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  1. Help- Bottom trade alf
  2. Removing excess signals
  3. Trade options and backtesting
  4. need a simple scan/exploration formula for theses conditions
  5. please help to convert SUPER TREND from MT4 to ami
  6. I need to AFL
  7. Plot only high, low and close in bar chart style code for amibroker
  8. I have a great idea.Can u help me buiding indicator?
  9. nma swing trading by karthik
  10. Dhaka Stock Historical Data for AmiBroker
  11. Study Line Crossover
  12. Can anyone code or share this afl?
  13. Moving Average with Colors?
  14. how to do this?
  15. Need a AFL for portfolio managment?
  16. *how to ignore opening candles while considering signals.
  17. Help to convert this strategy in AFL
  18. please help - amibroker exploration issue
  19. Convert PLdot to ALMA ?
  20. code for sending auto exploration results to excel needed
  21. Help AFL
  22. help me in this chart
  23. How to use Fourier Transform afl
  24. Could you pls write AFL for this simple strategy?
  25. Mcx data for amibroker
  26. AFL Code for failed breakout condition
  27. Is it possible to Link AFL's in Amibroker?
  28. How to fix: COM/object handle is null
  29. Req: Average Peak Excursion convert from Metastock to Amibroker
  30. Can Anyone help me writing this AFL pls ?
  31. Help please... See the chart. Need These Afl
  32. How to get information about colors in preferences by AFL
  33. how to make filter like this
  34. AFL for this system?
  35. Charts of Different time frames in the same pane?
  36. Intraday buy sell
  37. nma backtest
  38. Where to get Historical tick data for Amibroker
  39. Attention to Experts Afl Help
  40. Can we add data to Amibroker manually?
  41. How i can plot the highest high in the last 30 day?
  42. Commodity afl
  43. Any AFL to count waves
  44. Req: How to count how many bars in displaying chart
  45. export or scan intraday data for all stocks
  46. Average volume AFL help
  47. Buy & Sell Signals
  48. AFL for Data Export to MetaStock
  49. Swing
  50. Supply demand afl code for amibroker
  51. how-to TSR?
  52. Bhavcopy problem solution
  53. Help with buy, sell rule in Amibroker
  54. How to export data into excel from amibroker "expiry datewise"
  55. How to delete data from amibroker
  56. I need more blank space @ the end of chart...how?
  57. Bhavcopy problem
  58. Please,help me witj this afl
  59. Req:-Any AFL/ XLS File to Calculate VOLATILITY
  60. How can i fill color into the rectangle in amibroker?
  61. Advanced Rapid Fire / ACE trading system.
  62. How to remove Freak Quotes from Amobroker?
  63. Convert mq4 (meta trader 4) to afl (amibroker)
  64. AMIBroker Data Help
  65. Please help me modify the price(all in one) AFL
  66. Req afl cpoding for a special moving average ALMA
  67. Calculate indicator from a sector stocks
  68. Any paid expert here to write amibroker syntax
  69. can any one help to get this chart's AFL ?
  70. Kwikpop indicator
  71. Help on backtesting
  72. How to change date format
  73. Intraday AFL Required
  74. Req: convert Zonetrade MT4 to AFL
  75. For visually challanged persons
  76. pl. tweak this code
  77. Can you provide me this afl
  78. Good afl with good accuracy in buy sale signal
  79. Help needed in converting MT4 formula into AFL
  80. AFL required for displaying WT AVG Price
  81. amibroker
  82. FLAGS and Pennant detection and profit targets
  83. Help to Convert This AFL to Metatrader4 formula
  84. nse stocks in amibroker sectorwise distributed.
  85. how to draw gann square in amibroker
  86. AmiBroker/Win32 scripting Example to VBA / VB / VB.Net
  87. Can any one solve these errors ? in this afl ?
  88. Can anyone code this method into an afl,please
  89. Opening 2 different databases simultaneously
  90. Search for AFL
  91. FII data in amibroker
  92. Help re: Amibroker to excel
  93. Help me more with this afl
  94. AFL Required
  95. amibroker help needed
  96. Do you have this AFL
  97. Amibroker screen autoexport to c-drive-CORRECT CODE PLEASE
  98. sri chakra
  99. How to filter / reduce the number of signals generated within certain period of time.
  100. afl to identify up trend initially
  101. volume at open is needed
  102. AFL writers please pay attention!!
  103. anybody having ami afl for this chart
  104. anyone have this afl ?
  105. Any one can help in this afl ?
  106. Can this be done in Amibroker ?
  107. Candle close AFL
  108. How to delete intraday data quotes ?
  109. AFL for Auto trendline
  110. breakout system
  111. Please help in making a alf
  112. BSE Stocks and monitoring in real time using INstant Messaging(gtalk, yahoo, msn)?
  113. Any one can post the afl to the following chart ?
  114. writing code
  115. ASC Trend, NRTR, Labtrend, brain trading ALF code / Please helps
  116. Gravity colour bars-tradestation code-to afl
  117. Trading system optimization
  118. Req: AFL Pathfinder?
  119. InSync Index (collective result of n indicators)
  120. parameters of price chart
  121. Req Make this challeging afl code-TSS
  122. Realtime data in Amibroker
  123. South Breeze AFL
  124. How to adjust Bonus in Amibroker?
  125. need help in creating AFL
  126. Export Intraday Data to Excel
  127. Data upload of NSE FUT in AMIBroker
  128. Dynamic Stop-Loss for Auto Analysis
  129. Can someone post buy and sell signals into this
  130. desperate help need for pop window alert/ other alert
  131. double top/double bottom within last 15 bars scanner afl
  132. Excellent Idea For Very Short Term Trading
  133. Bullish and Bearish Candle Show On Chart
  134. Back ground text
  135. Help needed in setting-up Up to date NSE Database in Amibroker
  136. Does any 1 have this afl???plzz help....
  137. Help needed for composite calculation
  138. can anybody rectify this pop-up window afl
  139. Scan afl
  140. afl to calculate risk, profit and RR Ratio
  141. Problem in amibroker
  142. excellent trading system
  143. simple help to please
  144. Cup&handle and head&shoulder pattern Dettector / please helps
  145. Experts kindly help with this problem
  146. Does anyone know the Adam Projection (Adam Price Reflection) in AFL?
  147. How to backup Amibroker
  148. do you have this afl plz
  150. Available Amibroker Tick Data
  151. Help in gaining Knowledge to use Amibroker TA Software
  152. Does anyone know AFL like this ?
  153. afl for drawing different time frames in one chart
  154. afl for consolidation breakout.
  155. Fib Retracement - BUY_SELL
  156. AFL help needed for Trading set up
  157. Profit or loss
  158. ***Happy Independence Day***
  159. I want to help me
  160. Cup & Handle AFL
  161. What is the difference?
  162. Combine multiple indicators to give a Buy/Sell
  163. hekp in creating special alert
  164. Realtime data from Odin to Amibroker
  165. Chart/Afl help needed
  166. need a bullish AFL
  167. Do you have this Vier 4P Analysis AFL
  168. Load specific date range.
  169. Display BSE shares names
  170. 5 Days consecutive high price/volume
  171. Pls convert to afl
  172. Convert
  173. Convert
  174. The Foundation v14.00
  175. Profficinals in times frame formula i have simple qustion
  176. Ignore yesterday's results - AFL
  177. Unable to import getbhavcopy to Amibroker
  178. help pleaseto get buy and sell signal
  179. Amibroker analysis
  180. Babaloo Chapora
  181. Sultan Foundation v13.01
  182. Rt data feed from omnesys nest trader to amibroker
  183. SPY Accumulator Code help
  184. Problem with basic code
  185. Removing Stocks from Amibroker
  186. Amibroker has become very slow !
  187. Need AFL for netto Trend Reversal index (TRI)
  188. Creating ALERTS in Amibroker
  189. realtime FX data for Amibroker in window 7
  190. need two afl
  191. Help me to convert this afl to mfl
  192. Amibroker custom AFL
  193. PIB RT data feed setup for Amibroker
  194. Namaste ----> Please help
  195. Making a Autotrading Utility
  196. Help with AND function
  197. Decoding t3b system
  198. Help me to get this AFL
  199. Decoding t3b System
  200. Pls add scan conditions for this afl - Relative Performance
  201. Teach me How to use Ami (AFL)
  202. Amibroker Language ebook
  203. new scrips onely
  204. Help Req:Please Modify This AFL so that.....
  205. Help to create amibroker scanner for double top/double bottom showing in charts
  206. scan for specific condition over a defined period i.e. ADX(10)>30 for 60 days ??
  207. Positional Trading System
  208. AFL required
  209. three EMAs in trading system
  210. Coding Help
  211. Suggest trading system with good winning rate
  212. Trading the Volatility Bands
  213. Fast, reliable, costless real time data for Brazil Futures
  214. scrip chart overlay on its sectoral index
  215. plez help, how see line chart in amibroker
  216. Nse sectorwise database
  217. Convert Amibroker ALF to DLL files
  218. Reqd : List of Trading Systems in Amibroker platform
  219. P & F Trend indicator for amibroker
  220. Coding issue help
  221. AFL to explore scrips trading in a narrow range
  222. Intraday Charts Time Frame Problem
  223. Do you have this AFL
  224. Want free live nse intraday chart software
  225. How to trade from the charts
  226. market profile works in eod, but not intraday
  227. Need help AFL
  228. AFL required for an indicator in BSE charting.
  229. AFL for Positive/Negative reversal
  230. 5 Min Candle on 1 Min Chart Window
  231. Vpa afl
  232. Help me to create Amibroker AFL use with my formula
  233. would anybody modifiy Price-Volume Rank?
  234. How to view H4 time frame ?
  235. Monthly pivots...urgent
  236. Need help with Amibroker formula
  237. pivot lines
  238. Help Req:Please Tell Me Why Don't Work This AFL
  239. Help shading between lines
  240. 5EMA, 15High/Low EMA Crossover
  241. amibroker macd, signal difference is more then 6
  242. backtest question
  243. I need this afl .....please help
  244. I need a little help to start my coding
  245. Help regarding stochastic
  246. Multiple Time Frame Help
  247. Help - AFL Code Wizard
  248. Can Any Senior write codes for this?
  249. How to create Yearly View
  250. AFL help needed about dis wonderful AFL