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  1. Nestled optimize functions
  2. How to add Alert Sound
  3. Buy and Sell Signal
  4. Very bad Annual Return from Backtester
  5. Need help... access data from Excel Sheet
  6. need help with ami
  7. Looking for "RSI Divergence AFL" without lag/forward looking/repainting
  8. How to take previous 52 Week high value
  9. AFL database
  10. New SAR afl
  11. Average percent
  12. [help] For Scanning and printing Last bye sell
  13. Help Me.... (Incomplete code)
  14. stoploss line
  15. Amibroker afl sma ema needed
  16. Fibonacci Cluster for Amibroker
  17. ORB - open range breakout
  18. Every candle plot hi hi lo lo
  19. Please help for optimize
  20. dynamic resistance and support afl
  21. RTD for NSE cash
  22. Incomplete Portofolio backtesting
  23. new harmonic afl
  24. how to copy ieod data from ami " Quotation editor to Excel ?"
  25. Backtesting error......plz help solve this
  26. MCX EOD data since 2003
  27. [Help] I want to do something like that
  28. nse/bse sectors chart in amibroker
  29. how to find trending and consolidating patterns in amibroker?
  30. AFL Code For %D Slow 5 Stochastics
  31. need doubletop and double bottom code help
  32. Need pivot line .. code help
  33. Is it possible to email the exploration scan results
  34. combo code
  35. Backtesting report error when using filter......need help.
  36. AFL code needed
  37. woodies cci dvd
  38. projected high and projected low afl
  39. Last Candle of the day
  40. Help Required: How to purchase and install AmiBroker?
  41. Need this AFL Code,Pls help me
  42. Getting Open/Close for time period
  43. Amibroker Explorations and Trading Systems
  44. Need afl for area char amibroker
  45. Pl. share BT settings
  46. Filter scrips near support and resistance (trend) lines
  47. Please Help to make afl on these two scan
  48. Sell Signal
  49. AFL for scanning when candlestick touches 0% and 100% level of Fibonacci retracement
  50. AFL for scan hammer candlestick
  51. Ami Auto analysis window query
  52. Updating Watchlist Daily
  53. [Frustrated] Need help with AFL and analysis
  54. modified Super Trend help needed in candle
  55. Need AFL writer for my custom code
  56. Please suggest me a good data connection.
  57. Exploration AFL Debugging
  58. TTTB or T3B trading System
  59. Convert to afl this basic
  60. polynomial curve
  61. Amibroker - How to begin?
  62. tick by tick backtesting/ look inside the bar /bar magnifier feature in amibroker
  63. Afl problems and basic afl programming (problems which i felt difficulties )
  64. how to make different buy condtions for pos==0 and pos>0
  65. Taxes calculation
  66. AFL to find wrong Data
  67. After backtesting a portofolio I only see one element in the report
  68. AFL Exploration: Previous Day High Low Breakout
  69. Highly corrector stock help - AFL code
  70. Buy every step down from MA
  71. Amibroker super Formula need to be corrected
  72. Morning Afternoon Evening Session Plotter
  73. current day pivot only, seniors pls help
  74. About realtime scanning
  75. AFL stop loss and conditions to exit the market
  76. rsi trendline help?
  77. Market Profile
  78. Excel help
  79. Updating Existing database
  80. how to use "timeframecompress"
  81. DDE's that are available for general use
  82. Can someone please post a tutorial how to convert AFL into DLL.....
  83. How to plot Price Near to Toughs & Peaks
  84. Fix opening bar oddity when downloading google data
  85. Looking for afl for this chart
  86. I need the T3B Trading AFL.
  87. Weekly Profit Table needed
  88. How to remove weekend gap from daily data.
  89. Backtest in weekly mode
  90. can anyone in this forum make this AFL?
  91. Wanted Inverted chart AFL
  92. Saving a fixed price point while the trade is live
  93. how to Change this afl to weekly mode
  94. help. Basic to afl trouble
  95. Add to the equation request
  96. Count of black candlesticks during a particular period - AFL help
  97. HELP- One Of The Best Leading Indicator!No Repaint!
  98. help with this formula
  99. Amibroker to nest trading plugin
  100. Plotting SMA high Low as Line
  101. Is possible to have pane Vertically?
  102. My visual effect afl collection.
  103. Can you help me in this?
  104. AFL Help
  105. Problem with AFL coding help required
  106. Help adding Buy Sell arrows to the SMOOTHED RSI DIVERGENCE Indicator......
  107. need help for auto-trading system triggered by buy/sell signal
  108. =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) into AFL
  109. backtesting help
  110. need afl help
  111. Auto-Export to CSV
  112. Best 5 stocks
  113. Macd crossover above and below zero line afl
  114. Amibroker 5.8 AFL errors
  115. Prevous day close and low
  116. AFL to identify day high till last bar
  117. ATR Volatility trading system
  118. any help
  119. sum gud afl components code
  120. For Counter Trend lovers, anyone has this beautiful afl?
  121. [help] Amibroker Auto image export
  122. How to write buy sell signals
  123. how to perform a backtest using 2 ts?
  124. My Afl Strategy
  125. Buy above and Sell below AFL
  126. High and Low values for the last 3-4 candles
  127. need help for buy/sell signal
  128. [Tutorial] Portfolio backtest & dynamic currency conversion
  129. Mq4 to afl
  130. Data Export
  131. MA Crose Over Alert
  132. Automate loading of EOD data from getbhav onto Amibroker
  133. MACD error HELP ME
  134. plz share supporting indicator for nirvana
  135. Current Market Price AFL Font Size
  136. Any One Have This Afl ?
  137. how to use this combination plz help?
  138. Volume last 30 days greater than
  139. time optimize afl
  140. Need OHLC code
  141. plz share candlestick recognition afl?
  142. Could someone help me to debug the code?
  143. Best Intraday Strategy and best amibroker AFL
  144. Need Help in Coding
  145. IEOD 1 Min -- Nov13 to Feb14 -- FNO Data Needed
  146. Bulk Update of Category in Existing DB
  147. Buy above or sell below on Nth candle.
  148. Amibroker seller in India
  149. Hey all need some help here
  150. Give me your stratgies and i will make AFLs for you.
  151. Natraj EOD Tech Chart
  152. Intra day backtest problem
  153. Fibonacci Horizontal Lines AFL
  154. What will be the code ?
  155. small afl help
  156. Text Box Property
  157. Help - How can to code RSI for CCI???
  158. Need AFL for My Strategy
  159. triple ema crossover
  160. AFL Correction - Gann Sq of 9
  161. Count of transaction per day or week
  162. Amibroker + COM and RDBMS concepts
  163. heiken ashi with adx cloud
  164. want this situation to code in afl
  165. looks interesting afl
  166. how to use fibonacci afl?
  167. Any Application To Manage Trade Details
  168. Amibroker with IB
  169. HHV & LLV in bar range
  170. Donchian Channel
  171. help with amibroker
  172. Arbitrage Trading AFL
  174. Plotting two scripts graph in single frame
  175. can anyone make gfdl semiautomatic trading to fully automatic trading for retailer tr
  176. Error while importing IEOD Data in Ami..
  177. help with understanding buy/sell orders
  178. Famir pattern
  179. Require Coding for well proved strategy
  180. senior's help to choose one sys from below two.
  181. Doubt in Amibroker Exploration
  182. Stochastics Divergence.......A little help needed.
  183. Volume Data Missing - How to Skip Calculation When V is missing/ is 0
  184. Help for Bollingar Band Scanner.
  185. troubles with IIF functions
  186. List of trustworthy afl writers and protect afl
  187. AFL plotting HH LL LH HL
  188. New Amibroker
  189. afl for backtest
  190. How To Add Column With Sector Name In Explore Results
  191. Need help for - volume at price
  192. How to filter stocks by TIME in explorer
  193. How to locate yesterdays High of the day
  194. Non repaint
  195. Trend Reversal AFL
  196. need help in afl writing
  197. trading in sideway trend
  198. Intraday Hourly Chart
  199. Multiple timeframe EMA in hourly chart
  200. AFL to plot line on next few bars
  201. My Trading Strategy Needs Coding
  202. ami afl
  203. Any good trading system based on BOLLINGER BANDS plz share....
  204. recognize if in or out market
  205. Help needed for writing formula for entry
  206. Help needed - plz Add BUy sell - Urgent
  207. create Afl for mt4 fORMULA-BULLS EYE FORECASTOR
  208. add exploration to AFL
  209. Plotting two symbols in 1 chart single layer
  210. jpg/gif auto screenshots of charts
  211. Mutiple range dates handling
  212. AFL Exploration Help
  213. Need help to plot line in every pivot
  214. help for fractal afl
  215. how to draw multiple symbols in single window
  216. update amibroker database with csv quotes file from excel VBA.
  217. I have a strategy , but cannot make AFL.
  218. Need Help for Real Time Scan in Automatic Analysis in Amibroker
  219. Please share AFL
  220. Candlestick Exploration Scoring needed
  221. Stock live data importer not working!!!!
  222. Expert plz solve the error of this afl
  223. Amibroker Chart settings:
  224. Does anyone have this AFL? Sri Kaushal.
  225. Afl
  226. Does anyone know these indicators?
  227. Magic Signal System AFL
  228. Ribbon Afl - Need help
  229. AFL - last days MID level + cloud
  230. Adx exploration required
  231. Short Term, Long Term Trade
  232. VIX in Amibroker
  233. Need help for learning technical analysis
  234. Getting the MACD for previous day
  235. AFL Exploration
  236. Creating a continuous contract script problem
  237. Help Needed to create afl
  238. How to plot Arrows
  239. any one have this afl ?
  240. New Data feeds
  241. niftyspeclist trading system
  242. AFL Collection by Tamil Trader
  243. Volume Spread Analysis- Amibroker Code
  244. Elliott Wave AFL (Auto-Stamp)
  245. Help Needed : Modified SH's 315 Strategy with Supertrend
  246. Help required for Market Profile AFL
  247. How to delete Tabs in Amibroker ?
  248. Send me your valuable Amibroker AFL, I will protect it in minutes
  249. Help with "For" loop and different timeframes
  250. repaint issue