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  1. Need help from seniors
  2. Kind attn.JAGANKRIS/ Any coding expert.
  3. Ruler drawing tool for Amibroker
  4. Method to Test AfL for Repainting.
  5. Can anybody modify this afl.
  6. Need help with Scaling in
  7. Please correct this afl
  8. Need small help in exploration
  9. Stddeviation/BBand on volume
  10. Please Check my AFL which seems Amazing and Backtest if possible
  11. help dear
  12. Need program to rename
  13. Fibanocci coding experts Please help.
  14. How to AUTO Place from Nest Plus API? Apart from Manual Place Button
  15. Impulse System-Need help in adding exploration
  16. Need AFL programmer-willing to pay
  17. [Amibroker] HELP for simple filter creation and columns
  18. Monthly High Low Exploration
  19. can anybody share instant fibonacci afl
  20. Amibroker: Plotting prices Two symbols in the same chart.
  21. Stcohastic Indicator: Viability-Amibroker.
  22. Average cumulative volume
  23. Timeframe Optimisation
  24. kagi buy signal exploration
  25. Toolbar settings backup
  26. Need help to modify fra.fib.code
  27. how to clean amibroker symbols
  28. how to edit given afl for multiple time frame
  29. Seniors: Need Help. Stochastic on Price Chart AFL
  30. Bollinger Band Strategy - Need AFL Developers
  31. Why amibroker dont support Moving average greater than 300?
  32. Programming help Extarck csv file from Nest
  33. Why use section begin?
  34. Any C++ programmers willing to help modify RTDMan?
  35. Seniors please help to code this afl
  36. RSI value on charts left side
  37. Exploration required from this afl-RSI Divergence
  38. Help required to create AFL
  39. How to declare array in amibroker afl?
  40. how to plot amibroker diagonal line?
  41. Any one correct this afl...
  42. CCI based AFL
  43. please help with this afl
  44. Need afl help to show most recent shape only
  45. Plot a graph as indicator
  46. trend blaster system
  47. create simple afl
  48. HELLO WORLD AFL, Expert Help Needed
  49. Need afl code for my formula
  50. Identify Failed break out
  51. suri+HighProb+acceler bands together
  52. any TD deMark countdown to point 13 ?
  53. indicator in same price plot window
  54. to Master KelvinHand
  55. to all genuine Experts did I miss any good afl ?
  56. rsi-with-dynamic-levels
  57. Timframe in Afl Function.
  58. need help to scan weekly stochastic crossing 10 oversold level
  59. Import txt data In Amibroker.
  60. How to change timeframe for this code [Supertrend 3]?
  61. metastock to amibroker
  62. Use Nest Puls like Pro
  63. About Amibroker?
  64. How to get Intraday data of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?
  65. How to open excel file in amibroker.?
  66. How to get Current Price in afl?
  67. need volume V-spiker afl , anybody can share ?
  68. How to get EOD of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?
  69. need buy sell signal sound alert code for this afl
  70. How to Select Multiple Items?
  71. plot price of a call and a put and sum of both prices on chart
  72. how to remove vertical and horizontal lines at amibroker
  73. create a trialing stoploss in Amibroker
  74. AFL for PA
  75. Crossover buy above previous High
  76. req coding help for positioning arrows 2 bars later
  77. need little help
  78. Renko Spectrum bars
  79. help code identifying the accumulation phase
  80. Trouble combining two systems into one system.....little help needed.
  81. Add new Data to Existing database
  82. amibroker chart snapshot
  83. Long term trading strategy - Stock sreener
  84. wrong ATR value in exploration mode
  85. Multiple Time Frames in Single Sheet
  86. Amibroker and daylight saving
  87. Referencing a specific value from an array
  88. 45° trending stocks.......is a scanner possible
  89. system coding issue. code inside
  90. Amibroker for Forex
  91. best triple moving average crossover
  92. plz help to make the explorationafl for this strategy
  93. Help ! I need a price filter
  94. Add Bactesting Code in AFL
  95. sell condition help...
  96. AFL for backtesting -requesting modifications
  97. need help in this formula
  98. help me. AFL code to make "Blending Candlestick"
  99. Any one have this programme ?
  100. Amibroker Help
  101. Adjusted Data
  102. little help
  103. import aux1 data
  104. HOW to plot HH/HL/LH/LL in ribon form in AB ???
  105. how to convert date as DD-MM-YYYY
  106. Any one have this afl
  107. backtesting question
  108. Line Trading AFL
  109. Price alert required
  110. AFL help timeframe expand
  111. AFL : Help needed.
  112. use of foreign/setforeign()
  113. Sound alert
  114. Average type stochastic % k and % d to exponetial
  115. Average volume
  116. CODING REQUEST -- coding price action "nial fuller's "setup
  117. 52 week high and low date
  118. Access Amibroker/Metastock/Ninjatrader in Android/Linux/mac/ipad through browser
  119. Access Amibroker/Metastock/Ninjatrader on the go
  120. How to clean data for Amibroker
  121. One more useful Mt4 indicator (Help needed to convert it in to AFL)
  122. Add Buy Sell Arrow in formula
  123. basic timeframeset question
  124. Nifty auto refreshing Excel sheet to Amibroker - Help Needed
  125. How to get position of first signal after use function Exrem
  126. Afl to mq4
  127. general question on timeframeset + help on loop
  128. Please help me about get value in Timeframe 5 minute
  129. Amibroker 2 versions on same desktop
  130. Check a slope of MACD in 3 bar is up trend
  131. coding request - price reversal patterns on candlestick as per ytc videos
  132. Hello friends i need afl for nifty and banknifty trading
  133. Switching between charts automatically in Amibroker
  134. Custom bar size exploration
  135. Create DLL file to hide the formula
  136. Fly candle afl
  137. Volume based trading system required......can anyone share
  138. How one variable stores multi-timeframe values?
  139. exploration: time increment
  140. Adding to existing database
  141. Plotting foreign symbol - AFL HELP NEEDED
  142. Convert Solar wind joy mt4 indicator to AFL
  143. Plotting foreign symbol
  144. Ref function not working properly.
  145. Custom Indicator for stochastic in amibroker
  146. Check value between %K cross 80 up
  147. question: do something IF current bar (or previous bar) is LLV
  148. Please convert the following metastock formula in amibroker afl .
  149. Need AFL ...
  150. Need Some Help Copying Horizontal Lines
  151. How to update existing database on backfilling in amibroker.
  152. Why this code is not working on amibroker
  153. How to merge Eod and Intraday data in amibroker??
  154. How to set custom time for candlestick price chart
  155. If it is possible for this AFL to not repainted or look for future
  156. Code this strategy for amibroker.
  157. Backtesting performance-Entry and exit based on Stop orders
  158. need to help for Explore afl
  159. How to display charts and indicators with different time frame?
  160. Get quotes for ami with mldwnloader
  161. basic afl coding question : applying channels to a MA
  162. Please Help me about change background color
  163. How to delete database in AMIBroker
  164. Help in afl coding: Entry above high / below low
  165. Downloading Bhav Data and EOD
  166. Combining Intraday and Bhav Data
  167. AFL-Timecode
  168. Cci code help
  169. need help to plot buy/sell arrow when both line crossing ( red n yellow)
  170. Amibroker COM function signature
  171. Auto trading plugin developer requd
  172. earn GDFL data subscription by forwarding mail.
  173. help for Trailing Stoploss code
  174. Need AFL code for when MA cross EMA
  175. 5ema, Stochastic & CCI
  176. How to detect a Elephant Bar ? aka Wide Range Bar
  177. need amibroker afl afl to plot high/low of 1st weekly bar of the month.
  178. Parameters set up through amibroker afl need - useful to all
  179. How to Import Nse Options EOD
  180. Portfolio AFL coding help
  181. How can I check stochastic crossover 80 between time period
  182. Any body have this afl
  183. Please help in AFL-Coding this condition
  184. Need Help With Amibroker
  185. Amibroker AFL Code guide
  186. Afl Code hhv llv
  187. Bias
  188. Rolling pivot afl needed
  189. Compare n characters from strings
  190. Afl coding rsi divergence
  191. Amibroker Coding Help
  192. Help Needed In AMibroker Coding
  193. New Amibroker Chart Devloped
  194. Help ! - Vertical Lines Separating Hours
  195. Amibroker Coding Help
  196. Different Zones for MCX Trading
  197. Anybody having Idea on AMIBROKER issuing SMS on Signals Generation....!!!!!
  198. Match symbol from it's symbol name string.
  199. Line Arrays from Past Peaks and Troughs
  200. Can someone help me with small code modification-amibroker
  201. To apply backtest only to some symbols randomly selected
  202. FIRST 15 minute intraday PIVOT TRADING SYSTEM.
  203. Please advise me about backtester setting amibroker
  204. hawkeye traders indicator in afl
  205. Afl required on following market profile setup
  206. Need afl for TIME ALERT 12.00 to 1.30pm and 3.00 to 3.30pm
  207. AFL developers for hire ?
  208. Amibroker Crash
  209. can an AFL indicator like this be created
  210. changing code
  211. How to prevent gained equity is invested in new trades?
  212. Help Required For buy reentry Sell Re-entry
  213. Changes to Donchain Requested
  214. Hi Casoni Position Sizing
  215. Profit and Loss
  216. Would Zerodha Pi going to compete with Ambibroker ?
  217. Please tell me wheather this performance is good
  218. Pop-up alert for buy-sell signal
  219. Profit and loss afl
  220. MACD Crossover Exploration - No Charting
  221. how get started amibroker with indianstockmarket
  222. please Help....
  223. Help for a newbie
  224. Plot function: dynamic color but not dynamic style?
  225. Can a trendline be drawn along with Moving average line
  226. need ema shift amibroker formula
  227. (NEED HELP) : Error 10. Subscript out of range
  228. Problem with ApplyStop function
  229. HELP on Amibroker ASCII import setting
  230. A little help from the coders......Supertrend AFL
  231. Tops Bottoms - Pivot Hs and Pivot Ls - How to pass on value
  232. Need Help to covert Metatrader indicator to AFL
  233. I need an Amibroker Programmer
  234. auto rotate chart
  235. help required how to get economic calender events on amibroker chart
  236. Price Alert needed
  237. Money Making Trading system review please
  238. Please change the time frame daily to 5 min -reg
  239. hii i need this afl
  240. please help me i need Elliot Wave afl code
  241. ScalperHighLowBracket
  243. Time Axis Color - Small Help Needed
  244. AFL Help Required To Delay Buy Sell Signal
  245. Trendline breakout
  246. New AFL
  247. Pivot Point Average AFL help
  248. Help on candles count - Strategy
  249. Market profile Chart
  250. I want indicators and templates