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  1. Need help for creating the 200MA_System
  2. Bollinger band afl
  3. rsi afl
  4. code it and get it
  5. Interesting AFL PICTURES
  6. Can any body add macd and adx values in this code please
  7. What's this indicator?
  8. Volume ROC scan
  9. Rocket jet afl
  10. Need AFL for EMA crossover strategy
  11. How to create and maintain watchlist , signs of goodstock and trendfinding method
  12. Need kpami.dll modified for 64 bit
  13. why lines r appearing on charts
  14. Convert Trend Intensity Index metastock formula into Afl
  15. Buy or sell if volumes are high & if price stays there long
  16. Afl of market facilitation index
  17. Help needed for QUICK PROFITS afl coding
  18. Brokerage in ami
  19. Amibroker watchlist of Nse Eod trending , liquid and stocks work in patterns.
  20. Zero lag ROC
  21. Change Candle Colour
  22. Rrm dpi
  23. I want to place RSI and OBV on "transparent" layers.
  24. MACD AFL without signal period
  25. adjust scale of graph in AFL using "Automatic", not "Custom"
  26. bollinger band AFL needed
  27. help needed ? how to export ami watchlist to desktop
  28. Mytrendsignal
  29. Know where price is heading by shadowbands on 30 minute chart
  30. How to add CNX nse data to amibroker
  31. Here is something to test observe -only for people who have time available
  32. Support n Resistence AFL
  33. Kindly remove errors of this AFL
  34. Open Interest AFL-Help needed
  35. Get a 70% odds on yourside-Grade your trade
  36. AFL help new candle skips
  37. Want a trading system? try this.
  38. afl for ROC with little change
  39. EOD data update
  40. Need HELP on AMI
  41. Need this AFL seniors help me ..
  42. Please help to AMI AFL
  43. Please help to edit the formula
  44. Want MACD in Ribbon With multi TF
  45. Help needed from seniors.
  46. Contribute your view-why the market seems to go against your trade entry?
  47. afl on oboi (on balance open interest)
  48. Need afl for exploring this condition-please
  49. AFL dumping wrong data to file
  50. Want Intraday trading method? look here
  51. Need Your EXpert Comments
  52. Request help in inserting Buy/Sell signal
  53. How to display text data in Amibroker chart screen irrespective of co-ordinates ?
  54. How to test and find the highest price reached after a buy triggered?
  55. Pls help me find this afl
  56. AFL needed for Pivots
  57. Any afl with small target but sure
  58. afl code needed
  59. hel required to change NR1 NR4 NR7 NR21 Exploration for Amibroker
  60. Support n resistance -code needed in afl-basis follows
  61. Can any body make this 3 inside bar strategy afl?
  62. Afl coding for turbotrader-needed
  63. PositionScore = "for high ATR stocks"
  64. Help me plz anyone know how to plot stoploss line in graph ?
  65. AMI volume it can be displayed in the figure
  66. Which setup helps detect bounces in price on daily chart?
  67. backtest: close short position after 5 days
  68. help plz. a = a + b syntax error?
  69. BollingerTrend
  70. help needed for afl coding-5bar pivot break buy-sell
  72. Need help afl for presto magic box from metastock
  73. base equity trading system
  74. plz plz plz why amibroker hung with mt4
  75. Every day control Chart width of a trading day
  76. How can I switch the chart line chart BAR automatically centered.
  77. Want t.d.s. Software afl codings
  78. Dotnet framework for amibroker
  79. Last thursday
  80. DANTON STOP--please help convert ELA code to afl
  81. demand formula
  82. plz help me about data feeder of forex for amibroker
  83. AMI database 5 seconds up to six tick data storage
  84. Want to pick up good stocks?Try this way
  85. Horizontal line sin Indicator panes- Help needed
  86. Renko lines MT4 code needed in afl
  87. "MultiShow" indicator
  88. Conversion of metastock formula to amibroker code
  89. Autoupdate database
  90. mechanical system with bactested report
  91. pluggin in amibroker
  92. Need AFL help: Plotting lines.
  93. Long term trading Tool-Keltner bands different way
  94. Bollinger Fibonacci Bands
  95. color schemes
  96. Color Display
  97. Buy/sell Signal and Exploration result is not same
  98. I ask that he be taken TICK date and time data
  99. _automatictrendlinesTRIX
  100. _automatictrendlinesRSI
  101. _automatictrendlinesROC
  102. _automatictrendlinesCCI
  103. Afl to find good stocks to buy or sell
  104. sycronize amiboker
  105. Stochastic %D%K
  106. Fast Tick byTick rtds for Amibroker
  107. Can I copy the data folder of someone else into my amibroker folder ?
  108. Help: AFL code writng Buy Sell signal for Fibonacci Projection
  109. Request afl code help-Fibonacci confluence
  110. Breakout upside-dnside using pullback in trend
  111. Amibroker queries
  112. AMI How to cut TICK and indicators were referenced
  113. Need the AFL pl
  114. AMI is no such function STKINDI(STKLABEL,INDINAME,CO,PERIOD[,Num])
  115. Please help me thank you.
  116. Help me
  117. Help needed to Plot buy-sell/ Exploration.
  118. Need this Afl Settings
  119. Req Afl code for breakout lines concept
  120. Anybody can edit afl for me
  121. Need chart auto refersh AFL
  122. Intraday settings for candles
  123. Fibonacci speed and resistance-how to use this
  124. auto live trade ...does anybody have this.?
  125. How to scan by particular indicator?
  126. EMA Settings
  127. How to set a limit gain for a day in a setup?
  128. Put call ratio
  129. Range defining AFL !
  130. help me! Ami
  131. Required afl for keltner bells
  132. Need this AFL
  133. correct the errors
  134. correct trailing stop code afl please
  135. Here is an afl for daily chart-is there something wrong
  136. hii DLL file for AFL..
  137. AFL to plot High Low Close in Bar Chart (No Open)
  138. plz solve the problem
  139. Help me plz .. (Beginner)
  140. alf for hourly fibonacci
  141. easy and fast rule
  142. Stochastic RSI and Slow stochastic
  143. afl need masters
  144. Dynamic zons by zamansky and
  145. Chart is not shown as well as buy sell arrow
  146. Some optimize for code ..please help
  147. LWMA - Linearly weighted moving average
  148. Please help me! BarsLast()
  149. which one is the best AFL file for algotrading with MASTERTRUST
  150. Need AFL Help: Previous days High Low Close
  151. tsi
  152. Plz Seniar help me
  153. Seniar plz help me
  154. making a intraday body afl...
  155. Walk Forword
  157. Nr21 setup
  158. Help required to correct code - ADX Monthly Buy-Sell
  159. correct the afl
  160. Need an afl file for nifty futures
  161. afl request
  162. Great afl but needs correction pls
  163. Help for code of swing strategy
  164. Better Candle Color code afl
  165. Need afl for all possible trendlines
  166. Afl for nifty options
  167. Correct the afl -bollinger band ema explorations
  168. chartpro afl code request
  169. Wilder's smoothing afl
  170. Correct my afl
  171. Need an afl file
  172. correct the afl
  173. Amibroker chart Timeframe ( 5 or 15 minutes)
  174. Re: Sure shot real formula afl
  175. Can one backtest in multiple timeframes
  176. How to use "apply Stop" with the method "Exrem" in the Amibroker?
  177. need your help to correct afl
  178. Sureshotformula.com afl needed
  179. How to bootstrap Amibroker array variable
  180. Writing exploration
  181. can any one modify this AFL to metatrader formula...
  182. Johnyparwwkh sir plz look in to StepMA
  183. 30min market profile afl
  184. afl request
  185. 30min market profile afl
  186. 1 min gap fades..
  187. Please edit this market profile afl to 30min periods
  188. Dear friends Can any body give NIFTY FUTUREKING.COM afl as it is.
  189. Help debugging simple AFL code
  190. index option afl
  191. Afl writers pls help
  192. AFL coding help needed
  193. Could someone convert this code into AFL/amibroker? (RVI)
  194. Like to develop afl for this chart-please help
  195. Afl need for following strategies.
  196. How to choose stocks to trade in Amibroker?
  197. need help for this afl
  198. Help convert Metastock to AFL
  199. How to apply this as afl-please help
  200. Time & sales window
  201. has anyone ever run amibroker on tablet or mobile.
  202. holy gail afl
  203. Bullish n bearish system by Niranjan
  204. shree chkra afl
  205. Convertion need Mt4 into Afl - Demark Trendline Trader
  206. Simple exploration needed
  207. Regression Trend channels
  208. How to plot a call price and a put price in Amibroker
  209. Darvas box 3bar or 20bar?
  210. Can somebody help fix the problm in this afl
  211. afl rectification query
  212. Failed to code my exit rule
  213. How to plot daily open and a stoploss of 5 points below open in amibroker
  215. Anybody have Carolan Callendar in afl?
  216. Which combination of indicators helps detect an impnding upmove or downmove reliably?
  217. Exploration AFL Required For The Pattern
  218. If anybody can create.....Need Afl for A Strong Strategy
  219. How to subtract two charts?
  220. Median lines
  221. Please help me I want this expert
  222. safesimpleprofits from MT4
  223. Amibroker Camarilla Backtest Code Developer
  225. Higher TF
  226. Looking for a better answer-how low or how high?
  227. Help Needed in Modifying Market Profile AFL...
  228. Create wealth with 5k at 7% growth a MONTH in 7 years
  229. Please Help
  230. Double Seven Strategy
  231. afl for zeroline
  232. Delete the data other than quote editor
  233. Real Time data for Amibroker
  234. Re: XTL Buy Arrow
  235. Buy and sell crossover signals reqd
  236. Help required for backtesting of nifty future
  237. Support, Resistance and Trend AFL
  238. Base Equity financial afl
  239. Day high/day low in afl
  240. AFL required for MCX
  241. afl needed for candlestick pattern eploration
  242. Important article on Ctt on commdities
  243. Request for a filter in RMO code?
  244. CCi Afl
  245. Fractal charts
  246. Back testing report in amibroker
  247. Need AFL: Advance Decline Ratio: Chart in Amibroker
  249. Afl required
  250. ribbon