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  1. Afl
  2. Backtester not working properly
  3. trend catching for HDIL
  4. Amibrokers Settings
  5. Help regarding basic cross-over
  6. Elliot Wave ---- Need help with AFL
  7. Need help with "dn = DateNum();"
  8. How to control Intraday database size (Solved)
  9. New rwi afl
  10. Double Top & bottom Exploration Afl - Help kevin
  11. trend cathing afl as per specific stock
  12. data needed
  13. Simple Help Needed....
  14. how to change SCAN timespan in Amibroker?
  15. Amibroker problem: Scan/Exploration signals are inconsistent with Chart/Indicator
  16. AFL Code help needed pl.
  17. Amibroker problem.
  18. How do I modify this code to draw a large timeframeset line ?many thanks
  19. Guppy Oscillator AFL
  20. i want a teacher to learn ami broker
  21. Introduction to Amibroker
  22. Need AFL for price range in displayed area.
  23. Help me code this pls
  24. reqd help from kelvinhand
  25. Little help is needed to modify the syntax
  26. How to Get the Indicators on the Candles
  27. Wanted well experienced coder for Amibroker AFL
  28. Can somebody create the afl as show in the image with multiple Indicators
  29. Can Some one please explain this in simple english/Mathematics
  30. Wanted well experienced coder for Amibroker AFL
  31. Help needed
  32. Automated Trading-(100%) thru Amibroker
  33. AFL request for supdem ultimafx code
  34. afl required for supply demand levels as in mt4
  35. Breakoutbox3 code needed in afl
  36. Can any body correct this AFL CODE? THIS IS GOOD AFL
  37. Bull n bear AFL
  38. Bull n bear AFL
  39. Bar Style Candlesticks
  40. Zig function afl
  42. Amibroker Help
  43. Simple CCI Modified Code
  44. Want bar reply 5 min in amibroker
  45. Can we get Tick Query feature in Amibroker???
  46. Top n bottom finder AFL
  47. How to set 15 mts time period candlestick charts
  48. please make this afl
  49. NSE Historical Data
  50. Please, can any body tell how this afl code get into working condition in amibrokar
  51. Etrailing stop-afl code needed
  52. Need Help in the Code
  53. how to set chart timeframe ?
  54. Afl help needed
  55. Near Day high n Day low Afl Exploration
  56. trend channel MT4-can anybody code afl for this please
  57. Amibroker AFL
  58. Nifty trading system -can any expert comment please
  59. Help with this AFL
  60. AFL to identify whether stochastic stayed more than 5 bars
  61. Triangular Moving Average (TMA) Bands
  62. Triangular Moving Average (TMA) Bands
  63. hi forum friends pl.help me
  64. Incorrect value of Interval(2) for Range Bars
  65. AFL expert plz help me
  66. Help in Joining 2 AFLs
  67. suggest best time frame and parameters for nma sing trading
  68. Need help with this AFL
  69. How to create mansfield charts?
  70. How to Calculate Advance Decline Line in Amibroker
  71. any good AFL writers???
  72. Time filter in AFL backtesting
  73. Renko Help - Kelvinhand !!
  74. kindly help in improving the AFL
  75. Auo Export to GIF Images by an AFL--- Correction to codes requested
  76. Daily Levels afl
  77. Modified NR4/NR7/ID indicator
  78. afl experts -stocks rising multiple times by 10%
  79. Need help from Seniors urgently!!!Pl
  80. AFL writing help
  81. Amibroker Newbie
  82. Trend Catching System
  83. seniors pls help need afl
  84. i want afl which gives more accurate signals please some one help me...
  85. want best afl with more accurate signals..pls help
  86. oliver afl
  87. Optimization
  88. Need this AFL..pls Help me..
  89. need afl urgently seniors pls help
  90. ami chart to "NOW" auto trade like gdfl plugin
  91. Need Help..
  92. Amibroker coding
  93. Stock trend Amibroker Afl
  94. need help for MT4 to AFL
  95. backtest help required
  96. Macd-rsi crossover exploration
  97. Amibroker - stochastics
  98. BT codes
  99. AFL for read the Bolinger Lower and Higher band values
  100. About n bar breakout
  101. amibroker afl needed for intraday trade
  102. How to avoid multiple buy/sell signals for the same scrip?
  103. Need Simple WMA Afl!!
  104. Seniors Help Pl
  105. Plugin/ API for Automated Trading.....
  106. Syntax Required to sort the exploration result as per latest time..
  107. Amibroker 5.5 using 90% CPU Resources
  108. Need this AFL..pls Help me..
  109. Adx afl
  110. How to backtest a strategy on 30 Mins charts??
  111. Need help to add exploration to Best AFL
  112. need (RSI,Stoch,MACD) combo indicator
  113. First AFL - Intraday Scanner
  114. Need AFL for this MT4 Type Zig Zag Indicator
  115. Do u have this AFL ??
  116. Can anyone Provide me this AFL
  117. Setting up help and Data
  118. AFL for Exploring Trading Days in Year
  119. Stock pick / screener exploration
  120. Filter list stocks highest rising and highest decline in time period / Please helps
  121. Problem with Ami Bar Charts
  122. Can any one add Exploration to this
  123. Please helps me to edit Heat_Map Formula
  124. Positive and Negative Reversals in RSI
  125. why so........
  126. Amazing Formula
  127. How to Search/Scan Penny Stocks (OR Stocks Upto Certain Limit) in Amibroker
  128. Help formula PVT(Price and Volume Trend)
  129. AmiBroker AFL function
  130. Downloaded amibroker, need help getting started
  131. How to add time in Price Chart ?
  132. Help in writing AFL with target and Stoploss
  133. Need AFl with Following Condition
  134. real time
  135. How do I write this code with the jurik tools
  136. ParamStyle function
  137. Condition is active compared with MACD histogram
  138. plot circle
  139. Need Trend Continuation Factor
  140. Amibroker database
  141. Please Explain the code below
  142. Please help in NR7 coding ?
  143. problem with trend line and circle
  144. Need Afl code foir exploration for 10% rising stocks
  145. point & figure afl file required
  146. Smooth Moving Average AFL Needed
  147. Need triangular movigaverage afl
  148. Multiple Moving Averages
  149. How to Put filter of 0.1% or 5 points in Buy Condition
  150. again another system
  151. Yahoo Charts - MACD & stochastic -- Need help
  152. pl. correct these BT settings.....
  153. Real Time data feed for NIfty futures required
  154. Assistance Required for coding Pairs Trading AFL
  155. Optimize
  156. Help in amibroker
  157. Help to put %hi/low beside the tradeline
  158. anyone using bahubali software
  159. Help Plot Arrows
  160. amibroker setup
  161. scanning 1st hour Gapups
  162. AlertIf function
  163. Half TimeFrame on Amibroker
  164. Sell after buying 4 days
  165. All-in-OneTradePr ----- AFL
  166. Amibroker blank bars
  167. Audio alert system for price fluctuation
  168. Real Time Scan in Automatic Analysis in Amibroker
  169. Near days high low ok, but expert view needed for modification
  170. Count signal?
  171. HQuotes.com Equity Curve Random Generator
  172. Hey Anybody Using Stockxray Advisory Software
  173. AFL for channels
  174. Realtimedata : Any idea and Contact Number or website address of REALTIMEDATAEXPRESS
  175. Interpret and Convert
  176. Backtesting the formula in different time frames.
  177. Alert Out put In Amibroker AFL (excellent MACD)
  178. HELP with channels
  179. afl for scanning inside day , nr7 ,nr4 and hook patterns.
  180. Intraday lost data
  181. tick data import to Excel
  182. BT settings and code required
  183. Amibroker real-time data feed from MT4
  184. Heat map indicator
  185. Ami Help
  186. Do you have afl ?
  187. Help in Backtesting
  188. Ami technicality Question
  189. Updated Watchlist Amibroker
  190. Please Help - AmiBroker Signal Invert.
  191. Amibroker 5.50 using Thinkorswim intraday data
  192. DT Oscillator
  193. Assistant industry index
  194. Could you please write this simple AFL for...
  195. OverBought - OverSold explorer indicator "newbie" question
  196. How to know the best timeframe for any particular system?
  197. Moving Intraday data from one database to another database
  198. Error in Formula
  199. Pl. Help me for afl
  200. user configurable candlesticks
  201. Pls help for code
  202. anybody correct this afl ?
  203. What is the afl of this stop loss?
  204. Anybody know this gct code ?
  205. Percentage change from Given Period
  206. can somebody give the code for the bands and semafor indicator of metatrader ??
  207. Magic Cross
  208. Kenzie - sr : Discussion
  209. Do u have this....
  210. Macd "One Bar Ago"
  211. Please write an AFL for EOD Stop and Reverse value to be used for the next day
  212. Signal @ _:59 minutes
  213. Is it possible to have data from Amibroker to Excel???
  214. how i get live data for metatrader 4
  215. Automated trading
  216. setting for buy sell arrow
  217. Help in Creating MACD AFL with EMA Smoothing for AmiBroker
  218. Matrix Series AFL
  219. backtest report is to trade on this worth
  220. Help Needed for an AFL...
  221. EMA Trend
  222. need help following Janeczkoimplementing multiple time frame analysis in AmiBroker
  223. ????trading system????
  224. Nishant trading system
  225. Historical One Year IEOD Data (Symbol) For NIFTY-1, BANKNIF0TY-1 (Future)
  226. Want create a stock exploration tool in Amibroker
  227. Is it possible to mark trades manually in Amibroker and have it calculate the result?
  228. Help regarging optimization
  229. help required for amibroker
  230. Error: Formula file not found or empty - no chart to display
  231. Realtime data from Data Feeder
  232. need help
  233. 50 50 System
  234. Mr.ShaileshbPatel'S SYSTEM.
  235. Help Required In AMI Exploration
  236. nifty positional calls
  237. Can we get realtime data through tt5 in amibroker
  238. Looking for a coder who can code afl from mt4
  239. pl. fix exploration code
  240. How to correct errors in the Indicators(AFLS)
  241. Last traded date
  242. amibroker help required - signal coming twice
  243. No need technical knowledge... Just follow the signal.....
  244. AFL freelancers Required
  245. Intraday Trend Indicator
  246. afl- help
  247. MACD with ploted divergence lines
  248. saving real time data(ask/bid/tradesize) to amibroker database?
  249. Help Amibroker scan
  250. need afl for wide range bars (wrb)