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  1. PTST ODIN Order
  2. What To Do Before Travel
  3. greetings
  4. Which is a good and cheap ETF
  5. suggest best web site for intraday tips and market analasis
  6. Shares as margin...
  7. Metastock or Moneycontrol stockcharts???
  8. how to sell a share ?
  9. Beginner : Confusion with broker charges etc.
  10. NSE pathsala ..did you use it ?
  11. Which Gold robot is Best
  12. Stop loss buy
  13. What Is NRE Deposits ?
  14. Advice needed
  15. Need help with Charts and etc.
  16. Put/Call Ratio
  17. BUY, SELL and SHORT
  18. New to traderji
  19. Daily intraday tips
  20. Seeking Advises
  21. Candlestick Charts, dont see them properly in yahoo website :(
  22. HDFC securities confusion!!!
  23. how to operate demat.. pls help
  24. Futures for Beginners??
  25. LONG and SHORT for same script.
  26. Historical intraday charts
  27. Position trading or Day trading. which is better?
  28. Please define the terminologies used in SBICAPSEC
  29. Creating Portfolio for a newbie
  30. Best delivery broker recommendations for rare/less trading.
  31. intraday charts
  32. nifty and bank nifty
  33. cant sell stock for cash
  34. How to enter
  35. sharekhan vs angel
  36. Explain Order Entry in ODIN Diet.
  37. Query on Trade Price, Executed and Pending terms
  38. Trader's slam
  39. Career in stock investing
  40. starting to trade options
  41. Buying US stocks from India?
  42. ETFs or CFDs??
  43. Advice needed regarding Day trading
  44. Minimum profit required to break even
  45. Writing options
  46. Beginners' club - Candlestick analysis
  47. nifty option trading
  48. NSE - Paathshaala
  49. Will be starting investing in MF SIP from next year
  50. Help!
  51. From where to start
  52. What is Swing trading ?
  53. regaring transfer ledger balance
  54. Gold etf
  55. My stupid trading strategy
  56. Short Selling!
  57. The Nifty is new to me
  58. ICICIDirect - Dos and Donts
  59. NEYVELI stock peformance!
  60. Why did Kingfisher become bankrupt?
  61. trading
  62. Derivatives
  63. Offline client login
  64. Buying of shares
  65. purchase of gold etf
  66. For Beginners only
  67. Geojit BNP Paribas Demat Account POA
  68. Looking for Indian authored Stock books with Indian stock examples
  69. Broker Cheating me by quoting SEBI rule
  70. Confusion with stock symbols
  71. Never ever put all your eggs to one broker
  72. Help - Enquiry of shares which are delisted
  73. Help plzz
  74. Noob question:
  75. NOOB question: How to say thanks to the posts?
  76. PLS HELP THIS NEWBIE.. What is Brokerage for Delivery & Brokerage for Intra day?
  77. Trend line help
  78. Can we have two demat accounts for trading?
  79. Gap up/gap down how does it work ?
  80. HDFC SEC New Update Site Issue.
  81. Need a guru
  82. From shares to commodities
  83. which book is good for me.......
  84. How to create poll in this forum?
  85. Global indices Live quotes
  86. Virtual Trading! Invest in Forex, Stocks & Trades Like Real Market
  87. how to open RD for 30 years
  88. on jet airways
  89. Any successfull day trader here ?
  90. Long term investment Portfolio Assistance Please
  91. chart patterns on 5 min TF
  92. Fresher Blogs to learn Technical analysis
  93. Help me find a suitable broker
  94. Please help me
  95. Hai friends
  96. HDFC Securities Trading ???
  97. please help for demat account
  98. Please enlighte me on these subjects
  99. Opening an online trading account
  100. what should we look while trading in equity stock
  101. how to trade on NIFTY and SENSEX
  102. NSE NOW EXE- Question about order types! Help needed.
  103. Equity master questions
  104. ICICIDIRECT Margin Sell issue
  105. Basic Query for Opening Account
  106. KYC trouble
  107. Limits on going short?
  108. trade types
  109. NSE's CERTIFICATION courses
  110. different demat accounts with same bank account
  111. How is Dividend delivered to investors
  112. Software to learn TA
  113. Charts ?
  114. Would be a great help if someone wer to mentor/guid me
  115. Seniors please solve this question
  116. Zerodha or Sharekhan? Please, quick.
  117. about yahoo charts
  118. Best Price action threads
  119. fund transfer
  120. Quick Question: Axis Demat or Sharekhan account? [Newbie]
  121. Best intraday tips provider
  122. what is a "Tick'?
  123. please tell me the basic and simple method to track silver for 400-500 points.
  124. Can i buy more share in leverange limit?
  125. Buy and Sell execution Question
  126. HOLY grail!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. Beginers FAQ
  128. Sources for stock recommendation for day trade and IPO recommendation / ratings
  129. Question
  130. A bit of market terminology
  131. Best NRE account interest rate
  132. some basic questions on trading
  133. Equity Bonus shares clarification reqd
  134. 1x3
  135. Simple way to learn technical analys and option trading
  136. what is the success ratio in share market and commodity
  137. How can NRI Trade in Indian Stocks
  138. Regarding Trading software
  139. please help
  140. Flow of success
  141. box strategy
  142. Career in Stock Market (Intraday Trading)
  143. New Member
  144. Intraday trading in US markets vs. Indian markets ?
  145. Trading for a living
  146. Career in Portfolio Management
  147. Explanation required on chart pattern
  148. What is ema & candle stick chart meaning
  149. Demat & trading account opening time period
  150. Trade in Nifty future
  151. MFs to be bought seperately, or can I also do it thru DeMat?
  152. I am struggling to write my onw trading plan
  153. Of Demat Accounts
  154. Beginner's Question
  155. Are you afraid of pulling the trigger ?
  156. How is HDFC securities? or IndiaInfoline?
  157. Which DMAT is good.
  158. Help for right investment
  159. new member
  160. Please help me in choosing Demat account!!
  161. Trading terms
  162. IT Reimbursement
  163. can anybody tell me abt futures and options ??
  164. StopLoss on SBICapSec
  165. stock options
  166. basic steps to follow running a brokerage house
  167. Interest Rates to curb Inflation
  168. Certain company name not avaliable in HDFC sec
  169. Portfolio management
  170. Couple of noob questions and brokerage confusion
  171. Difference between BSE and NSE
  172. Beginner (on Sharekhan) trying to swing trade
  173. Interested in Intra-Day Trading
  174. Noobs Question.
  175. Mr.Candle Stickman
  176. Please please.......need help
  177. Reliance Put What to do
  178. for intraday trade
  179. Trigger price in delivery trade
  180. To the experts on TJ - Pls Help collecting some info.
  181. Beginner--Should I do trade online or use a Stock broker??
  182. Confusion while trading thru HDFC trading platform?
  183. fx-trading
  184. MSCI Asia Pacific Index help needed
  185. Data links : help
  186. Free Ticker for Indian Share market ???
  188. HDFC Sec Trading Help
  189. NSE NOW Online Stop Loss Order
  190. Option tips
  191. help me to open account
  192. Which is the best charting software?
  193. Right stock
  194. job advice in finance for a btech student
  195. Where to Start?
  196. currency options
  197. investment in golg?
  198. Trading the market opening
  199. Sharekhan's TradeTiger and 60 min Flow
  200. MarginPlus in ICICIDirect
  201. What is Repo Rate, Rev Repo Rate, CRR, SLR?
  202. Futures and Options book
  203. How to put Stop loss? Please guide me
  204. Need lots of advices !!!
  205. new to options trading
  206. Simple way to learn Futures trading for newbies
  207. Financial Education providers
  208. Proprietary Trading Firm
  209. new to futures intraday trading
  210. Trading Nifty Options?
  211. tax liability
  212. Show me the path...
  213. Help on term insurance
  214. doubts on PF & PPF, plz help.
  215. Building a collection advices for newbies in Forex Trading
  216. new to the world of investment
  217. how to keep my trade records
  218. Income tax on Capital Gain
  219. How is Alankit Assgnments Limited?
  220. I need help in forex trading
  221. Help me to choose a Good Share Broker
  222. F&O games
  223. The Terminology/Concepts Thread
  224. ONGC share split and bonus
  225. Squareoff, Stoploss, other basic lingo?
  226. Which Demat Account for Swing Trading/LongTerm Holding/ETF/IPOs
  227. which one demate account good for us
  228. option and future
  229. How to start learning about stock market
  230. What is the exact difference between CA/CE?
  231. trade related hindi ebook for lerner
  232. which is the best service to maintain mutual funds, shares?
  233. Moving to US for Short-Term. Can I Trade Online Normally as if I am in India?
  234. Demat account with first name Last name interchaged..
  235. not able to sell shares in ICICI Direct. Can anyone guide me?
  236. Basics of Futures and Options
  237. Suggestions for improvement of business
  238. IIFL charges
  239. beginner
  240. please help all ma gurus
  241. Sharekhan - Not able to trade in BSE
  242. How to find Intraday eligibilty?
  243. please clear my doubt
  244. All Guru's Please help
  245. Long term planning
  246. News that affect stock prices
  247. Buy and sell quantity data
  248. How to check ledger balance in ODIN Diet
  249. Regarding EOD Data
  250. In which bank should I open mydemat account ?