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  1. Why is brokerage charges different for each company?
  2. How does delivery trade get settled off after T+2 days?
  3. Trailing stop loss
  4. Can we sell shares in delivery which are brought in margin?
  5. Nifty Future Strategy with 13000 Margin
  6. Hello Everyone
  7. Earn
  8. SL-Market Vs SL - Limit Order
  9. Beginner NRI - Advice for Investing
  10. NRI Person trading tin FnO
  11. Why does Gold ETF offered by different companies varies in cost?
  12. What if there are no buyers for Gold?
  13. Is it legal to Trade from two accounts Simultaneously
  14. stop loss order..theory vs practical..very confusing
  15. Lets Talk Options Trading
  16. Is trading always a zero sum game
  17. how to become certified share market trainer
  18. Bollinger band strategy
  19. A powerful simple system
  20. ICICI direct has very bad service
  21. Help Needed/ Protofolio management Excel
  22. Help me to choose a good broker for a novice scalp trader
  23. New to trading - few queries
  24. Fatca
  25. DEMAT account showing empty even though I purchased scrips !
  26. Is any broker provide Metatrader 4 or 5 for MCX in India???
  27. Queries on SL-M order
  28. Laid back type of trading
  29. Wake up!
  30. How to select an online broker for me?
  31. How to liquidate
  32. Volume, Change in OI
  33. A Novice Question Trading
  34. Self trading or broker??
  35. Day trading for those with a day job
  36. How to check mutual fund authentic websites to invest online
  37. New to indian markets, need help.
  38. Help me out how to read charts
  39. 100% intraday tips
  40. How to trade Forex Simplified For New beginners
  41. Help needed for starting option trading
  43. Need help on Trading Account Service Provider (POOR ANGEL BROKING SERVICE)
  44. how to create Market Profile chart TPO
  45. Complete CandlestickchartTechnical Analysis Videos
  46. The main investing principles
  47. Help to calculate Brokerage & other charges
  48. BUY vs SELL
  49. save money
  50. where to learn??
  51. best website for trading??
  52. brokerage firms??
  53. Brokerage charged on orders not executed?
  54. Investing in stock market!
  55. Is forex trading legal in india?
  56. Markets
  57. Question about paper trading and trading simulation games for intraday
  58. Best Demat Account
  59. Query about Margin based trading
  60. How intraday is possible when market quotes are delayed?
  61. I am just a beginner in trading ,should I take Axis bank 5555 plan ?
  62. Brokerage account for people with no formal employment possible?
  63. Dividend Trading.
  64. T+2 Stop Losses
  65. ALL stocks for Day Trading?
  66. A New Question about Trailing Stop loss
  67. Starts with Biginning
  68. how i'd be taxed ??
  69. ICICI DIRECT TRADING - beginer
  70. Investing in MF or investing in direct equity
  71. As a beginner what should I do to start intra day trading or swing trading ?
  72. Question on LTP and Volume being shown as 0 in the 'market watch' widget of SBI SMART
  73. Company Categorization by the Exchanges
  74. Question on Pay in/Pay out amount
  75. question on investment and price movement theory
  76. Volumes on the daily bars
  77. Should i worry about the markets being rigged ?
  78. How to convert price movement into points
  79. Margins
  80. Starting to learn with paper trade
  81. Which Trading is better.
  82. What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??
  83. How to withdrwa fund to my saving account
  84. BSE and NSE Stock Grouping
  85. What is the source to find out Results calender of NSE Stock Symbols
  86. Is Zerodha right for me and others like me?
  87. Concerns on brokerage charges
  88. help me
  89. I am new and confused
  90. Technical Advice
  91. How to choose a broker that won't leave you broke?
  92. Useful webportals
  93. Nifty 25 points move in the afternoon session
  94. i m harry from india
  95. Concept of Stoploss and Placing profit order in Marginplus trading at ICICIDIRECT
  96. Doubt regarding mutual funds?
  97. Trading strategy
  98. Frequency of nse,bse stock price updates
  99. ..........will we get back all our money invested/principal amount invested in them ?
  100. How to hide or lock the afl....
  101. Buying mutual fund from their origional AMCs- need help
  102. how mutual fund generates income -needs help
  103. NRI person as Nominee on resident's brkge acct?
  104. What is GFD in Trading?
  105. Not a clue!need HELP!!!
  106. NSE NCFM modules not available for download
  107. what website to follow for instant updates after the market has been started ??
  108. Please suggest some exit strategies using TA
  109. Stock made a new high an din uptrend, but MACD is low
  110. basics about investing in share markets and mutual funds
  111. Stop Loss And Target
  112. Is it ok to buy a very low volume stock with high price
  113. Stop loss
  114. please explain the diffrence between margin and leverage
  115. Covered call
  116. Charts not available in old threads/posts
  117. Doubt regarding brokerage?
  118. Top books on Stock Market
  119. Payment
  120. From Where to Start ?
  121. How to do NEFT fund transfer to zerodha trading ccount
  122. Fund transfer in Zerodha
  123. What is the cost in converting an intra-day order to delivery
  124. Short Term/Part time Job for TA
  125. Option Premium
  126. Help Learning TA for noobs
  127. Is short selling available for equities
  128. Confused about Profit/loss in option
  129. "Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) Level I
  130. scanner
  131. candlestick plugin
  132. I have a question to the moderator
  133. Shorts Building up and Put-Call data
  134. Stocks list for e-margin trading
  135. Will stock remain in kitty when SELL limit order fails to go through
  136. which trading portal/website to monitor intraday data
  137. Basic questions on demat acc & no. of shares
  138. Money Plus
  139. terminology: to carry forward a long position?
  140. Some basic questions
  141. My First Trade
  142. Commodity trading basics
  143. Can learning technical analysis help you earn money?
  144. What is the best way of earning from stock market for Investors
  145. [NEWB] Question regarding Stop Loss
  146. [NEWBIE] Can I short on Long Periods?
  147. A Rookie Question
  148. Amibroker Formula Language
  149. Paperwork Logistics of Accounts and Forms
  150. Stocks Vs Mutual Funds ??
  151. Intraday Stock Alert.
  152. Trade Basics in USDINR Currency Futures/Options
  153. Very Beginer level Questions
  154. Which section of a financial market a beginner should start trading?
  155. Demat needed for Intraday F&O and Eq?
  156. Trade tiger
  157. virtualstocks.icicidirect.com
  158. Real time data feeder
  159. Guidance Required on Technical Analysis software
  160. limit order in ICICI
  161. How can I pay loss in Margin Trading
  162. intraday charge: one side or both side?
  163. Is there any benefit in having Demat account and Bank account both with SBI?
  164. indiabulls for beginners
  165. Difference between all these accounts!
  166. Where can i download Order book data
  167. Info on NCDs
  168. Need to create Excel
  169. Solve my predicament
  170. Help me set up my trades
  171. Amibroker open close 1st bar
  172. Options trading in BSE using NEST?
  173. Use of cancelled cheque
  174. New need guidence
  175. Investment Advise
  176. Trading Futures - Books & Videos
  177. What is grey market trading?
  178. Lowest cost demat account
  179. Is it safe to give Power of Attorney to your broker to operate demat a/c?
  180. A little orderly guidance please
  181. guidance to a new one
  182. Looking for an efficient Virtual Investment Platform
  183. Binary options?
  184. Stocks vs Commodity vs Forex
  185. A beginner to backtesting, past intraday data and real-time charts for intraday
  186. Fund transfer
  187. How much marginal standing facility given by sharekhan ??
  188. Want to do trading but have no time
  189. Joint Trading Account with a Foreigner
  190. Intraday newbie questions
  191. question regarding indicators.
  192. How to set the Number of shares in Amibroker
  193. What is the meaning of this ? BUY XYZ June 230 Call at 1.4 ??
  194. plz suggest good brokers!!!
  195. Need advice on opening new trading and demat account.
  196. Suggest good stock for playing covered call
  197. Are these rates good?
  198. When are 2014 annual cash flows and balance sheets released?
  199. Guidance needed
  200. A few basic questions from a newbie.
  201. Intraday : Cnx nifty future qty workout
  202. Please help
  203. TradeLikeAPro
  204. weird query
  205. about news
  206. Small help to exit position
  207. Please Help!!!
  208. About tips for make trust relationship in trade commodity
  209. How to apply Bollinger Bands for your trading
  210. How to trade Head and Shoulders Chart Pattern ?
  211. Three continuation patterns you have to know about
  212. Intraday guideline
  213. previews day chart
  214. trend find out
  215. ichimaku kinko hyo indicator
  216. support and pivot point
  217. crude oil
  218. parabolic sar
  219. Compare stocks on excel
  220. how to trade in ncdex ?
  221. Is it wise to take "Cover Continuance Option" or "Surrender" the policy ?
  222. Learn Forex
  223. Is virtual trading good for learning ?
  224. How to do MARKET REPLAY in NINJA trader using NSE DATA
  225. High OI Stock
  226. Share Market jargons - Confused
  227. Stop Loss order valid for multiple days; during off-hours
  228. Trading
  229. return in bonds
  230. how can i start with 40000 rs?
  231. Icici Direct Sell
  232. Problem in Demat Account
  233. Hope for the best
  234. Help with basic of market
  235. How to Trade Forex Online?
  236. is anyone really earn decent money ?
  237. help needed
  238. Couple of Newbie Questions
  239. Option Price Question
  240. reputation of trustline securities and its brokage
  241. Simple explanation of technical analysis
  242. Regarding bank statement while opening new account. Plz help
  243. Understanding Indian Stock Market
  244. I am a beginner please teach me technical analysis
  245. Any1 full time trader
  246. Indiabulls real estate-help required
  247. tata power-help required
  248. intraday and delivery.
  249. Regarding short-selling and lower circuit.
  250. gold ETF