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  1. Us dollar index and gold data...??
  2. Pattern Search ( A Query Module )
  3. Intraday trading system
  4. Amibroker Charting to show deliveries %age & Delivery/ Traded Volume ratio?
  5. help with time frames??
  6. How Stop Loss Actually Trigger ?
  7. Pivot Trading system--Need Help
  8. Buy Loop - AFL Help
  9. want to convert metastock code to amibroker AFL
  10. Afl for inside bar breakout required
  11. finding trading range
  12. Drawing ema
  13. AFL for Price Patterns
  14. please help identify the formula
  15. AmiBroker and Excel
  16. how i trade the nifty....
  17. AFL development : Ergodic Oscillator
  18. Help: Need AFL for SavantJi's System
  19. reducing database size in amibroker
  20. Afl required for catching short term trend change
  21. I want to make money !!!
  22. sorting into sectors:getbhavcopy for EOD
  23. Sector Sorting :getbhavcopy for EOD
  24. Help me pls
  25. Stoch macd
  26. Downcounter
  27. MACD BB Indicator development for Amibroker
  28. Teaching Amibroker
  29. plz correct this formula
  30. Previous day's OHLC indicator.
  31. Anyone have AFL for BrightSpark Swing Volume Tool
  32. Need help from seniours
  33. Ami Gurus-Plz help me to modify this AFL...thanx
  34. amibroker new version released v 5.21
  35. COT indicator - help needed
  36. MessagePanelInclude.afl---- Help Need
  37. EOD to Intraday DB
  38. Point & Figure Indicator for ami
  39. Help needed for AFL code
  40. Amibroker users plz advice
  41. Amibroker assistance - coding Bill William's price bars ohlc
  42. need help with afl
  43. How to create indicators ?
  44. Need help to calculate advance, decline in amibroker
  45. hi
  46. Need a small help with this piece of code.
  47. feeding datafrom C#.... help needed...
  48. VWAP with std. deviation
  49. Excel and the Amibroker's database
  50. ami afl for scapler trading system
  51. Indicator
  52. Multiple Moving Average Line
  53. I want to convert this ffrmula to afi
  54. Rmo atm
  55. Help need to generate buy n sell signal in this afl code
  56. How to retain selected symbols?
  57. Amibroker System Development
  58. How Should Merge Two Symbols Data in One Symbol Name?
  59. Require AFL for ADX Indicator
  60. afl solutions
  61. Required afl
  62. how to plot ema above 250?
  63. The Autopsy Indicator
  64. Need Help... Amiquote dowloading incorrectly!!
  65. Setting Commission
  66. Need Help in exploring MAs crossover in Amibroker
  67. how can i see 52 Week high an low price of a stack
  68. Using Amibroker Plus Quote Trader with NSE feed but facing timing issue...help
  69. Brain trading system
  70. How to Refine Volume-at-Price Indicator in Amibroker
  71. Colour filled charts
  72. Resistance-Support
  73. Auto trendlines
  74. Adjusting Pivots in case of Gap up & Gap down openings for intraday
  75. I can invest in HDFC SIP ? Please help me----URGENTLY
  76. Get Trendline Values
  77. How to get FREE Intraday data for amibroker
  78. A new afl comes to my email from my yahoo group
  79. Amibroker Indicators & Systems
  80. strange issue with amibroker.
  81. Jurik Moving Average
  82. Making These RSI divergence AFLs Non-Future Looking
  83. Hull MA
  84. hi need help with amibroker
  85. Looking for C++ Programmer/Partner
  86. Working code for Markos Katsanos formulae
  87. new--- good
  88. Need to convert my strategy into amibroker script
  89. Afl required
  90. help me
  91. how to get coloured areas in amibroker?
  92. How to display volume candlestick chart on AmiBroker?
  93. deleting symbols from ami datbase.
  94. Risk
  95. Error 29...Variable used without being initialized
  96. divergences explore
  97. Hiken Ashi Indecator
  98. ATR formula in AmiBroker
  99. PE alert 2 & 3
  100. elliott wave
  101. Chart Background Problem
  102. How to get Amibroker
  103. AVERAge True range
  104. Supertrend Oscillator
  105. New Trading System. Traderji Please help
  106. please convert the metatrader program to amibroker
  107. Auto Trendlines
  108. Amibroker:Base Index,Composite: Help Needed!
  109. TTM Indicators for Amibroker
  110. Hello Everyone - I need help please
  111. Multiple timeframe ribbons on one chart
  112. Please help with this problem
  113. Importing data in a different market
  114. Trading Strategy AFLs
  115. ARSI System
  116. KwikPop for Amibroker
  117. Saving a chart as JPEG image
  118. Ami 5.20 released
  119. Post Your Amibroker AFL here
  120. Eom={empty}
  121. Horizontal line
  122. BarIndex & BarCount
  123. losing data
  124. Saving Preferences in Amibroker
  125. Customizing keyboard
  126. Amibroker TimeFrames
  127. Deleting Data for all symbols for a particular date in intraday data
  128. New Comer
  129. Zig zag retracements like Ensign software ones
  130. AFL Thread
  131. market delta
  132. Amibroker Bar arrangement
  133. Help Needed to Create AFL For Crossover Moving Average.
  134. We are facing a problem with Amibroker
  135. AFL required
  136. How to do this
  137. Help..Amibroker forumla AFL for "Saintji's Going With The 60min Flow practice!!!"
  138. account manager
  139. Help with exploration
  140. Enter Buy price on amibroker daily
  141. Perl scripts for Amibroker
  142. RMO for non f&o stocks
  143. Ask about Pivot Point Formula
  144. How to get Y A H O O Intraday real time data in amiborker?
  145. afl for intraday trading
  146. Formula Help
  147. Straight Channel/Envelope
  148. Free realtime fx feed for AB
  149. I need help regarding Lee Leibfarth's "Trading with an Adaptive Price Zone"
  150. Ami Code for Harmonic Trading Patterns
  151. Help needed for this simple afl
  152. Price only showing closing
  153. How to get study line coordinates for beginning and end
  154. relative strength Mansfield's indicator
  155. Slow Stochastics - which is the right one?
  156. How to back up amibroker setting
  157. pivots used by Thomas DeMark
  158. help needed for this (amibroker) formula
  159. Xtl Amibroker
  160. something strange???
  161. odinclient to amibroker(help plzzzzzz)
  162. Param Help
  163. About Turtle Trading System
  164. Trendline Indicator
  165. N-Line Break help in afl
  166. scan scrips for buy/sell msgs with stop loss
  167. afl for intraday
  168. Accessing 60-Min intraday histroy in Amibroker through eSignal plugin
  169. few quiries related to amibroker from a newbie
  170. How to overlay Nifty and Sensex chart on specific stock charts in Ami Broker
  171. deleting intraday price data -999.99 all at once.
  172. Financial data in Ami-Broker
  173. strange behavior
  174. Overlaying in Amibroker
  175. Help me with metastock code
  176. VWAP in Amibroker (also in QuoteTracker)
  177. Beta Value
  178. HELP NEEDED: What's wrong with the PlotShapes in this AFL (William's Third wise Man)
  179. Operational Issue in Amibroker.
  180. Please code afl for kenison counting numbers
  181. Buy/Sell arrows appearing on all the charts in amibroker
  182. Amibroker : Price Chart in two TimeFrames
  183. Individual Setting for a stock
  184. Amibroker dealer in INDIA
  185. Amibroker For Dummies........a Beginner's Forum On How To Use Amibroker
  186. Price-Volume Breakout
  187. How can we create an optional index in amibroker?
  188. Managing amibroker format- duplicate files of type.
  189. AB GfxSetTextColor Help Please
  190. pattern explorer formula
  191. How to do this
  192. Elliot Wave for AFL
  193. Metastock import and metastock plugin.
  194. Deleting amibroker database
  195. Reading/Converting Amibroker EOD data in Metastock
  196. Is this what we call bad ticks?
  197. How to plot Buy/Sell arrows in Indicators
  198. Metastock to Amibroker code for ADI
  199. Exploration formula for detecting higher than average volume.
  200. What alert parameters that are possible in Amibroker?
  201. Amibroker Object creatin help needed.
  202. Yah000 to Amibroker Utility needed
  203. Colors in Amibroker v5
  204. Buying Amibroker...???
  205. How to configure amibroker?
  206. quote tracker help
  207. How To Configure A System In Amibroker
  208. How to do Trading.
  209. pattern explorer
  210. How to download NIFTY data (Not NIFTY futures) from NSE website??
  211. Importing historical futures/options data
  212. Afl To Scan Increase In Volume
  213. Very Low Cost Intraday Data Utility
  214. Very Low Cost Intraday Data Utility
  215. AFL Traded quantity
  216. Amibroker Esignal Problem. Please Advice.
  217. Realtime Exploration on Amibroker
  218. How to Get All Quotes RSI
  219. Need 5min Historical Data Nifty Spot n Future
  220. EMA crossover
  221. Calculating Advance decline ratio in amibroker
  222. swing charts
  223. please correct this formula
  224. Saving studies in Amibroker
  225. Williams % R
  226. Amibroker Help Needed For Afl
  227. Real Time S/w No Delay Check It
  228. Purchasing Amibroker
  229. About GFX Programming
  230. Amibroker Help
  231. Convert Excel RTDTo DDE or Import Live data from Excel
  232. Help with AFL
  233. How to download NSE EOD in AMIBROKER
  234. Opening Range Breakout
  235. Multiple Symbol Change In Amibroker
  236. DMI and ADX with different parameters
  237. Amibroker Tutor
  238. Need Help with this AFL
  239. Data Handling
  240. Amibroker getting wrong quotes!!
  241. Help!
  242. Finding multibagger stocks opening with a gap consequently, eg, jai corp
  243. NSE BHAVCOPY issue?
  244. Finding stocks hiting X-week high/low consistently
  245. AmiBroker Realtime Data in Excel
  246. Can anyone help me plz
  247. AFL Syntax Error - PLz Help
  248. Forums and Discussion Groups for Ami Broker
  249. How can I connect Amibroker with any broker site for daily trading?
  250. Audio Alert