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  1. Counting the number of signals
  2. MCX feed Amibroker
  3. Can anybody tell me what are these chart indicators
  4. Amibroker Intraday analysis hlep
  5. voice signal for buy-sell
  6. Please Add buy & Sell Arrow
  7. security of AFL in amibroker
  8. please help convert mq4 code to afl
  9. any one having a band envelope indicator formula for amibroker
  10. AFL can not call func like c langage
  11. Daily signals on intraday data..
  12. Nifty Vs Forex
  13. AFL Exploration problems
  14. Basic ALF zip
  15. afl coding help pls
  16. Market Volume profile
  17. Augubhai's ORB System
  18. AB DDE plugin?
  19. How manually input a date onto Paramenters as a Buy signal on this date?
  20. Timescales
  21. Export data from ami
  22. Buy/Sell Good System & Trand Filter AFL
  23. Help is fixing my code..
  24. AmiBroker AFL learning guide
  25. please convert this MS code to AFL
  26. Amibroker - help needed please
  27. Request for AFL - Backtesting of a System.
  28. Which one is the correct AFL?
  29. Anyone has this AFL?
  30. can any one solve this errors pls
  31. Backtest condition to renew indicator per day
  32. Plugins
  33. Volume surge amibroker afl
  34. Exploration To Excel
  35. Squeeze Exploration
  36. AFL help needed for candlestick chart
  37. Weekly MA on Daily Chart..!!
  38. Ansatsu Trend Follower System
  39. Good Afl for Buy & Sell Signals without giving false signals for side ways movement?
  40. AMIBROKER - For Beginners VIDEO Training
  41. What is wrong with this condition ?
  42. Need Help - Buy Sell Arrows not coming in this code
  43. BlueBerry 2011
  44. Kase DevStop II Clone for Amibroker!
  45. AFL help
  46. Req afl to this chart pls help
  47. anyone have this afl?? please post here
  48. AFL help - Continous tick price scan.
  49. help need - macro to load file in Amibroker
  50. Hii Afl Needed
  51. Channel Up/Down
  52. Help needed for AFL
  53. Help needed for AFL
  54. Help me!
  55. Double and Triple Top and Bottom identifivation afl
  56. Condition to write for backtesting
  57. Needed Intelligence help for this afl
  58. AFL Genius Help - How to see Live Avg price of a stock in Amibroker
  59. Enter trades based on candle count
  60. The greatest AFL
  61. weekly Upward/Downward Breakout
  62. Pop Up window in Amibroker
  63. Calling another program from AFL
  64. Amibroker help
  65. How to see Avg price in Amibroker chart
  66. Help Needed to run AFL
  67. THis is Good AFL
  69. AFL needed to This chart Can anyone pls make this AFL ?
  70. How to see Avg price in Amibroker Quote editor
  71. optimize in ami broker
  72. Help needed with AFL
  73. Need help..!
  74. Dynamic Range Bars
  75. AmiBroker database nse stocks
  76. Buy Setup in AmiBroker
  77. Pls correct this simple AFL -Need help.
  78. Anybody has this AFL
  79. Can any one Change this AFL to work
  80. Can any one help:RSI-MACD dynamic strategy
  81. How to set semi-log scale settings in Amibroker 5.30
  82. Can anybody share Sanjib's trading system
  83. bullbear metastock to amibroker
  84. Can anyone pls make this AFL -
  85. bull bear signal from metastock to amibroker
  86. AFL required for scanning for Doji /NR-7
  87. Pull back scan
  88. correct the afl
  89. required afl/meta
  90. amibroker/metastock afl reqired
  91. AFL coding help needed for backtesting
  92. conert ts code to amibroker
  93. help needed with multiple timeframes
  94. Step By Step Video for Importing NSE EOD Data.
  95. I need to help for write condition
  96. Demark Indicators for Amibroker
  97. gannPositional In Excel
  98. I need to help for writing Buy & Sell
  99. any one can post this chart's AFL pls
  100. TSR Formula for AMIBROKER
  101. Volume - Afl
  102. Afl code to add and display summation result ? Help needed
  103. steve nison candlestick finder/explorer AFL
  104. need help with this afl
  105. Need help to change the color of this afl
  106. Has anybody bought Sri chakra Afl Indicators?
  107. I need results of last completed bar only in amibroker
  108. Need help for quote tracker
  109. AFL needed - difficult?
  110. Quarterly Graph AFL Reqd.
  111. Need help in this indicator beautiful
  112. Regarding default chart window
  113. little help required
  114. Did anty body have this afl
  115. hi...!
  116. Afl Required For Candle Not Touching 3 day EMA
  117. Afl writing services required
  118. Did any body have this afl
  119. Jimberg AFL
  120. Anyone have the THIS afl??
  121. Anyone have the THIS afl??
  122. Anyone have the THIS afl??
  123. Anyone have the THIS afl??
  124. Please make me understand this AFL
  125. AFL for volume vs price divergence
  126. Can anybody convert this mt4 indicator into AFL
  127. help to write afl
  128. Anyone have the THIS afl??
  129. Amibroker Newbie - assistance AFL to find close in th top 50% of days range
  130. Function for calculating change in after/pre-trading?
  131. How can I get free EOD NSE data for Amibroker
  132. Profit in backtest doesnt get multiplied by lotsize
  133. automatic exploration to best suitable time frame using volatility to trade
  134. path for "formula editor"
  135. Need your help to get a handle zeg-zag
  136. How to incorporate Alert in AFL
  137. Any1 have the bottom afl??
  138. Against all Odds
  139. Did anty body have this wonderfull afl
  140. any one know this chart AFL pls
  141. fx central - trading system
  142. deviation in exploration and back testing
  143. KELI System ?
  144. SMA of 5,9,15,20 and export in excel
  145. Simple but very Effecive (Series of Money Making Stredegy)
  146. How to save the settings after shutdown Amy Brooker?
  147. Need your help
  148. Backtesting
  149. New all in one indicators
  150. Help is nedeed
  151. Modification of code for Breakout strategy
  152. Need this afl
  153. Angle
  154. Share 1-2-3 Trading Signal afl
  155. MultiFrame: Stoch
  156. ApplyStop
  157. Problem with Zoom In/Out
  158. Amibroker software
  159. any one can fix these afl pls ?
  160. Remote assistance to help understand Amibroker- First Time User
  161. How can I do that - AFL - Thanks
  162. Heikin-Ashi charts in excel sheet [ nifty future EOD ]
  163. Code for Relative Strength (comparative)
  164. Need Help Convert TradeStation to Amibroker
  165. Help
  166. Does anyone have this Afl? Plz, Share...
  167. Did anty body have this wonderfull afl
  168. Dear zultan, may you help me please
  169. 2 afl
  170. help needed in AFL for metastock TFC FORMULA
  171. Anyone has this AFL? "Fibonacci Linear Reg for Amibroker (AFL)"
  172. online scaner
  173. Can Anyone share AFL Matrix???
  174. i need winston-system afl pls help me
  175. i need Blazing System for Amibroker (AFL)
  176. i need ekeko-system afl .... help me
  177. Plotting shapes in another window
  178. Who has the index Turndat Member?
  179. Request help
  180. What is the best indicator of Divergence ؟؟؟
  181. AFL Contest - Competition - please give opinion !!
  182. NEED afl for this metastock ATR formula
  183. NEED afl for this metastock TFC formula
  184. New afl
  185. Convert FCharts scans into Amibroker format
  186. Bollinger Band Bandwidth
  187. Did any body have this perrfect afl
  188. New Year Afl
  189. help iwant to have zig zag in this pivot
  190. Need help to verify a strategy!
  191. The HULK Foundation v14.00
  192. AFL COding Help
  193. Trend Following AFL
  194. Auto Export
  195. Anyone has this AFL? Geometry Analysis
  196. Komunitas Modified
  197. how to set up amibroker database
  198. beginner's problem - please help
  199. code for program "Show Date Axis = Yes" by default
  200. Every one has to visit this thread urgently
  201. intraday Buy & Sell signal with trailing Stoploss
  202. Anybody can create afl for dynamic system
  203. Different back test result for use Amiquote or others EOD data
  204. How to view custom chart in Ami ??
  205. Does Anyone Have This Afl or Similar Like This? Plz Share...
  206. Problem with walk-forward optimization
  207. AFL - Error
  208. good intraday tips company
  209. Request to code afl (may be a dump theory)
  210. About Amiquote data
  211. Soon - The SultanFoundation RADAR by Sultanji
  212. AFL Showing Buy/Sell Price
  213. Fundamental Data in AmiBroker for DSE
  214. Clock
  215. Does anyone of Bangladesh use this Afl? Plz, Help
  216. Kindly help to write the AFL code for this
  217. i want this chart's afl ... help me pls
  218. i want this chart's afl ... help me pls NIRMALA_5I
  219. Advanced Heikin Ashi
  220. i need AFL to this chart ... please
  221. Please help me fix the Chikou Span!!!
  222. AFL collections
  223. afl for this trading system
  224. Advanced Trading System
  225. Automated trading
  226. Filtering
  227. How to insert a chart into a chart
  228. AFL coding required, Kindly help Plz!!!
  229. Help- Bottom trade alf
  230. Removing excess signals
  231. Trade options and backtesting
  232. need a simple scan/exploration formula for theses conditions
  233. please help to convert SUPER TREND from MT4 to ami
  234. I need to AFL
  235. Plot only high, low and close in bar chart style code for amibroker
  236. I have a great idea.Can u help me buiding indicator?
  237. nma swing trading by karthik
  238. Dhaka Stock Historical Data for AmiBroker
  239. Study Line Crossover
  240. Can anyone code or share this afl?
  241. Moving Average with Colors?
  242. how to do this?
  243. Need a AFL for portfolio managment?
  244. *how to ignore opening candles while considering signals.
  245. Help to convert this strategy in AFL
  246. please help - amibroker exploration issue
  247. Convert PLdot to ALMA ?
  248. code for sending auto exploration results to excel needed
  249. Help AFL
  250. help me in this chart