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  1. Help to Add Buy/Sell Signal
  2. Can any one fix Line average code
  3. Email send every ticks
  4. Limit Orders in Amibroker with Ranking
  5. please help with backtesting my method
  6. Amibroker: Barindex to Date conversion?
  7. multiple time frame afl- help needed
  8. Seeking AFL modification of EMA Crossover
  9. amibroker, help needed please
  10. MA crossover AFL
  11. OHLC Afl Code needed
  12. Need AFL in urgent
  13. Help required - convert to Array Code
  14. i want afl for the mt4 indicator
  15. Need Help (Trend Quality)
  16. Price cross ( or touch ) Weekly Ema 360
  17. Amibroker Learning guide
  18. Alert help
  19. Need Your Help For Simple AFL
  20. Amibroker Elliot wave label afl
  21. Help needed in high low ploting
  22. Daily Loss Limit
  23. Moving average concept
  24. Fundamental data
  25. Coding for total volume vs number of contracts
  26. plot 3 day chart
  27. Need Help-Simple Crossover EMA9-MA18 with a twist
  28. Need Help For Super Simple AFL (Find Higher High Higher Low and...)
  29. BigMove scanner for amibroker.......
  30. Help with AFL for OSMA Divergence
  31. How to arrows unchanged?
  32. What are threads per analysis window?
  33. Convert Bar chart to Candle & Background color
  34. i need a AFL with below criteria for scan and expolre
  35. Find all close price between two dates
  36. Simple stop logic
  37. Explore Daily candle in a Weekly candle - Help
  38. Swing relations code for amibroker
  39. Moving average concept
  40. afl code
  41. Peak and trough Amibroker AFL
  42. Thicker Bar size amibroker
  43. Amibroker help required
  44. Does anyone have past 5 days high low afl......
  45. Elliot Wave - TD D wave - need help converting from MQ4 to AFL
  46. AFL code help
  47. Relative Performance Exploration
  48. VQI indicator warning 505 error
  49. Rts trading system for amibroker
  50. Step Interval in Bar Replay in Ami
  51. Required...
  52. Sending signal from amibroker to another charting tool
  53. Which ALF is this?
  54. Help for changing many symbols on DBase
  55. Rj_Sliding Range mq4
  56. Help for download multiple TLS file.
  57. Help required Thanks in advance
  58. buy stocks every second trading day of the month
  59. indicator references index
  60. Buy / Sell Arrows not showing up on price Chart
  61. Scan in 5Min Code
  62. need lintra intraday trading system afl code
  63. Anyone willing to give AFL training (Paid)
  64. invest 1% of equity per stock
  65. How to Plot volume in a loop
  66. Forex Data in Amibroker
  67. How to place a middle line on Oscillators?
  68. Help! AFL code needed.
  69. Help Required in triple ema crossover strategy
  70. Bull candle time WRONG OUTPUT (included exploration use&check it)
  71. Strategy with Potential
  72. Required AFL writer help
  73. Amibroker Backfill not working
  74. Circular Reference thru StaticVarGet/Set.
  75. Amibroker - Data box AFL required.
  76. Help required formula for Sell
  77. Need a volume code , help me please !
  78. Rsi Dynamic level
  79. Max Adverse Excursion %
  80. equity curve
  81. Supertrend without LOOP
  82. multiple strategies exploration
  83. Why i am getting error in this code? please help
  84. False Bar Stochastic
  85. Amibroker Afl settings
  86. use optimize
  87. set initial capital
  88. Automatically pull technical indicator values from Amibroker to Excel in Live markets
  89. Need Money Flow Index afl code !
  90. rotational trading
  91. MACD Filter afl
  92. Stocks at 52 week high or low
  93. Scan for Price Above/Below yesterdays High/Low
  94. How to see change in daily price in Points not percentage
  95. p & f afl upgrade
  96. Need help with simple AFL query
  97. ploblem with XYScatterchart
  98. auto robo trading formula for Amibroker (AFL)
  99. Moving stops manually in a semi-automated system
  100. Help with AFL thend following code
  101. Plot line without the loop
  102. help me edit code amibroker !!
  103. Chart type LOG not working
  104. [Important] : AFL required for trendlines (Amibroker)
  105. problem with sigScaleOut
  106. Adding 30 seconds periodicity to backtester
  107. Very very simple AFT need help
  108. Need AFL to scan NSE list of equities not traded since past 1 month
  109. Need help with afl before buying amibroker
  110. need buy sell arrow to be plotted, plz help
  111. coding error - help
  112. Using the logic within a ranking column...
  113. Edward Pottash AFLs
  114. Top Bottom style of trading- If I can Every one can
  115. renko afl
  116. STORE EXTRA DATA with "Foreign" Function.
  117. Afl Modify.....Help please
  118. Can someone help on the proper use of 'addtextcolumn' function ???
  119. Generating REALISTIC buy and sell signals in Amibroker backtesting
  120. Initialize an array of 'close' data of a security
  121. how to add custom column to the stocks imported from metastock?
  122. Connect Amibroker to this broker via API
  123. Would like some opinion on the result of the backtest...
  124. how to plot a line with AFL
  125. Amibroker Coding Help
  126. Huge volume at round figures
  127. Hey guy, help me check code alligators
  128. How to get real time MCX data for charting in Amibroker ?
  129. Exploration / Scan !
  130. Tracking specific candles' High & Low values
  131. Convert Hilbert Sinewave MQL4 to AFL.
  132. Exporting quotes from amibroker to CSV file
  133. Can anyone combine these 2 afl please ?
  134. Help ! Fix code to show multi time frame
  135. Highest high in the last 500 bars
  136. digi chart program
  137. Data Importing Troubles
  138. Help Needed in AFL Amibroker
  139. Does External data feed work on an unregistered Amibroker?
  140. Deleted RSI indicator
  141. Help needed in afl
  142. Strange no good coder left for afl here now.
  143. Supertrend
  144. Doubt with AFL Code
  145. help req to save a chart
  146. need help for otion greeks afl in charts for amibroker.
  147. Advance camarilla AFL
  148. Kiss of MA
  149. Basics in Amibroker
  150. Need Help on configure stochastic
  151. Help to find the right balance
  152. NI225 won't show in the price chart
  153. please help i need AFL code for scan
  154. I need a AFL code please help
  155. Please help for AFL coding in Ambibroker
  156. bletrend -can somebody convert this mt4 code into afl
  157. swing trade setup in amibroker
  158. From-to-range Trouble
  159. A different idea ... it works
  160. amibroker syntax error 30 . please help
  161. Amibroker - Learning how to use
  162. amibroker help
  163. CCI Double Dip Strategy AFL
  164. dt oscillator time changing
  165. need afl code for buy/short arrows with price
  166. exponetial moving average
  167. Overlay Rsi Diffrent TimeFrame
  168. fibonacci pivot point
  169. AFL Code requeted for faster retracement
  170. AFL Identification
  171. color changeing AFL
  172. Amibroker VS NinjaTrader
  173. New Afl for just education purpose only
  174. need afl code for change candlestick color when satisfied certain conditions
  175. Need Help Backtesting
  176. What should be the point value for NiftyFutures in Amibroker?
  177. Dual trading lots.
  178. ATR in percentage.
  179. An Exploration AFL Creation with Multiple Indicators
  180. Pls Help guys
  181. Deleting EMAs plotted via afl
  182. code not working properly
  183. I need to stream Amibroker charts live on my website
  184. AFL i have found in web does anyone have
  185. How to prevent Say() function from going in a loop?
  186. Help needed..9.15 to 10.00 a.m high low exploration afl
  187. afl to mark Brexit
  188. Calculate price at specific rsi level?
  189. AFL for trade risk
  190. need afl code for maximum 1 intraday trade per day
  191. How to calculate BarsSince Price touches the Support or Resistance Line?
  192. Simple rsi based afl
  193. Unable to change time frame
  194. Need help in correcting Afl
  195. PPK System
  196. A Utility to record real time data tick by tick
  197. Help needed for the following market profile afl code
  198. Help needed for the following market profile afl code
  199. Help on Higher Low and Lower High Amibroker Code
  200. positionscore ,scorenorotate explanation
  201. Buy Stop
  202. Please help create Buy/Sell Exploration/Scanner on AutoTrendLine w/ S&R
  203. AFL for pivot envelope
  204. Periodcity
  205. Value is change when i was used scroll bar.
  206. trend line buy sell signals
  207. help with Guppy Buy sell
  208. How to display EMA(c,10) Daily in time frame 1 minute
  209. Wintrade to Amibroker
  210. Moving Average
  211. amibroker autoscrolling.exe (utility)
  212. World Market AFL
  213. Display 10 second TF value in 1 minute chart
  214. New indicator?
  215. MA Ribbon
  216. AFL Help
  217. Valuewhen to find date & close issue
  218. SuperADX Exploration Addition.........
  219. Plz Code for MT4 with alerts n buy/sell arrows.
  220. Weekly HL Y'day HL and Day-2 HL levels for Price action traders and all
  221. Support resistance based on today'S open version 2
  222. Intraday BackTesting
  223. somebody help me amibroker
  224. Any one help me sir
  225. need amibrokar programmer
  226. Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.
  227. Amibroker data Export in Ninja format Afl
  228. BLOCK OF codes, examples, learning , my experience
  229. Scan misses
  230. Multi TimeFrame for Beginner
  231. Need help to create my swing trading excel to afl.
  232. Need basic Opening range breakout (ORB) afl
  233. To watch eod & intraday setup in same Amubroker version.
  234. Trading from chart like Interactive broker Buy/Sell option
  235. Can AnyOne Help Me Include Buy Sell Exploration To This AFL
  236. I Need Buy Sell Amibroker Exploration For This Afl
  237. Share your Amibroker day trading setup
  238. Support resistance based on today'S open - Amibroker AFL
  239. Hammer Time afl
  240. it is not rocket science. please write AFL for amibroker
  241. Bar replay on multiple timeframe and exploration bar replay
  242. Scanning output & few other queries of amibroker
  243. find date of bar or event
  244. I have a query regarding hacking....!!!!
  245. What is Composite Indicators in pattern explorer
  246. Comex Silver chart
  247. Plz help to convert this version 6 code to 5.6
  248. Comex and Mcx technical charts
  249. Want to Purchase Amibroker but how??
  250. Best and profitable EMA crossover alongwith timeframe