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  1. Does anyone have this AFL? Sri Kaushal.
  2. Afl
  3. Does anyone know these indicators?
  4. Magic Signal System AFL
  5. Ribbon Afl - Need help
  6. AFL - last days MID level + cloud
  7. Adx exploration required
  8. Short Term, Long Term Trade
  9. VIX in Amibroker
  10. Need help for learning technical analysis
  11. Getting the MACD for previous day
  12. AFL Exploration
  13. Creating a continuous contract script problem
  14. Help Needed to create afl
  15. How to plot Arrows
  16. any one have this afl ?
  17. New Data feeds
  18. niftyspeclist trading system
  19. AFL Collection by Tamil Trader
  20. Volume Spread Analysis- Amibroker Code
  21. Elliott Wave AFL (Auto-Stamp)
  22. Help Needed : Modified SH's 315 Strategy with Supertrend
  23. Help required for Market Profile AFL
  24. How to delete Tabs in Amibroker ?
  25. Send me your valuable Amibroker AFL, I will protect it in minutes
  26. Help with "For" loop and different timeframes
  27. repaint issue
  28. Help for Ami Afl
  29. need help in expanding Range bars to the Time based time frame
  30. user function, please help me
  31. Intraday Cumulative Volume Scanner...
  32. PLS help me to make amibroker auto plot horizontal line on 1st houre candle high low
  33. EOD daily change exploration
  34. Import Tick Data + bid + ask. How?
  35. Early trend detection tool based on momentum
  36. Please refer a good AFL for EoD Futures Swing Trading
  37. Reliance Capital supertrend 60 min
  38. How to take backup of database and restore it
  39. can anyone explain the logic of this afl
  40. How to view amibroker charts one by one with out touching key board
  41. Rolling Rate Of Return Plot
  42. How to initiate simple moving averge for the initial period to calculate ema from the
  43. Simple Amibroker database setting issue
  44. Please help me repaint signal
  45. Pattern Recognition Software
  46. Need Afl
  47. KelvinHand@ Can you remove the protection of date please ...
  48. BankNifty IEOD data
  49. Ehlers Instantaneous Trend Ribbon - Help Pls!
  50. code for exploration for amibroker
  51. How to code this Strategy ?
  52. need help
  53. sort quotes
  54. Please provide Amibroker AFL for the strategy
  55. to fuiiy utilize amibroker
  56. How to do this in AB
  57. Stock Quote Page
  58. How to Hide Running / Developing Candle till completion
  59. what it means ...
  60. please help me amibroker afl
  61. any one have this afl
  62. # of days close below MA20 in a watch list.
  63. classify quotes into sectors.....
  64. [REQ] Nse Sector Wise List
  65. Convert this basic formula to afl
  66. Please convert this strategy to AFL.
  67. code help on oscillator
  68. EOD and RTD
  69. Subdivision of a trend line period.
  70. about KBL Auto signals software
  71. Help for afl
  72. AFL for Bar Count for Rally/Decline
  73. Pad Specific Days
  74. McGinley Dynamic
  75. I need expert support and resistance
  76. popup signal
  77. backtesting framework required...
  78. purchase amibroker ! why price difference ?
  79. tradig system indicators-the reality
  80. Apply logic only after a nr7 day
  81. Beck's Emblem AND Quadrilateral
  82. Is it possible to use to different AFLs signal scan by Amibroker Exploration?
  83. Some good afls
  84. Placing an order in amibroker to nest / odin
  85. Afl to mq4 conversion
  86. Any one please correct this AFL Error?
  87. Please solve this doubt in afl creation?
  88. panic selling (original )
  89. Any one have this AFL?
  90. BUY/SELL variables missing for scan and explorer
  91. Elliott wave Indicator for Amibroker required
  92. Four Charts in One Pane
  93. Issue with Bhavcopy in Amibroker- Plz Help
  94. 20 points theory afl
  95. Need help for coding afl -
  96. Looking forafl code for this concept-anybody help please
  97. Histogram for true range of price
  98. wintrader codings
  99. New afl
  100. how to use mike wave ?
  101. AFL MACD cross - distinct.
  102. AFL MACD cross - weekly
  103. AFL MACD cross
  104. Buy at the Next candle open?
  105. Please Help if any one have....
  106. ADX Trend Angle
  107. Does anyone have this indicator......Plz share
  108. AFL for Histogram of price range
  109. Need Help
  110. Need AFL for this strategy!!!
  111. how to use amibroker for indian stocks & commodities
  112. My supertrend with new type targets-can somebody modify this NRP afl please
  113. Automatic symbol changer with time delay
  114. Can we plot heikinashi and bar on same chart
  115. Non-price indicators
  116. Backfill from user's computer and RT data from Server. Possible?
  117. Amibroker AFL Custom Writing for my personal trading system
  118. Amibroker Optimization Result - Factors & Analysis
  119. *.ACT *.ALY and *.chart files.
  120. 5 min exploration want
  121. Request- Simple AFL for shape
  122. Need AFL : for this Strategy
  123. SUPERTREND afl with optimization?
  124. Black background problem
  125. Need afl for fibonacci extentions and retracements levels
  126. Need AFL to export hourly data
  127. Double Bottom, Double Top,Triple Top, and Triple Bottom Exploration
  128. i need help
  129. Is there any indicator to measure Moving Average slope and display strength of trend.
  130. "open high open low "
  131. running amibroker in acer iconia tab
  132. data adjustment in amibroker
  133. Useful AFL For Amibroker
  134. convert this basic formula to afl
  135. find stocks that perform better than bank interest rate
  136. Open heigh, open low (excel sheet)
  137. Can anyone correct this AFL code and help me...........
  138. Help adding Buy Sell and Exit symbols........
  139. How to write stop_loss-aflcode
  140. how to do exploring bhavcopydata futures only first month
  141. Is my backtest cheating?
  142. <<< AFL needed >>>
  143. AFL - colored bars
  144. Request For AFL Coding experts from Hyderabad
  145. Lets make efficient auto trading setup
  146. need afl writer for an orb trading system
  147. Shubha scanner
  148. how to use flower afl effectively?
  149. Macd ssto sar dashboard
  150. I need AFL coding..
  151. Amibroker code
  152. Scan AFL for MACD cross over
  153. 2 Time Frame Candlestick.
  154. hello everyone .....can anyone modify this AFL
  155. Horizontal Trading
  156. need afl writer for a scale in and scale out based theme afl
  157. Chart style buttons
  158. Anybody have this afl
  159. Anybody have grow your profit afl
  160. How can i compare symbols in ambroker
  161. AFL for scan - corss over of RSI(5)
  162. Exit signal in a Trading System.......
  163. Futuristic trader 3 min trading system-try making this afl code
  164. Afl
  165. plz help me senior's ....
  166. Amibroker Crashed
  167. Help needed to add arrows
  168. Any one saw this system? forex profit supreme trading system?
  169. amibroker giving this error
  170. Please help
  171. Need A AFL for MCX metels..
  172. MT4 to AFL
  173. Worlds Best Trading System
  174. Wanted-Afl code so symbol is not traded second time in a day-afl code
  175. Amibroker 4 Newbies
  176. Market paradox-be aware of it-read watch video
  177. Sample AFL and c# code
  178. stock scanner explorer
  179. Pls Help convert AFL to MQ4
  180. Sectorwise EOD for NSE
  181. can somebody please help me to convert this AFL to mt4 version.... please
  182. AFL for Trade setup
  183. any one have this afl plz share?
  184. Amibroker xperts pls help in coding this strategy
  185. trendline displaced automatically when switches to lower tf ? any solution ?
  186. Need Portfolio afl
  187. Help needed for Exploration
  188. Colour chages
  189. use of amibroker afl link to website
  190. double bolinger band
  191. Long Tail Wick.
  192. Can somebody convert this trenddiamonds into afl code !
  193. Looking for Amibroker AFL Code
  194. Turning Points
  195. Global data for amibroker
  196. Need Guidance on AFL
  197. Price crossing level alerts
  198. stockmaniacs Scapler
  199. AlertIf problem
  200. monkey Bar in Amibroker
  201. Boosted rsi
  202. time of last bar
  203. Optimize in time interval
  204. manual trendline with buy line sell line breakout
  205. Anybady have this afl
  206. array initialization iif
  207. beta stocks
  208. AFL edit HELP!!
  209. AFL correction - help needed
  210. need afl for special MACD PLOT-hint included
  211. acceleration bands - ned afl coding-hints here
  212. Need help for this AFL Amibroker
  213. cureent value of NIFTY IN BANKNIFTY screen?
  214. MA ribbon simple help to the coding gurus out here
  215. amibroker local database intraday data update utility
  216. Make money in the market only if you can
  217. Need AFL for EMA Cross over Daily by Intraday
  218. Automatic pattern search ''APS'' Code Request
  219. P3 squeeze -option trading technique
  220. help with coding
  221. anybody have traderxbuy-sell-trading-system
  222. Can't See More then 2 month chart in Ami
  223. Need afl code for concept below
  224. NEED Elder auto envelope afl code
  225. exploration for Sell and Sellprice when Applystop
  226. PLS anybady have PIN Bar AFL
  227. Hourly Breakout AFL - Help Needed
  228. This way you can trade nifty options
  229. RENKO CHART--Need symbol specific brick setting in afl
  230. ETS Trading system of metastock in Amibroker
  231. AFL about plotshapes
  232. Afl help
  233. nse code for fair trade finder
  234. How many shares or lots to buy based on live market traded volume?
  235. How to do this in Bollinger Band
  237. Create Watchlist of F&O stocks
  238. afl request
  239. Filter by current active stock industry (amibroker)
  240. How can I export explore to csv using AFL code?
  241. AmiBroker Simulator
  242. Read values from now without excel
  244. Better entry- long side
  245. Multiple Time frame EMA crossover
  246. Trader must carry this opinion in his mind always
  247. ENNARTHEORY from chennai-anybody knows ?
  248. which one is better system
  249. Want a new system/ try this link for ideas
  250. Need afl for effective strategy...