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  1. stop loss order placement in reliance money
  2. Hey does anybody know if any broker gives candlesticks ?
  3. Transfer of shares
  4. moving stop loss-ICICIdirect
  5. any winner in this stock market
  6. ICICI DIRECT question....
  7. Sudden heavy increase/decrease in Stock Prices Need assistance
  8. hi
  9. So from where should I start ?
  10. any winner in this day trading market
  11. Stop loss selection
  12. A trade on an intra-month period. Which is better? Cash segment or Futures?
  13. Trading through Data Cards
  14. Right From Scratch To Day Trading
  15. Short Term Capital Gain Tax
  16. Promotor group buying in open market
  17. Real Time Values
  18. How to see the price of the share which i bought in share khan
  19. Becoming a pro trader
  20. Help
  21. How to identify short covering?
  22. New outlook is GOOD ,but ....
  23. Hey, Which magazine or newspaper?????????
  24. target trigger???
  25. short-icicidirect
  26. buying same share form NSE and BSE
  27. First steps in the world of stock market!!!
  28. Stop loss price and trigger price?
  29. hdfcsec help ..can we buy and sell dollars here
  30. Nifty Futures Trading calls service
  31. Reg: NRE Trading
  32. New to trading
  33. Few basic questions regarding the trading
  34. 10000 to 270000 in 3 months ???
  35. Resistance and support charts
  36. NSDL V/s CDSL
  37. please have a look at my folio and suggest
  38. Fibonnacci series
  39. Introduction
  40. what is pledging of shares
  41. what is ...........
  42. Clarification on ROC, RSI & MACD - A Humble reqst. to Saint Sir
  43. Margin Plus (Beginner)
  44. Which will work better,rsi(14) or rsi(9)?
  45. BTST using HDFC Securities?
  46. dates of 52 week high and 52 week low
  47. how will I know what are margins fixed on a day to day basis
  48. Charges in ICICIDirect
  49. Limit statement in Sharekhan
  50. help
  51. A word of thanks to seniors
  52. ICICIdirect: stop loss in delivery based buying
  53. Auction
  54. New day trader
  55. what are the various charges
  56. Volume Spread Analysis Resources
  57. When I am buying a share during intra-day trading
  58. One more basic Question... Charge on expired orders
  59. short selling
  60. Demat and Trading account in my business name
  61. technical Analysis
  62. What if I do not square Short sale ?
  63. very basic question on trading process
  64. Religare RACE info
  65. buy@nse sell@bse
  66. Where should one trade?
  67. Marginal Tradings
  68. what are A stock,b,z etc
  69. Need help on contract rollover
  70. intra day trading
  71. beginners questions
  72. some common terms,what do they mean
  73. I can invest in HDFC SIP ? Please help me----URGENTLY
  74. commodities?
  75. How much can i earn?
  76. OPtions for NRI PIS
  77. Short Delivery Question...
  78. Wonderful site
  79. Angel - Diet, Anywhere, Investor
  80. A basic question about stock prices... Please take a minute to reply
  81. student for share market
  82. where to get historical charts showing 1-60 min flow on day to day basis
  83. How to buy share using reliance during market offtime
  84. A Newbie in Equities!
  85. Stop loss order in reliance money
  86. a beginner's question
  87. Which is Profitable Trade Pattern???
  88. The Most Basic Question
  89. Broker and subbroker
  90. HairCut? POA? Free Stock??
  91. Beginner Question
  92. need help....
  93. To TRADERJI.....
  94. My reply to a post is lost !!!!!
  95. trading from india on NYSE/Nasdaq
  96. Nasdaq Trader looking to trade on BSE
  97. How To... Plz Advice I need Help.
  98. How to do short selling with sharekhan
  99. brokerage at angel
  100. please explain...
  101. HI : Need Some Help Here
  102. Angel Broking
  103. Beginners --all technical terms u need to understand
  104. Help in Transfer Form
  105. Regarding trading account in Religare
  106. How to fish by saint
  107. Need Help.......
  108. Investor seeks help
  109. advice please
  110. Can Nifty Go to Three Digits????
  111. Which stocks to buy in this falling market ??
  112. What about Suzlon energy
  113. Which is the best trading account, demat account to open right now?
  114. Share Trading Book
  115. is icicidirect stock data real-time?
  116. Hello
  117. When to enter, when to exit-HELP WANTED
  118. Sesa goa
  119. Auction
  120. current account for professional trader ?
  121. Absolute Beginner Guide.
  122. A real life Analysis and Guide on NIFTY trading.
  123. 1st timer
  124. Trading rules for Non resident of India (NRI)
  125. Please advise me- i want to short dlf and icici bank in the futures and options mkt
  126. Newbie: Long term investment tips!
  127. index value changes
  128. tech.analysis software
  129. Hi all
  130. Nifty
  131. Stocks which can be sold next day
  132. anybody pls clarify my doubt regarding sl order
  133. yet another noob post :)
  134. Latest brokerage charges
  135. Proper trading site
  136. Basic guidance for beginners
  137. Getting your feet wet -- starting to trade
  138. Shorting Stock
  139. The FAQs Thread
  140. want to learn how to use metastock in option trading
  141. Where Can I get Candlestick Charts
  142. Getting Started in Trading - Help Me
  143. Before the trade begins
  144. Student Trader ...please help
  145. Please advice me / help me to get started on how to invest in stocks
  146. is this the right time to enter market
  147. Demat Account
  148. Queries in intraday trading
  149. Investment Knowledge
  150. Trade Learner
  151. List of Trading System / Methods
  152. where is NTPC heading??
  153. Every Time U Do The Same Mistake
  154. Metastock Software
  155. What is Nifty Spot?
  156. How is Short selling Carried out ?
  157. Factors Needed For Choosing Swing Trading Stocks??
  158. Can You Answer This Question?
  159. Beginners Very First Step!!!!
  160. Trading Confusions
  161. What Is Swing Trading
  162. Hello
  163. Some Queries
  164. I want to learn chart
  165. Sharekhan-Online trading.
  166. New To Share
  167. Stocks 2 watch
  168. Some Basics For Beginners!
  169. What do the following terms mean?
  170. Help me to learn to trade stocks!!!
  171. How to start my education in Quantitative Analysis?
  172. Is it right time to invest??
  173. How to be patient
  174. Is fundamental analysis good or is technical good...........
  175. About different Groups..
  176. Confused
  177. what is
  178. Becoming a Trader?
  179. Need ur suggesions for investment
  180. How To Know The Lot Size Of A Stock?
  181. which-trading A/c.
  182. Plz help this beginner
  183. Easy Explanation of Using Stop Loss
  184. What do various terms mean? (FnO, swing trade etc)
  185. My entry in the Market was on 21st Jan (more than 2000 points down)
  186. do i have a future in stockmarkets
  187. Why Keep Stoploss: Investors or Traders
  188. Application form for Quantam Gold Fund
  189. Economc Terms, that we need to know
  190. Are you an investor, trader or gambler?
  191. what exchange to trade in ?
  192. Beginners query
  193. Buy Qty and Sell Qty.
  194. Lost 17 Lakhs on 21st and 22nd Jan 2008!!!
  195. Perfect time to trade
  196. Creditcard and Online Trading
  197. Do i need professional investment help
  198. square off or take delivery ?
  199. Trading with hdfc
  200. which Banks can link to indiabulls
  201. where do i start ?
  202. help me
  203. What is ATST?
  204. Good Till Cancelled Orders?
  205. How to Trade
  206. Intraday trading
  207. Beginners Step by Step trading lessons with video
  208. Help me make my portfolio
  209. NRI Vs Resident Indian Demat Accounts.
  210. Bless me to become a day trader!
  211. No. of stocks per trader
  212. Which analysis should I do?
  213. new investment
  214. How to search Traderji Forum
  215. Newbie question: What are "S" group" stocks?
  216. Help me in selecting trading software
  217. Share Price Fluctuation in one day
  218. newbie : how to buy and sell share icicidirect
  219. Differentiating Smallcap, midcap and so on...
  220. web site for share prices
  221. Which one do YOU use?
  222. Can some one have Terminology explained?
  223. Why not everyone invest money in IPO instead of shares?
  224. ODIN Client detailss
  225. Simplification of Laws.
  226. Feedback abt. online brokerages religare, 5paisa, hdfc, etc?
  227. what is the difference beween trading in NSE and BSE?
  228. stock picing
  229. Opening Demat Account
  230. INvestment help
  231. Reliance money -delivery showing as ATST - please clarify
  232. Derivatives please clarify..
  233. derivatives help?
  234. Any query/confusion? Visit this thread and get answers
  235. How stock prices decided???
  236. I Want To Know How Day Trading Is Done??
  237. Learn to trade without indicators first
  238. Help on Rights Issue of Tata Steel
  239. Opening Moves Confusion :confused:
  240. hi can u tell short term equities
  241. teach me
  242. Financial planning
  243. want to invest 50000 for 3 months
  244. Sundaram BNP Paribas Select Thematic Funds Energy Opportunities
  245. Demat Service
  246. BSE Indices
  247. need your help "Indian Capital Markets"
  248. Buy Today Sell Tomorrow(btst)
  249. Very New .What is day Trading?Do u need heavy amount of funds?
  250. Historical daychart