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  1. export of equity
  2. Looking for Tti INDICATOR
  3. Is it possible?
  4. Need help
  5. Simple Adx afl for amibroker..
  6. Need Help
  7. Require LiveSignal AFL... Can Anyone help me..
  8. Need AFL for below Pivot Levels
  9. Afl correction...
  10. Clubbing of 2 systems
  11. Pentuple Exponential Moving Average for Amibroker
  12. 2 systems portfolio
  13. 1-2-3 Chart Pattern
  14. 1-2-3 Chart Pattern
  15. AFL Code For Study Crossover
  16. A little help in this indicator code......
  17. Need the Picture AFL.
  18. bpdl trend filter for amibroker
  19. Auto-adaptive Ergotic Candlestick Oscillator
  20. Protact my afl
  21. Require Amibroker Plugin
  22. Increase of transaction cost in mcx
  23. I can Create AFL but Need Strategy
  24. Want to be as reseller for afl/mt4 data
  25. How to filter a 5 minute trend using 15minute trend?
  26. Plz Add Optional targets and some required options in AFL
  27. Buy and sell signals or audio alert required
  28. AFL REQUIRED (plots MA of DAILY TF on smaller TF)
  29. Good Indicator for Delivery Trading
  30. Identification of candles pattern with confirmation afl
  31. Difficulties in using Amibroker
  32. buy&hold code problem
  33. Help with the Stochastic %D formula
  34. Help in amibroker coding
  35. afl help required
  36. autolivetrade afl
  37. Need this afl
  38. Afl modification Help
  39. RoboTrade SuperTrend AFL
  40. Installed new monitor and Amibroker went bust
  41. Help required in backtesting
  42. Please could anybody help in inserting buy-sell signals in the Wavetrend formula?
  43. How to plot this histogram above zeroline
  44. Max DD calculation
  45. Please correct this afl
  46. DYNAMIC TECHNICAL Analysis...
  47. Need plugins and instruction to get RTD frm MT4 to Amibroker & also auto referesh AFL
  48. Anybody have this afl?????
  49. Custom Backtester to Allow/Block Trades from Multiple Watchlists
  50. Current market price (cmp) afl
  52. help needed
  53. Can someone help me to convert from Metastock to Amibroker
  54. Amibroker databases issue
  55. Pivot high-low afl
  56. 60crores AFL
  57. Need some one to add exploration to this afl
  58. Have anybody This Amibrokar AEL....Pls Pls Pls Give me
  59. Moving averages
  60. anybody have this afl
  61. Buy/sell signal in any ami broker chart code
  62. I want stock xray afl
  63. CDEQUI- has no advantages it had earlier
  64. GP Trendlines
  65. FX Turbotrader system-autotrading
  66. Can anybody give this afl
  67. Mail from ami to email
  68. HELP: refer to the date of highest value
  69. help needed
  70. Amibroker Real time with all Indian markets covered
  71. Help to identify peak and trough in a indicator
  72. Can anyone put buy/sell code
  73. Mustafa Belkhayate gravity center....help needed
  74. HELP on consecutive days over moving average
  75. query about afl
  76. Sector Classification
  77. Head n shoulder pattern Exploration AFL
  78. Spiral Calendar in AFL...Carolan
  79. Ami Database - sector classification
  80. Waddah Attar Explosion of mt4-macd based code
  81. Multiple stocks in one chart
  82. new afl to convert from metastock
  83. correction in afl
  84. Afl for mcx
  85. afl required
  86. Why i am getting error in this code?
  87. Please could anybody help in inserting buy-sell signals in the Gann HiLo formula?
  88. nyse nasdaq amex historical data in csv format
  89. Stockxray AFL
  90. Easy Alerts Window -Please give some info
  91. Can anybody convert this metastock formula to amibroker afl
  92. Buy and sell signals needed
  93. Plz give me cyborg afl
  94. Explosive Technique
  95. Please help modify TimeFrame
  96. Does anyone have this AFL candle Sessions in Amibroker?
  97. Need EMA crossover exploration
  98. Cyborg afl
  99. Whats wrong with the code
  100. need chenges in AFL
  101. Comparing results of intraday explorations and highlighting new stocks on the list
  102. Auto Trading using Amibroker
  103. please anybody kind me for Converting MT Indicator to AFL
  104. Simple Amibroker AFL not working
  105. Need help from experts !! for colored pattern
  106. Do you want to do auto trading by Amibroker-into odin
  107. AFL required
  108. 315 AFL alert not working - pls help
  109. AFL for Forex
  110. AFL expert plz help Error 702. Missing short/cover variable assignments
  111. Please can anybody help in converting this metatrader code into afl code
  112. Intraday AFL backtesting for Amibroker
  113. Custom study indicator - Augu Lines
  114. Request help in inserting Buy/Sell signal
  115. User defined functions in Amibroker
  116. Adx exploration formula
  117. How to draw various shapes in Amibroker
  118. SuperADX MQ4 indicator.......can anyone convert this to amibroker afl.......HELP
  119. Popup alert in Amibroker-problem of multi popups
  120. query abt two lines
  121. seniors pls help urgent
  122. Need Buy sell Arrow with some Conditions
  123. AFL coder needed
  124. Help Required
  125. smaller time frame vs longer time frame
  126. See this stockscreener for nse stocks
  127. Help required for order place through ami auto trade afl
  128. Amibroker Volume at Price System Help
  129. A qestion about AFL Formula.
  130. Buy and Sell ADLine who can help?
  131. Amibroker Intraday Settings Help
  132. Help building an AFL
  133. Amibroker AFL backtesting for Nifty - Super trend, super scalper - 300% returns
  134. nma swing trading pls urgent
  135. AFL help for Exploration
  136. Explanation and Basic Things.
  137. Can any body explain me this AFL?
  138. Can I get a afl(amibroker) line for the above,please
  139. Can someone correct below afl
  140. please rectify it ..........afl writers
  141. Sound Alert Formula Help....
  142. questions for backtesting...
  143. Need Help Regarding Backtesting
  144. Trading daily charts or 4 hourly charts? Use this hint for trend finding
  145. RSI(2) based eod short term afl by
  146. If any have this afl with support resistance colorful pls give me
  147. help needed in backtesting seniors pls help very urgent
  148. TriggerLines
  149. Seniors please help - Kindly convert this Mt4 Macd to Ami
  150. Can anyone please find me this afl for amibroker.......if anyone has it plz post it.
  151. help required to get external data to use in ami?
  152. Need Help for SCAN
  153. need data for backtesting
  154. REF function
  155. seniors pls help very urgent
  156. Anyone convert Macdonchart metatrader to Amibroker
  157. easylivetrade afl for freeafl in amibroker
  159. New AFL need some help Double filter AFL
  160. can anybody add say function in this formula
  161. Need help to formulate this simple Strategy
  162. how toPlot a three-period RSI of a one-period rate of change (the daily net change).
  163. help required- reversing macd
  164. can anybody rectify it
  165. Anybody has this excel
  166. Email alert from Amibroker........ Can anybody rectify this AFL
  167. Issue with amibroker crosshair
  168. i need option data for amibroker
  169. Amibroker Afl Help
  170. Amibroker Futures data into excel
  171. Pls add sound & pop up alert in RMO code!
  172. Help required-RSI with EMA afl
  173. problem in data downloder
  174. Plz provide me TimeBox afl !!
  175. AFL For Karthik's EOD strategy required
  176. Effective Volume translate to Amibroker. Help
  177. Equity / MCX Bhavcopy into Amibroker
  178. How to plot higher TF MA in lower TF in Amibroker?
  179. Does anyone has this AFL? Help please...
  180. Need AFL to Trade Copper
  181. Reverse MACD-Amibroker
  182. Reverse MACD
  183. seniors and afl writers plz take note of it
  184. How to save in a file the result of an optimization ?
  185. Correct this afl please
  186. can anyone modify the buy sell signal
  187. i need this in amibroker...can anyone help
  188. Auto image of amibroker chart
  189. Thee Best AFL's for Commodities
  190. Help @ Alert function in AFL
  191. Code for first bar of the day
  192. Historical & Intraday Annual Volatility
  193. Pls Make this afl
  194. Amibroker afl code help
  195. lets try it ... ( need your help )
  196. AFL for Candlestick exploration
  197. Need Help in Getting an AFL
  198. Have anybody this AFL formula...Pls Pls Pls Give me ////
  199. intradayafl Code-Any one has it-->Please share it
  200. Amibroker - Background color change with EMA
  201. AB code for multiple exits required
  202. I need this AFL. Please help me !
  203. how to determine "no trade zone" ?
  204. Can sommeone please correct this formula for me......
  205. amibroker help
  206. How to Develop Own Trading System with Amibroker
  207. Need Year 2011 high low afl
  208. Conversion of MT4 to amibroker afl
  209. trade with target
  210. Help me with is code
  211. How to create the very first chart
  212. pl. correct this code for plotting horizontal lines
  213. Harmonic Scanner [need to modify the exploration report] Thanks
  214. Can anyone clean this afl
  215. pls write buy sell strategy which i want in this afl
  216. Error Correction of AFL Coding
  217. Need help from experts !!
  218. Need help to modify the zig-zag afl
  219. Fundamental Data of Dhaka Stock Exchange
  220. Automated Watch List for Amibroker
  221. interday trading system with target and stop by vijay
  222. RSI in future (reverse engineering)
  223. Please help me get this AFL
  224. Amibroker AFL developer, freelancer required
  225. Best commodity channel index (cci) afl
  226. Fix Afl
  227. Can any body give this afl?
  228. Pride's strategy
  229. Query abt pivots..
  230. Need Advise
  231. Amibroker chart on mobile
  232. Buy-Sell AFL WITH TARGET
  233. Handle Buy & Sell Signals on same bar
  234. How to identify this pattern at starting stage
  235. amibroker datasetting help
  236. looping in amibroker
  237. Need Help: Bar Chart Color
  238. Need Help - AFL
  239. MCX & NSE Realtime or IEOD Data Required
  240. NSE Cash,Futures,Options,Currency Futures EOD Bhav Copy Downloader
  241. Kindly please post this AFL code if anyone has...
  242. Help Needed for data updation in Amibroker
  243. seniors pls help me very urgent
  244. Help adding buy/sell signal,exploration to this afl
  245. Flipt indicator
  246. Experts please help to add buy/sell signal in the following AFL
  247. Zig zag indicator
  248. Any doco on this code
  249. help my afl
  250. how to smooth stochastic %k in AFL?