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  1. profit-table quesiton
  2. The Grand AFL Collection Thread
  3. Scan for Stocks breaking out of Bollinger Band Squeeze
  4. MT5 data to amibroker
  5. sniper trading system for amibroker
  6. Array and looping questions
  7. automatictrendlinesRSI with buy/sell
  8. Profit/stoploss lines based on date
  9. Amibroker afl
  10. My chart
  11. Conversion of MT4 script to Amibroker AFL
  12. what is the problem with this afl
  13. i want to make afl for my system anybody can help me
  14. Amibroker afl
  15. AFL to write candle high low values to file
  16. Urgent help required on AFL Code
  17. help me please
  18. help needed for amibroker plugin
  19. New intraday trading system
  20. afl code help please
  21. Need afl scanner to find gap up and gap down
  22. Help in Buy/Sell AFL
  23. coversion from amibroker to metastock
  24. Amibroker Backtesting help
  25. help in amibroker auto analysis.
  26. Help: How to close open positions at the end of the day
  27. backtest dtosc
  28. Nees AFl With Close Open Position
  29. Afl for simple moving average
  30. Integrating Amibroker with Free email
  31. Live market news subscription
  32. Help need in Amibroker automatic anylisis vs alert window!
  33. How to change Columns in Scan
  34. Varying return date and prices once condition is met
  35. How to create a box in AFL
  36. How to view 3 charts of 3 different symbols
  37. Data getting deleted after importing IEOD data
  38. Help to AFL
  39. Stock Trend Index
  40. Nifty nakshatra afl
  41. Accessing element in an array?
  42. afl needed stockmaniacs intraday trading system v4.0
  43. AFL Making for Amibroker
  44. from where i can purchase ami broker?
  45. How far in the future is this AFL Looking ?
  46. Need indicator for open low and open high
  47. help for AFL
  48. Gann Strategy AFL - Enjoy
  49. no one wants to make an effort ... wow!!!
  50. Kenzie system or another on Nasdaq 15 minutes????
  51. Amibroker and InteractiveBrokers
  52. Help for a biginner
  53. Help me for this formula pls
  54. Ribbon
  55. Convert to Candle
  56. Afl beginner - Function reference
  57. NSE real time from yahoo to AB
  58. AFL Beginner's Queries
  59. AFL Required urgently
  60. I nned a indicator
  61. Can a afl expert convert this mt4 code into afl
  62. cloud coding help required
  63. Need coding help
  64. Need this afl
  65. Can someone list a set of diversified ETF equivalents for indian markets.
  66. Seniros plz help this afl to run
  67. How to run several separated systems at once?
  68. Any one know which is the best afl for mcx for intraday trades
  69. Need code with following values>> afl writing>>
  70. Plz senior's help me for find this afl
  71. help
  72. Kagi Chart
  73. Analyse Analysts Stock Recommendations
  74. How to add Formulae code in Amibroker ? Help please
  75. convert mt4 to afl
  76. How to install AFL?
  77. Time Frame Compress help
  78. amibroker video tutorials
  79. Why cant a trader make money in stockmarket?
  80. Help on afl..partial booking
  81. Slope of a Line> convert from metstock to afl
  82. [Help] Specify max number of contracts in backtest
  83. My Evolved Intraday Trading Technique with EarnByNifty AFL on Amibroker.
  84. Amibroker Help for live Feeds
  85. How to have multiple simultaneous open position in 'Same' security in amibroker.
  86. Charts not showing up
  87. 94percent success here -but you ready ?
  88. Pl. help to get "ATR"
  89. Need afl for AHR-ADR-AWR
  90. decimals in amibroker - help
  91. AFL writing guide for new user
  92. How to connect Ami 4.8 to work on intraday settings?
  93. *Trading System Backtesting*
  94. AFL pivot points stop loss
  95. Need AFL for Plotting vertical lines on futures expiry dates in price chart
  96. Wap for gan square
  97. Want to make complex ALF's..ready to pay
  98. I need indicators
  99. help please
  100. open = high , open = low , exploration afl
  101. Req NEED afl coding for this MT4 code
  102. I Need Your Help Mr.Hulk...Please
  103. Create a dll file for amibroker's plugin
  104. Can Any One Provide AFL Code of These Snaps Please ???
  105. Could anyone convert this code to AFL?
  106. need afl writer , maker
  107. Quandrant line afl requested
  108. Telechart code to Afl
  109. AFL for PIVOT POINT
  110. New jackpot systems buy sell nifty
  111. I need indicators
  112. Odin Diet to AmiBroker
  113. AFL coding expert(s)- could you please help write this AFL ?
  114. MT4 to Amibroker data fetching plug in problem
  115. Could you please write AFL ...
  116. How to EMA-based to code trix result??
  117. AFL rq for Cumulative Moving Average.
  118. Need Afl for the given smash day conditions..Afl experts or seniors help me?
  119. Help needed for exploration
  120. Heiken ashi linearreg moving average presentation
  121. Need afl to scan yesterdays low and high
  122. Help with Amibroker Coding
  123. Help needed for AFL
  124. back testing suggestions required.
  125. Saving too slow in amibroker
  126. Is it advisable to sell at intraday high and buy at intraday low?
  127. AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) colors
  128. How do you run AFL code in Amibroker?
  129. Seniors Help pl,Buy/Sell Signal after closing of the 2nd candle
  130. R-square AFL Explain
  131. I need indicator to scan new high and new low
  132. Can anyone share this AFL
  133. Can anybody share the exact afl seen in the image?
  134. Tooltip in amibroker 5.4
  135. Help. Stochastic on daily, MA cross on 5 min
  136. afl to find higher top and lower low
  137. Anybody can share this exploration fomula
  138. Intraday Trading with Gann
  139. Add buy n sell signal to this afl
  140. Amibroker configuration for intraday
  141. A simple Buy/Sell signal and backtesting
  142. Amibroker ?? or some other software.
  143. Amibroker help required
  144. New bhs systems buy sell nifty
  145. Help required in modifying this formula for Buy / Sell
  146. afl help needed
  147. help required from all amibroker friends
  148. restore main pane
  149. Payed afl writing
  150. Up leg and downleg volume counting afl
  151. Buy sell Moving average cross over afl for amibroker for trading
  152. Need Guidance on Data
  153. Advanced Gann Trading System for Nifty
  154. Help needed for coding Intraday script for Amibroker
  155. NSE F&O STock List Seperated By Comma
  156. mq4 to afl
  157. PLOTTING Previous day 5ema Value line
  158. Ranking exploration
  159. I need thes afl
  160. please make this afl
  161. Is there any bhavcopy for commodities?
  162. can anybody share this indicator?
  163. Best Intraday Trading AFL
  164. Best Day Trading AFL
  165. 15 minute Rule Trading system afl
  166. back end data feed not completing
  167. Infy versus Infosystch
  168. Anybody have this afl
  169. PatternExplore Sensitivity
  170. backtesting code required.
  171. Intraday NSE Nifty Trading
  172. EOD gap's causing problem with intraday chart
  173. Amibroker: How to create Custom n day interval chart
  174. Afl needed for this strategy
  175. Average Down / Rebalancing
  176. Help is need to CreatePane in afl indicator
  177. My afl collection
  178. Help Needed
  179. Can anybody make this AFL ?
  180. stoch afl
  181. code help plz
  182. Can you help me?
  183. how to mark hrly(or 30min) high lows in 5min TF chart - AFL
  184. Average Price In Chart
  185. how to apply eod strategy in intraday
  186. Need help with afl
  187. pls help me
  188. GMMA-With indicator for Amibroker
  189. Need help with Simple EMA+MACD AFL
  190. Please help me write alf about Stochatic
  191. Help simbol
  192. Can somebody modify this AFL superkake
  193. can anyone share The Sultan Foundation 13.01 -or higer version
  194. Help me to Convert my IDEA to AFL
  195. data in amibroker
  196. ALF required. Help please
  197. AFL Required
  198. please convet this in amibroker afl
  199. 20 Exponential Average Oscillator and Bollinger Band Width
  200. Can any one guide me how to make this afl
  201. How do I do show popup?
  202. can anybody share this afl
  203. Combining two distinct afls
  204. AFL s Old and New all !!
  205. can somebody make this AFL
  206. HULL Moving Average for PDI & MDI
  207. how to plot Vpoc
  208. Experts,please modify this AFL
  209. Anybody has this AFL
  210. fundamental Analysis in Amibroker
  211. how to use stock live DF with amibroker?
  212. Price momemtum oscillator afl
  213. Anybody has this AFL
  214. can anybody share the prime system afl
  215. calculate returns
  216. Esignal with Metastock
  217. Anybody has this AFL
  218. Good Indicator for range bound, overbought and over sold condition
  219. Wolf WAve afl
  220. How to Import data into multiple database at the same time
  221. Powerscan for Amibroker
  222. Afl Not working.. Help Required Plz
  223. Industries and Sector data setup for amibroker
  224. Anybody has this AFL?
  225. amibroker code for alert popup window
  226. afl for mt4 indicator
  227. AmiBroker link to US stock data
  228. Amibroker useful AFL
  229. Rq: Amibroker with live feed on Phone
  230. Free realtime software
  231. Help AFL
  232. Deleted Posts
  233. AFL help needed - exploration
  234. back test
  235. need help for simple command
  236. How to convert 1mt database into 5mt one
  237. Help AFL
  238. How to attach afl to the charts
  239. Amibroker Setup
  240. Buy/sell signals for sh 315 traders
  241. EMA, Cycle-Adaptive
  242. AFL Needed
  243. afl needed .....
  244. Plotting the VOlume at Bid against volume at Ask using Amibroker
  245. Trendscore
  246. Need help with AFL to buy/sell options
  247. Elliott Wave: The Best Of The Theory
  248. Viewing charts on different monitors
  249. Colored candle
  250. Help for afl