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  1. Basics of Futures and Options
  2. Suggestions for improvement of business
  3. IIFL charges
  4. beginner
  5. please help all ma gurus
  6. Sharekhan - Not able to trade in BSE
  7. How to find Intraday eligibilty?
  8. please clear my doubt
  9. All Guru's Please help
  10. Long term planning
  11. News that affect stock prices
  12. Buy and sell quantity data
  13. How to check ledger balance in ODIN Diet
  14. Regarding EOD Data
  15. In which bank should I open mydemat account ?
  16. What is debt?
  17. Which is the safer trading strategy
  18. nice to meet you
  19. meta stock help!!
  20. Begginers clarification
  21. Chat Room
  22. any books for beginners in commodities
  23. what is a buy back?
  24. DPC charges
  25. F n O Profit calculation.pls help
  26. Value Pro recommendations
  27. Help a beginner understand jargon.
  28. help in opening DMAT followed by complete guide???
  29. Coal india for beginners/newbies
  30. How to do Cash Flow analysis
  31. Help me understanding this pl...
  32. If New to Trading, A Must read for you.
  33. Investing from abroad
  34. Explain an announcement made by wipro recently...
  35. What is stop loss order?
  36. 31 trading precepts I have learned over the years
  37. Transferring Physical Shares
  38. Why do shares prices' rise and fall?
  39. How to minimize stt?
  40. how to install angel diet on win7 ?
  41. Kindly advise which Put Option should I buy
  42. Stop paying lot to learn about trading.....
  43. Buying within a range
  44. Ex-Date and Record Date
  45. Group A, B, S.... in BSE. wat it means ?
  46. totally confused in slt and limit prise
  47. Stocks
  48. how did interregional trading systems encourage interaction?
  49. Info needed about dividend declaration and its aftermath
  50. How to open Demant account?
  51. Problem in reading
  52. babye step
  53. Facing auction
  54. Newbie question : cash or margin, how to choose between them
  55. Need Simulation tools info please...
  56. how is religare demat account
  57. Consensus Earning Estimate
  58. At what price share will be bought or sold?
  59. direct accress trading problems
  60. Non Convertible debentures in ICICIDirect
  61. Short selling in ICICI direct... plz advice
  62. Online Trading account in ICICI?
  63. Stoploss Market Order and Stoploss Limit order - How to use ?
  64. selling pressure
  65. BSE vs NSE
  66. Company moved to trade-to-trade
  67. Stop loss vs Limit order
  68. Target, stop loss
  69. How do I create a poll?
  70. bank nifty
  71. NRI bank account
  72. Hi
  73. JSW Steel & Tata hold or sell @ current level
  74. JSW Steel & Tata hold or sell @ current level
  75. sip scheme
  76. Looking for a good book on commodity trading?
  77. What is Best Buy and Best Sell?
  78. Questions before taking the "Plunge"
  79. sell stocks in open offer
  80. New to options
  81. Someone through light plzz!!
  82. Request info on personal experience with Indiabulls
  83. Salary AddVantage by Reliance
  84. Bse to nse and vice versa ???
  85. How are market orders executed ?
  86. How to sell stock in HDFCSec
  87. Re issue of share certificate
  88. I'm the best !
  89. Hello! everyone i wanna buy a trading laptop, plzzz...help:)
  90. Demat Account
  91. Email Id/Web-Link As User Name
  92. Cash Market
  93. Want to check daily open and close price
  94. Delisting decoded
  95. Buy at NSE and sell at BSE
  96. Trader's Diagnosis
  97. What does Best 5 bids and offers indicate
  98. Sterlite Bonus and Split
  99. best stock tips service
  100. I have a few simple questions?
  101. Need help
  102. Bought my first set of shares
  103. Needs to know the Jargon
  104. How does the Auction process Work - Does the seller always looses ??
  105. Transfer of shares..
  106. How to make Day tradin work when broker (Kotak) charges Rs. 500 on profit of Rs. 800?
  107. Help in learning technical analysis
  108. Best Book for Mutual Funds
  109. Help with day-trading
  110. Need your guidence
  111. Learning charts ... experts pls help
  112. help!!!!help!!!!help!!!!!
  113. Hot stocks/buying LIC housing
  114. Is this brokerage ok?
  115. what is CDSL DP bill charges?
  116. which one is good??
  117. Newbie Looking for advice! please help
  118. Namasthe All Traderji members
  119. blue chip
  120. Web Based Trading through Mobile Browser (Opera Mini)
  121. Please suggest best demat accout for me.
  122. What are 'F' group shares ?
  123. Doubts on pivot trading
  124. Open offer process
  125. Demat Account
  126. Shall I Continue this?
  127. I'm new ,could u explain this?
  128. Question on broker and brokarage
  129. stocks list...
  130. Stock Market trading Course??
  131. Closing Session of Market !
  132. NSE Trade for Trade stock list
  133. Limit trading
  134. Aution Help
  135. very atractive stock for earning profit
  136. how to place an order ??
  137. 3 in 1 Account with Standard Chartered
  138. In sharekhan How do I know the stocks purchased date and price
  139. Delivery based trading
  140. Attachments?
  141. ICICI direct account
  142. Big Sub-Brokers in Delhi?
  143. I need help to improve my system
  144. TA course in Mumbai
  146. What is f&0?
  147. Demat account
  148. odin
  149. nsdl
  150. Debentures and Bonds
  151. Need help from trading experts
  152. $$my success story and my live tread[nifty&option]$$
  153. Stock Broker Recommendation for NRI?
  154. Need help growing 2 Crores
  155. Persistent IPO through ICICIDirect?
  156. Most volatile Stocks for Intraday Future Trading
  157. can any tell hw is d sevice and brokerage MF Global
  158. Come into the Trader's Den
  159. NCFM benefits???
  160. Place orders after market is closed
  161. Beginners, Newcomer -Ask me your queries
  162. Help Needed
  163. Help needed...!!!
  164. Plz suggest TA course in North Delhi
  165. forex step by step
  166. What does vaanda/vanda mean?
  167. How to do silver trade.......?
  168. By wednesday i have my online account ready for trading, meanwhile i have few doubts
  169. Trading Account for NRI
  170. need help
  171. NSE website Link for Nifty 50 stocks 1 m delay
  172. Query About IPO,FPO and other PO
  173. where are these stock books available in bangalore
  174. Good Brokarage firm to learn tarding
  175. Sharekhan or Indiabulls for day trading please guide its urgent
  176. index trading
  177. Need help......
  178. I know Bluechips will give returns.. but what about the smaller giants
  179. hello
  180. which broker to choose
  181. I want to do Day trading . Guide me
  182. joining a stock brokerage company as a dealer benefits ?
  183. Selecting an account as a beginner
  184. Trading Books
  185. finished 2 certifications, looking for job , guide me
  186. Intraday brokerage of 0.10% on both buying & selling or just once?
  187. What is the F&O
  188. icicidirect.com
  189. share buying for absolute beginner
  190. Best Brokerage
  191. new in online trading
  192. Please guide
  193. newly trading in HDFC
  194. Why NSE,BSE values are almost same for a share
  195. How do I set buy price one tick above previous high?
  196. Everybody Offers Free Trading A/c, how abt Free Trading training & A/c opening help?
  197. graphs? pivot tables?? SL's?? help please!!
  198. Filings of a company and where to find them?
  199. REad
  200. Amibroker help needed "How to categories the stocks in sectors"
  201. income tax filing
  202. Tax details
  203. Foreigner
  204. Help
  205. Beginner here, need a push in the right direction
  206. how to see charts....
  207. Realtime chart of morethan 10 stocks at a time?
  208. Beginners Guide
  209. BSE/NSE Live feed
  210. Doubt in Day Trading. Please clarify
  211. Charges other than Brokerage for Stock Exchange Transactions
  212. Brokerage Calculation Help!
  213. Need technical scanner for stocks
  214. i have four questions
  215. Beginner investing - suggest broker and advice for me
  216. Debt & open interest
  217. first post
  218. Stock Guides and manuals?
  219. Tax calculations
  220. No delivery in auction, what happens?
  221. Need suggestions ---I want to invest in the share market-
  222. NCFM Capital market exam. GUIDE ME ?
  223. suggest share trading method/ style
  224. Buying / Selling shares (NSE; India)
  225. any consultancies to get job in brokerage firms in bangalore
  226. put and call options
  227. Solution Please job guidance required
  228. who is called a dealer
  229. Is there any degree or diplomo or one year course on stock market
  230. is this right time start ????
  231. Suggest Simple Method for 10% profit
  232. !!
  233. How much profit do you make on a daily basis via day trading?
  234. what is Cash in 'IEOD Cash'
  235. Trading as a full time career?
  236. who is called a member broker . Please answer
  237. Hi Every one
  238. please explain this
  239. Capital Market (Dealers) Module
  240. i am confused to the core regarding very basic terminologies. please explain
  241. Day Vinayak review
  242. What are A,B,C,B1,B2,S,TS,Z grops on BSE?
  243. Doubt on margin details
  244. Plaese read-kulkarni
  245. Is this a good way to trade...
  246. How do you Trade and manage Office ?
  247. DP close & transfer after bonus record date
  248. Where to get live NSE F&O volume/turnover data?
  249. Starting From Scrath - My Dairy And Experience
  250. How to decide Target and StopLoss?