hedge trading strategy
  90. Sharekhan, missed to cover short position
  91. May I earn 10K per month
  92. Reviews and the importance
  93. Make money with Sharekhan
  94. What % age appreciation you see in the Sensex after 5 years term of Modi Govt ??
  95. Fastest News Source
  96. Nbfc account provided by broker
  97. High leverage: Pros and cons.
  98. General Trading Chat
  99. Which nse index is more volatile??
  100. Option strategy for infosys
  101. SBIsmart Short trading doubt..Please help me!
  102. Need link to a Game
  103. Sharekhan is worst in Client Master Updation.
  104. Trading on foreign exchanges
  105. Quantitative analysis and strategies .. can anyone shed some light ?
  106. Which mobile is best for mobile based trading?
  107. What is Stock Market_ Traders View
  108. What happened to CNBC Udayan Mukherjee
  109. 1000$ to 264bil$ in 2013 .. woow ! (just saw this article)
  110. Smart Cities and Make in India and Swachh Bharat
  111. About Sharekhans Insight and Tradonomix
  112. Demate account for Kids future - Need info
  113. SOR - Smart Order Routing
  114. where would nifty go in the oct,2014 series?
  115. Nifty & BankNifty Expiry Anyone?
  116. NSE Stock Ticker
  117. Learning Group -VIJAYWADA
  118. RuPay Debit Card ?
  119. Beginner query about derivatives
  120. Paid NSE stock charting tool & database
  121. What is First In First Out (FIFO) method in MF redemption
  122. Global Markets Timings per Indian Timings
  123. Selling Stocks Today & Buying after a Month?
  124. Propriety Trading firms in India and opportunities
  125. Mis position not closed
  126. Trading ... Trader ... AND I ...
  127. Where would nifty go in this Sept, 2014series?
  128. Lost share certificates - Process of getting it in Demat form
  129. Interday Trading
  130. Request for update of NSE
  131. Hi
  132. New trader query
  133. A trader must practice Yoga
  134. How to sell shares bought in trade to trade segment
  135. Zerodha crowd in
  136. esignal users........does esignal provide histor ieod data for stock,index options?
  137. Radico Khaitan Ltd. 2 day Lower Circuit
  138. Investing in stock for dividend ?
  139. IFC’s $2-billion bond sale
  140. Schooloftrade.com
  141. What an investor should do
  142. NaMo's I'day speech : Its effect on the markets
  143. New ATM Rules
  144. How the Feds creates wealth inequality mathematically
  145. Taming The Untamed
  146. Bulk Deals and Block deals
  147. Difference between Buy-in and Auction
  148. A question which is revolving in my mind.
  149. Need for more money
  150. further course of action in IRB abd FSL
  151. Fatal Regulation
  152. Help Needed with my portfolio
  153. Demat - Online Transaction
  154. Al Brooks's books are the most difficult trading books
  155. What is pre-opening session ?
  156. First year budget of BJP goverment era
  157. investment ideas
  158. Traders group cuttack
  159. Trader's Group Pune
  160. Yes..I am a success full Trader..because...
  161. Planning Some Investments
  162. Market related event calendar
  163. uae visa online
  164. Data Recovery Dublin
  165. Nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error
  166. Where would be headed nifty in June series?
  167. Weekend Market
  168. (Beginner) Mutual Funds Investing Questions
  169. Flash crash compensation
  170. Election aftermath
  171. slbs details
  172. How will you invested during this election season?
  173. Getting drowned in Namo Fever: Thank you Namo
  174. Book help
  175. What are all the things i need to Learn to Become Good Trader
  176. Observations & Ideas
  177. Website help
  178. best book on portfolio planning ?
  179. Investment in Nifty
  180. Financial modelling usage
  181. Bullish or Bearish: Do you think Nifty will touch 8100 before it touches 5100?
  182. Historical Top Gainers and Losers
  183. Is 45000 coming in Sensex or its BS
  184. Survey: Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation
  185. HeatMap of Sectoral Indices of NSE Stocks
  186. For over 6 years Nifty was suppressed below 6357.1
  187. Which trading company provider doesnot keep an eye on my selling\purchasing shares?
  188. Tracking deals: LeapFrog to invest in IFMR Capital
  189. Market facts. "the knowhow of stocks"
  190. India Election-Real Test Of Public Investor & Market
  191. S.E.T or active trade manager
  192. nial fuller 150 & 365 EMA
  193. Basics of Share Market
  194. Determing Market Condition
  195. self assessment is the key to success
  196. Nifty in april 1914 series
  197. Trading Solution - End to End Solution
  198. NRI trade in F&O - obtaining CP Code
  199. No cheers just yet for TN Court directive to Tasmac
  200. What Makes Marwaris Thrive in Finance
  201. My mistake of the day
  202. Better or Best forum for commodities..pls help
  203. Last 3+ years nifty was in trading range
  204. M6 - Man, Mind, Money, Markets, Method & Madness
  205. Hope rally leads Sensex to new high
  206. I need 3 years tick by tick S&P CNX Nifty Chart. Could anyone help on this.
  207. Anyone using investar?
  208. Basics of investing from Warren Buffett
  209. Portfolio tracking websites recommendations?
  210. Large investors raise bar for new generation of chief executives
  211. Nifty News
  212. Markets, Bourses, Expert Hail Single Demat Account Plan
  213. Survey about sustainable and responsible investing
  214. More upside This week here is your Market outlook
  215. Interest Rates In India
  216. Performance Postmortem
  217. nifty will soon trade above 6400
  218. Beta in BING Finance
  219. Engineering in slowmotion
  220. The Arvind Kejriwal index loses steam on Dalal Street
  221. Mover & Shakers on D-Street: Sesa Sterlite, Wipro, Tata Motors, Suzlon
  222. FIIs Throng Mid-and Small-Caps
  223. IF Market is BORING what do you do??
  224. how to avoid subdued days
  225. open interest, max pain, pcr..
  226. INVESTMENT dos and don'ts for 2014
  227. What to look for in Q3 earnings
  228. Good time to exit Dalal Street's white elephants
  229. Is this forum still about trading?
  230. Figure Out What the Future Holds
  231. Please Help 1st Time Trading - Sharekhan Trade
  232. Best daily newspaper
  233. Is there any source where i can get the annual average trade price of nifty stocks?
  234. How do I place these orders on RK Global
  235. Hope this is the right place to post.
  236. Banking in 2014: Pay more for add-on services
  237. Trading IDEA*Innovative*Dream*Experiment*Action*
  238. Moneycontrol portfolio
  239. Trading as a business
  240. 5 Small Steps to Create Big Assets
  241. Another strong year ahead for Indian IT
  242. Learning Programming for better TA
  243. Advice needed please help !!!
  244. Hold on to basics as markets sway
  245. India's 10 Largest Wealth Destroyers In 2013
  246. India's biggest wealth destroyers, Reliance tops
  247. Navigating the Parts of the Charts
  248. Taper fear spooks market, but IT counter gets a high
  249. Why sgx and foreign market is green
  250. Top Ten Wealth Creators from 2008-2013