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  1. how to plot OBV in candle form!
  2. Data feed from nesttrader to Amibroker-is there any problem?
  3. Real time data
  4. System based on TEMA slope
  5. Need experts viws on this system-Renko
  6. Code for this strategy
  7. How To Get Images Every Hour Automatically
  8. Nifty Vs BankNifty
  9. Problem with chart
  10. Help me please
  11. Hi can we serve you old -- in new bottle?PTU TREND JUMPER
  12. Experts -you hve 1 day to watch this video-then it expires
  13. Need to Plot ATP ( Average Traded Price ) on the Graph
  14. Suggest me Signal to Signal Entry exit...
  15. how to plot APPLYSTOP function
  16. Aybody Have this afl Elliot wave AFL
  17. amibroker EMT afl
  18. Can any one code this logic.
  19. What percent should the stoploss be on hourly chart?
  20. Help Please ?
  21. Trading only based on Amibroker signals! Earning good profits.
  22. Does anyone have this AFL ?
  23. can anybody tell me how to write this afl funtion
  24. implementing multiple time frame analysis in AmiBroker
  25. Why does MFE include the entry bar?
  26. Need Help - Please
  27. Please i need your help...
  28. Only for INDICATOR JUNKEYS!!!!!!!!
  29. Highest bar and Lowest Bar Close
  30. Help in trading strategy
  31. need EMA crossover buy sell signal AFL
  32. Leading Indicator-FIBONACCI-think of it
  33. coding help
  34. New One for Amibroker
  35. my favourite trading system
  36. Interesting indicator....
  37. SD Trading system in afl -Can we try to mke it
  38. Hi friends how can i get this kind of back ground color alternative grey?
  39. Need help - trying to semi automate
  40. Need help coding afl for mt4 system based on cog
  41. Sell and Cover conditions
  42. Help with this code (Kelvinhand I think your the wiz at this)
  43. AFL for Backtesting for strategy
  44. Help required from software programmers
  45. Help me coding this AFL plzzzz
  46. Distance Measurement
  47. Can we have afl code on daily chart like ORB
  48. Need Exploration for the below AFL
  49. required afl for this mt4 indicator
  50. Data types in afl
  51. Need help to code afl for buy sell signals but without normal indicators
  52. Addition of data to existing Amibroker Data
  53. Need help to increase ema line width
  54. Please add exploration for ORB AFL
  55. Afl for trading system....help in coding
  56. Important : Levels for Nifty Spot
  57. Need Ribbon for QQe Afl
  58. AFL To BackTest My System
  60. how to Plot volume and liquidity on chart
  61. free Mcx 30 day ieod tick data for Ami
  62. Need AFL
  63. "trendline break alert" help needed
  64. Rectify for result as Percentage
  65. Need Help to correct this AFL
  66. Need afl code for 5 bar high break buy or 5 bar low break sell
  67. Ami broker buy/sell signal
  68. Amibroker Development Kit Question
  69. Need target and stoploss like msg board for this afl
  70. Exploration for MA crossover
  71. Need Message Board for the Below AFL strategy
  72. can any one correct this afl
  73. This is to Share non-repainting Buy sell Signal AFL under one thread
  74. plz help out this afl i need
  75. Ami Broker
  76. Mr. Kelvinhand Pls have a Look this
  77. Intraday AmiBroker data to Excel
  78. Addition of Weekly Pivots
  79. Amibroker database goes to eod setting after closing
  80. Difference between Pivots
  81. T3B trading AFL required-KelvinHand please help
  82. non repainting afl thread...
  83. Any good resources for learning AmiBroker AFL
  84. amibroker afl to plot trend line
  85. Can anyone please provide me this AFL.......
  86. how to add buy sell signal sound
  87. Gap Finder
  88. gann squre 9 showing buy sell empty plz help
  89. what is price action and what is supply demand?
  90. Natural gas
  91. My Nifty Trading AFL
  92. Candle setting
  93. FIX point candle in Amibroker
  94. any one have this afl plz upload here
  95. Live feeds for Mcx,nse,ncdex in mt4
  96. plz help in profit booking code
  97. Help to plot price AFL
  98. Message to gtrading hitch hikers-daytraders
  99. pivot point formula
  100. Afl code to write amibroke chart value to an text file
  101. supply demand formula from NINJACATOR
  102. AFL Request Plz Plz
  103. Any one have this AFL ? help out ..
  104. Need Buy/Sell Values for this AFL
  105. dot net frame work for amibroker
  106. amib roker shows blank chart when applying gann squre of nine
  107. how to merge amibroker & metastock files.. ?
  108. Need help for simple afl
  109. plz add exploration and backtest lines
  110. about divine grace system
  111. price>10sma>50sma>200sma
  112. Convert mt4 indicator to afl
  113. how system performance can improved
  114. plz add conditions for backtesting
  115. Help with RSI(2)
  116. volume scan afl
  117. Need afl code for plotting support resistance on 5 minute chart with voltility 0.1
  118. how to find stocks ready to explode or crash?
  119. Amibroker CPU USAGE
  120. can some one correct this afl ??
  121. bermuda triangle
  122. Need help to back test regression channel buy & sell signals
  123. Any one have this afl???????
  124. Sir johny pareek/kelvin hand....seeking help
  125. Pls write rule of enter & exit of this afl
  126. Need Default EMA AFL
  127. ORB Scan not working
  128. Error rectification
  129. Req : Excel Sheet trading
  130. Need this Simple AFL - Plz help
  131. shubha downloader help
  132. TRADE with vmacd- rules are here
  133. help for the afl
  134. can any body make this strategy afl code
  135. Do you trade macd? Here is a better way-study first-test-then apply
  136. Effective AFL. Please, We need signals of buying and selling!!
  137. standard deviation afl on spread!
  138. Amibroker Sound Alert Help Needed
  139. Please fix this AFL, thank you very much
  140. any one have this afl
  141. What does this mean anbd do you know how to confirm or reject the matter presented
  142. afl request
  143. Interval link and symbol link
  144. mcx data 5 minte intraday
  145. geojit flip to amibroker
  146. Abletrend signals in Amibroker?
  147. Trendline Breakout AFL
  148. buy sell alarm
  149. Can anybody provide these conditions into afl for exploration in amibroker ?
  150. any amibroker users in alwar rajasthan.
  151. need helf for this Amibroker-afl
  152. Volume price analysis with candlestick patterns
  153. Trading strategy-slow stochastics and pric with trendline
  154. AFL needed for bullish reversal candle
  155. Need TSTW sys..plz help
  156. MT4 to Amibroker
  157. RSI in Amibroker
  158. AFL Help needed
  159. TimeFrameGetPrice
  160. supply demand afl
  161. NEED Trade Gene AFL
  162. Parabolic SAR optimization?
  163. Help Needed from Seniors.
  164. Short term trading needs volume profile not indicators
  165. RWI System
  166. help required for equity curve.
  167. plz help in macd afl we want daily chart value in weekly chart
  168. FAIR price of stock that is undervalued-how to find it
  169. AFL to use Weekly Data instead of Daily
  170. bollingerband with candlestick patterns
  171. Hair Loss on a simple thing
  172. System using 79MA & 89 MA as support resistance
  173. Auto Trading Through Nest Plus API plugin.
  174. AFL required to plot Horizontal Bar chart of Price for Multiple Scripts
  175. explain the code part
  176. save layout
  177. correct the afl
  178. Any help
  179. Here is stockgain system
  180. what's wrong with variable in VBA calling amibroker.import
  181. Correct the AFL
  182. Horizontal bar chart for each day for multiple scripts
  183. VBA + Amibroker: loop through the quotations for each stock and update
  184. NEED experts soft touch on 5/34 Histogram and 5 bar signal line
  185. Can Anyone share AFL Suri Fibonacci Bands???
  186. ready made scanner
  187. Trade with simple moving avgs with trend pullback entries
  188. Get 12:1 reward risk ratio- but how?
  189. L&T stock intraday chart is irregular-how to fix it?
  190. How to pick right entry with better reward risk?
  191. VBA to run analysis and select stock to add to watchlist
  192. OLD Analysis vs NEW Analysisdocs in OLE
  193. back testing on WEEKLY pivot point
  194. Midpoint of candle
  195. need help to change from barchart to line chart
  196. TJ Web Levels AFL required
  197. Do u have this AFL - Stone Moulder?
  198. Is there a way to disable embedding of formulas into chart and analysis projects
  199. Need expert help for a new Indicators !
  200. my friends -MASK OF ZORRO SYSTEM
  201. Have any AFL formula With Gann Target Empty Data .....Pls Pls Pls Give me ////
  202. How to save different commodities templates
  203. HH LL HL LH can anyone pls convert this ami afl to mt4 .tpl or Indicator
  204. How to plot simple trailing stoploss of fixed points
  205. Scan/exploration code is not working for alligator afltor
  206. Scan for stochastic overbought and oversold line
  207. Need AFL help
  208. Backtesting in Amibroker .... Need to understand how to set it correctly
  209. What do you think about this system charts?
  210. how to change signal in this afl ?
  211. Need help to code a strategy .
  212. pl. correct diversion code
  213. anyone have this afl
  214. BBands pull back can make lot of money for you-if you know
  215. Pls convert this 123 pattern mql4 formula to afl
  216. plz help me does any body have this Rsi afl or stohastic afl
  217. Need Moving Average %shift bands - AFL
  218. How to trade without using regular indicators?
  219. please help get a value of OBV [i] like Close[i]
  220. Make the format=1.2 become variable depends on the stock price
  221. How 2 add Sup n Res line at Heikin Ashi-KPL Swing AFL
  222. 99% accurate software only available in India
  223. Pivot Support Resistance Afl
  224. How to trade intraday-steps-sequence-your view-our view
  225. Wavetrend Buy Sell Formula rule..help please
  226. Price Volume Oscillator.....Cansomeone please smooth this oscillator.
  227. Gann new afl
  228. kajal best afl trend reversal afl
  229. Where is the answer to my search?
  230. Any one using stockxray system
  231. this is meta stock formula any body convert in to amibrokar afl?
  232. required backtesting simulator AFL......
  233. A unique Amibroker AFL code HELP !!!!!
  234. Need seperate AFL code
  235. AFL to draw line at high and close
  236. hourly setting in amibroker
  237. add a foreign stock price for comparison
  238. Need help from Amibroker Afl experts
  239. Please correct this afl. Good afl, but showing only volume
  240. Why do you look at many things? not to trade them bu to see if any innovative idea is
  241. Deleting RT ticks
  242. Big missing link to success-TRADER CONDITIONING
  243. Trendmaster or Southwind
  244. Swing trading-5 bar pattern system-fractals
  245. CORRECT the AFL
  246. Trend Trading -guess what it contains
  247. OBV breakout
  248. price side panel label adjustment
  249. plot volume with moving average of volume into same price chart
  250. Measuring Cycle Periods By John Ehlers