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  1. Help needed for the following market profile afl code
  2. Help needed for the following market profile afl code
  3. Help on Higher Low and Lower High Amibroker Code
  4. positionscore ,scorenorotate explanation
  5. Buy Stop
  6. Please help create Buy/Sell Exploration/Scanner on AutoTrendLine w/ S&R
  7. AFL for pivot envelope
  8. Periodcity
  9. Value is change when i was used scroll bar.
  10. trend line buy sell signals
  11. help with Guppy Buy sell
  12. How to display EMA(c,10) Daily in time frame 1 minute
  13. Wintrade to Amibroker
  14. Moving Average
  15. amibroker autoscrolling.exe (utility)
  16. World Market AFL
  17. Display 10 second TF value in 1 minute chart
  18. New indicator?
  19. MA Ribbon
  20. AFL Help
  21. Valuewhen to find date & close issue
  22. SuperADX Exploration Addition.........
  23. Plz Code for MT4 with alerts n buy/sell arrows.
  24. Weekly HL Y'day HL and Day-2 HL levels for Price action traders and all
  25. Support resistance based on today'S open version 2
  26. Intraday BackTesting
  27. somebody help me amibroker
  28. Any one help me sir
  29. need amibrokar programmer
  30. Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.
  31. Amibroker data Export in Ninja format Afl
  32. BLOCK OF codes, examples, learning , my experience
  33. Scan misses
  34. Multi TimeFrame for Beginner
  35. Need help to create my swing trading excel to afl.
  36. Need basic Opening range breakout (ORB) afl
  37. To watch eod & intraday setup in same Amubroker version.
  38. Trading from chart like Interactive broker Buy/Sell option
  39. Can AnyOne Help Me Include Buy Sell Exploration To This AFL
  40. I Need Buy Sell Amibroker Exploration For This Afl
  41. Share your Amibroker day trading setup
  42. Support resistance based on today'S open - Amibroker AFL
  43. Hammer Time afl
  44. it is not rocket science. please write AFL for amibroker
  45. Bar replay on multiple timeframe and exploration bar replay
  46. Scanning output & few other queries of amibroker
  47. find date of bar or event
  48. I have a query regarding hacking....!!!!
  49. What is Composite Indicators in pattern explorer
  50. Comex Silver chart
  51. Plz help to convert this version 6 code to 5.6
  52. Comex and Mcx technical charts
  53. Want to Purchase Amibroker but how??
  54. Best and profitable EMA crossover alongwith timeframe
  55. Range bound Analysis
  56. MTF timeframe scan output (Scanning Timeframe not Pattern with single timeframe) p2
  57. looping and indexes
  58. nseindia to Amibroker
  59. MTF timeframe scan output (Scanning Timeframe not Pattern with single timeframe)
  60. Open trades @ limit instead of close
  61. How to find lowest of the day in amibroker
  62. Afl help needed to backtest
  63. Trailing Stop AFL
  64. Basic AFL help needed
  65. AFL Popup script help
  66. Need help for position sizing through volatility ratio afl
  67. peaks and Trough by loop
  68. pyramiding: help for sigscalein-out AFL
  69. Can u warning correct in afl
  70. Struggling with my first AFL code
  71. Hour Afl
  72. a very good trading chart
  73. Is there any method to use "Explore" feature for a watchlist
  74. Is there any way of Importing specific symbol out of many files in Amibroker
  75. ADD SCAN EXPLORE TO Elliot Fractals
  76. Plz add scan/explorer to this indicator
  77. INEEDTHE CRACKED WiseTrader Toolbox
  78. how to refer to one custom indicator in other?
  79. Amibroker 6.1 exe file
  80. Amibroker Backtest Settings Template
  81. Remove extra signals without ExRem
  82. First bar volume breakout
  83. "RPlugin" for Amibroker
  84. Please add correct buy sell varable
  85. displaced moving average
  86. Demand Supply Exploration
  87. Baseline Relative Performance - Updated Code
  88. Open to close % in candle
  89. Price Analyzer
  90. Required Amibroker AFL for Algo Trading
  91. How to change time settings
  92. Advanced Get XTL
  93. Advanced-Get-Oscillator
  94. Help newbie simple code
  95. Adv Get false bar stochastic
  96. help me plz
  97. Need help with AFL
  98. Relative Performance Exploration
  99. cant define percent band in a variable
  100. How to turn following AFL into a scan/exploration
  101. Stochastic scan/exploration
  102. Adv GET XTL
  103. Fixed number of bar REAL TIME
  104. AFL's plus more
  105. AFL Error 61
  106. EMA crossover and Targets based on fib
  107. Adv Get MOB
  108. Need help
  109. optimiztion result and backtest not matching
  110. OneClickAFL
  111. i'm stuck ,pls help me to clear the error in this code
  112. Please help and check wheather the coding i have done is correct or not
  113. Trading Platform in Amibroker
  114. Amibroker to PI Auto Trading Software
  115. Triangle recognition AFLs
  116. TD Relative retracement
  117. RSI, CCI, ADX Values on chart
  118. Bollinger Band Squeeze Scan/Exploration
  119. I want to make a small change in the formula
  120. How To Correct This Mistake?
  121. ADvance Decline line in Amibroker
  122. AFL help required .. How do I select first bar from available data?
  123. Please help required
  124. Dow Theory AFL code
  125. Automatic Analysis
  126. Pls tell me the code for:
  127. anybody has the afl
  128. help needed to edit pivot based buy-sell afl code
  129. Help ! add arrow when MA cross
  130. VWAP/ATP Values for creating Price Charts..
  131. connecting economic calender to amibroker
  132. Intraday buy n sell afl
  133. Heikein Ashi candle
  134. amibroker white background settings
  135. Nifty afl 5mins
  136. Preferences Preferences Preferences
  137. can somebody change the candle to Heikin-Ashi
  138. need afl code for the logic
  139. need help to understand amibroker AFL
  140. Afl coding for looping
  141. Can any one make it a loop in afl
  142. Amibroker Candlestick scanner
  143. Amibroker AFL basic question
  144. Periodicity & formula periods
  145. AFL coding help
  146. Can anyone share this superadx indicator for me please ?
  147. Converting this Smoothing MA MT4 into AFL - Help Needed
  148. gold/oil/baltic dry ticker codes
  149. Stock Pattern AFL Scan for Amibroker
  150. Export EOD txt file from intraday database
  151. HELP- exploration afl for days left in N-day bar.
  152. Please fix the bugs in thi AFL
  153. Good Afl for Intraday but......
  154. Trouble loading quotes
  155. need help to fix some error
  156. Add one condition in afl
  157. how to obtain current Equity array?
  158. Request for a moving avg indicator which plots with a delay of 1 minute
  159. i need afl who exit after 10 point
  160. OHLC for RSI
  161. Regarding Scaleout
  162. Charting software
  163. Help in change of signal in AFL where daily buy or sell signal generated
  164. need afl code
  165. AFL - help with Buy and Sell Cond
  166. Missing buy sell variable assignment
  167. need help on AFL
  168. Can someone please correct this afl......
  169. Any one Provide afl for intraday mcx trading with target and stop loss
  170. Help needed for market profile afl!!!
  171. Coaching For AFL Required
  172. NEED HELP- exploration afl for days left in N-day bar to complete.
  173. Signals repainting
  174. AFL for Lookback for previous signal
  175. Whats wrong with the plot function??
  176. Previous Day Close Line
  177. Array of MA crossing periods
  178. how to get yesterday LTP last traded price in afl code ??
  179. Who have coupon code ??
  180. Small Problem in Amibroker
  181. Conversion to AFL following code
  182. want to buy Amibroker n cost
  183. Help needed to understand this AFL
  184. Effort Index Indicator
  185. How do i add multiple sell conditions
  186. How to do this with Default Function
  187. Need little help in afl programming....
  188. How to write AFL for drawing of Fibonacci?
  189. Any such AFL exist / Possible?
  190. nse update daily
  191. How to use timenum function?
  192. How to write exploration AFL
  193. want afl modification
  194. Afl that gives sound alert when a drawn support or resistance is crossed.
  195. How to use if else statement with other indicator fucntions
  196. How to enhance Fibonacci Retracement and Extension level
  197. What is wrong with this code
  198. Buy signal only once for each day
  199. Trendlines afl
  200. Is it possible to increase amibroker bar replay speed beyond 5?
  201. Delete Quotes that have time-seconds value of 00
  202. Default Amibroker - Volume At Price AFL
  203. How stop loss in amibroker backtest works?
  204. Tick timer/counter Amibroker
  205. Need HELP! In quote Editor data not sorted properly!
  206. ask/bid spread in forex
  207. Convert Momo Counts to Amibroker code
  208. Trade pivots R3 and S3 This way to benefit reversals
  209. Intraday highest calue of rsi(7) except current bar
  210. Trading Tree-pivot based trading system
  211. Breakout Trading
  212. One half of cup formation is ready in afl- what about second half code?
  213. zigzag function on points basis AFL
  214. merging intraday and EOD data in single database using afl code or any other process
  215. how can i plot HPI graph as bar graph
  216. Plot High and Low Ema
  217. amibroker buy sell late signals problem, plz help
  218. Linregslope
  219. Multi time frame error
  220. Amibroker: two coloured volume bars showing traded and deliverable quantities
  221. Some basic questions about Ami
  222. Nifty specialist or TDF SOFTWARE -truth is its fake
  223. Nifty specialist or TDF SOFTWARE -truth is its fake
  224. Develop a trading system that is unique based on mkt structure
  225. 1 MIN Candle afl
  226. In Algo trading, placed Orders can be retrieved and modified ?
  227. How to plot chart using only current day's data
  228. Future Candle
  229. Need exploration
  230. Please Help - Need this simple change
  231. Trendline AFL needed
  232. Help for buy sell rule
  233. AMI BROKER-Short Cut Key needed.
  234. Remove Errors
  235. correcting the repaining afl help
  236. backtesting afl needed..
  237. How to put an indicator and a price chart in the same AFL?
  238. Help ! any body know these afl ?
  239. Help Me to Create AFL for Karthik's 315 Pullback Strategy
  240. remove errors
  241. AFL coders required
  242. How to export MCX Bhavcopy to Amibroker
  243. request for an AFL
  244. interactive brokers gives me -1 in datafeed
  245. help me .
  246. HELP Needed...
  247. Does CPU speed matter in walkthrough tests?
  248. Need Help in AFL Coding
  249. Non-repaintable HHV LLV drawn Horizontal lines
  250. exploration in amibroker offline