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  1. Plot 52week high on the graph
  2. Holy task - keeping amibroker intraday on 4shared for nse equity-futures-options
  3. Live call
  4. Save the Annotations or line marked in graph?
  5. AFL code to find stock swhich are in uptrend or downtrend
  6. ORB Exploration needed
  7. pro trader afl
  8. how to know that a afl is future looking.....
  9. Can any one correct this afl
  10. can anyone fix the bugs
  11. is there any AFL identify sideways
  12. Plz help me to solve this problem?
  13. activate stop immediately problem
  14. Cash Data - Nifty and Bank Nifty
  15. Auto trading-mastertrust & valnet join together for amibroker users
  16. any one have this afl plz share?
  17. need afl conv "Moving beyond the closing price" by Thomas Stridsman-tradestation code
  18. trend dots based on pivots 5 bar hi and 5bar low
  19. Alert based on 2 Horizonal Lines
  20. Trading Stocks and Options with Moving Averages - A Quantified Approach-connors resea
  21. help!!
  22. Simple effective method for trading stocks futures
  23. Any error in this AFL
  24. Stock Expert app for ipad (Egypt - KSA) Technical analysis
  25. plz help me to find the logic to find time at High & Low of day.
  26. option trading-is there a new simple approach
  27. Need a AFL for this new software.... based on KEYSTOCKS...
  28. Gainers and Losers
  29. could anybody explain this coding of afl
  30. views and reference materials required on why ema crossovers fail...
  31. Any have this Afl
  32. Can any one have this afl
  33. Intraday afl for AXIS, SBI,LT,Rinfra,INFY,TCS stkfut
  34. How to write this in AFL
  35. Please correct the if condition in the below AFL
  36. pasavento pattern based trading
  37. Afl macd tms
  38. Export data to file from Amibroker
  39. 15 Min candle rising stocks
  40. forecast of RSI
  41. need proffesional coder and adviser
  42. How to use MACD crossover in a effective way
  43. BuyandHold-Performance
  44. Required a good amibroker programmer
  45. Change buy delay only on last bar
  46. can someone share this ..??
  47. NSE USD INR 1 min data
  48. need afl help
  49. Ask and bid line from DDE mt4
  50. Amibroker
  51. Amibroker 5.6
  52. afl help plz!!
  53. Afl help for close above and below
  54. AFL for Price Action Trading
  55. MACD colored Histogram - Help needed
  56. mcx eod data is not able to download
  57. Need coding this concept into afl-please help
  58. ow to plot buy/sell " Entry price " ( closing price of that candle) on chart,
  59. Rocket Jet - AFL Amibroker
  60. Scanner for bull volume rising!
  61. AFL require for scanning stock
  62. Sini macd
  63. AFL help for a simple strategy
  64. I love BB
  65. Need AFL code for a simple intra day stratergy
  66. Amibroker AFL
  67. Senior and Experts Please help
  68. any one have the afl for this metastock formula ?
  69. any AFL request ?
  70. Different market start timings
  71. Portable Amibroker !
  72. Renko Charts
  73. Robo trade for forex
  74. Challenge for amibroker experts!
  75. odin to ami.
  76. swing chart help needed
  77. Amibroker: Setting up from scratch
  78. understanding amibroker backtestion report's monthly profit % calculation
  79. Need AFL
  80. Can you post a chart of Amibroker for option trading
  81. Wilder adx
  82. Sure system -suresh gundappa develops
  83. What is this System ?
  84. Need some AFL coding to devolep my strategy
  85. Option combination analysis-optoppn oracle-does it work?
  86. Suggest me best real time data provider for amibroker and mt4
  87. Amibroker database mystery
  88. Amibroker same scrip multiple names!!
  89. BackTest
  90. Hey Trader -Who is standing in your way to profits in trading?
  91. can any body have this afl
  92. GURU BARS - used on puretick charts
  93. Which moving averages are best?
  94. how to draw indicator diff time frame on single graph
  95. Need Help for Previous Day AVG Price AFL
  96. How to count TICKS in Amibroker
  97. Has anybody seen Hawkeye indicator equivalent in afl?
  98. alerts in amibroker
  99. which website or broker gives nifty option charts?
  100. PRV -Pro rated volume
  101. AFL Help me please (2 question)
  102. Dont believe it if a system seller told you these things
  103. VSA volume spread analysis-more confusion?
  104. Buy stop sell stop for optimize
  105. How to Compile the AFL code
  106. Need AFL from code
  107. anybody have this software
  108. any one have this afl plz share?
  109. HELP Title - red when drop, green when rise
  110. export the graph of specify tab
  111. Trendlines in different TF
  112. AFL to scan for Flag or pennent patterns
  113. good indictor
  114. Working with Layers: Need help
  115. seniors give ur views as per this backtesting report.
  116. Two TimeFrame in two sheets
  117. Experienced Amibroker Users
  118. Ichimoku-real good thing but i disliked it
  119. Non repainting supertrend indicator........any rules to follow plz share
  120. Drawing lines in Daily do not show in Intraday Time Frame -- Help needed
  121. need an afl for making CONSTAT VOLUME BAR CHARTS.
  122. Parabolic Shadow afl
  123. Intraday trading system-best scalping indicator now available
  124. backtest help, plz.
  125. Highest value in future 15 days?
  126. VWAP and SDs
  127. we should read this
  128. StoclLive Realtime Datafeeder Not Working!!!
  129. NEST to Amibroker Charting Help Needed
  130. Have a look at this DIVERGENCE Indicator
  131. Happy singh
  132. AnyBody have this AFL
  133. Help required by afl experts Happy_Singh
  134. how to make portfolio
  135. Where do you keep a stoploss? why?
  136. Prvious candles
  137. need some modification
  138. Setup Range Bars
  139. AFL changes -- please help
  140. Historical Volatility Vs Implied Volatility
  141. need a afl
  142. will nifty cross it life time high or not in few days
  143. Amibroker ......help needed with a basic question
  144. Need coding
  145. How to insert delay - Please help.
  146. Help required KelvinHand
  147. Get ODIN Diet Market Watch Data To Amibroker Without any software
  148. Logic Issue in ATR AFL.
  149. Error in AFL
  150. Better moving average --how to get it
  151. T triangles basis -eod system
  152. which combination of afl are used for identifing trend?plz share ur afl names here
  153. Strategy to make AFL
  154. backtesting help...
  155. pls pls pls if anybody have share this afl
  156. For a Big thanks to all of you
  157. Need buy sell signal AFL robot trade
  158. I need Help
  159. exploration for buy and sell in 6,3 offset
  160. backtesting for index trading
  161. simple buy/sell indicator help
  162. Please Help in Amibroker
  163. AFL for Pivot Point (static)
  164. Please help making chanes to the code......
  165. Afl help
  167. Simple Coding Help - No Promise.
  168. Supertrend Autotrading Help Needed
  169. Anybody have this AFL .... ?
  170. Help needed in modifying AFL
  171. Help Needed with intraday data for Nifty
  172. I-Regression Channel AFL
  173. please edit this AFL
  174. Price alert and candle Remaining time AFL ???
  175. Buying experience of paid amibroker trading system
  176. Help to Scale in to a trade
  177. Automatic Linear trend channel AFL
  178. plse any one has this sucessful trading system share with me...
  179. Help Needed from Masters(Amibroker)
  180. Help Needed for AFL Exploration
  181. Directly go to a paricular Date on a Price Chart
  182. hel needed to use this afl : Option Calls, Puts and days till third friday.
  183. Watching multiple stocks
  184. Cheapest data provider for ami broker
  185. Portfolio
  186. Predictive Indicators for Effective Trading Strategies By John Ehlers
  187. HeatMap AFL
  188. Afl writers pls help-small code needed
  189. Alert tracker in odin!!!!!
  190. Conversion of MT4 Code to AMIBROKER AFL
  191. BAR REPLY in Amibroker
  192. High Profit Trades found with Candlestick Breakout Patterns.
  193. New to AFL help needed to color the bar depending on some indicator
  194. Possible to auto save RTD every 5 min in Ami during market hours?
  195. which kind of these pivots are ?
  196. I need AFL for my strategy. Can anyone help me with this.
  197. Held needed in AFL plz..for Josh or kelvin or any other
  198. Need algo afl for this LPT strategy .,
  199. Damn new to AFL facing problem
  200. Learning Amibroker - stuff
  201. need some modification in this afl
  202. Please help me implement ticker-specific variables in AFL
  203. need afl for strategy
  204. plz convert MQL to AFL - Urgent
  205. Help needed - Required AFL
  206. How to make an exploration for any AFL
  207. Settings for Intraday backtest
  208. needed professional afl writer
  209. Hello evryone
  210. afl help for candle colour change on wilder20
  211. Pls correct this afl.........waiting the correct answer
  212. Pls correct the afl.........waiting the correct answer
  213. Elliot wave forecaster software
  214. Counting the Number of candles in a zone
  215. Counting Number of candles
  216. nakshatra modified
  217. Afl for pivot breaking candle
  218. Intrady system chart-guess what are its contents
  219. How the stock market works(with operators,manipulators)
  220. how to trade using multi time frame trendlines?
  221. how to back test any afl
  222. Day separator Afl
  223. Mutiple time frame in trading system and multi conditions in afl
  224. Elephant walk trading system-afl to code
  225. afl help plz !!
  226. how to plot OBV in candle form!
  227. Data feed from nesttrader to Amibroker-is there any problem?
  228. Real time data
  229. System based on TEMA slope
  230. Need experts viws on this system-Renko
  231. Code for this strategy
  232. How To Get Images Every Hour Automatically
  233. Nifty Vs BankNifty
  234. Problem with chart
  235. Help me please
  236. Hi can we serve you old -- in new bottle?PTU TREND JUMPER
  237. Experts -you hve 1 day to watch this video-then it expires
  238. Need to Plot ATP ( Average Traded Price ) on the Graph
  239. Suggest me Signal to Signal Entry exit...
  240. how to plot APPLYSTOP function
  241. Aybody Have this afl Elliot wave AFL
  242. amibroker EMT afl
  243. Can any one code this logic.
  244. What percent should the stoploss be on hourly chart?
  245. Help Please ?
  246. Trading only based on Amibroker signals! Earning good profits.
  247. Does anyone have this AFL ?
  248. can anybody tell me how to write this afl funtion
  249. implementing multiple time frame analysis in AmiBroker
  250. Why does MFE include the entry bar?