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  1. How to add or delete desired columns in zerodha pi marketwatch excel file?
  2. [urgent] BSE ieod data for free and accurate data feeder for amibroker
  3. intraday Data provider
  4. NSE Indraday Data from 1995
  5. Banknifty futures IEOD data
  6. Please fuide me for Option Neutral Delta Stratergies
  7. Commodities and Currency Data
  8. Fx data for Feb to date
  9. Second Wise IEOD Data for 1 Week
  10. Datafeeder for amibroker
  11. Tick by tick
  12. NSE Index Futures 1 min IEOD Data
  13. Wanted 15 Minute data Nifty Futures
  14. Nse intraday Cash & futures 1min historical data
  15. amibroker not backfilling
  16. S&P 500 E mini data intraday
  17. Intraday Futures (/NQ Nasdaq and /CL Crude Oil) data?
  18. IEOD data for Gold
  19. Historical IEOD 1 min
  20. 5000 shares of Andhra cement
  21. All money going for tax and brokerage
  22. NSE F&O compelete data (2013- JAN 2015)
  23. MetaStock Real time data feeds
  24. Nifty data from 2011
  25. Guide me about MCX RT Data feed vendor
  26. Download free one minute intra day indian stock dataset.
  27. Looking for MCX IEOD data
  28. Nifty and Banknifty futures data EOD (1min) for backtesting, updated daily
  29. SENSEX IEOD data
  30. IEOD Data for F&O Stocks
  31. Need intraday data for backtesting?
  32. Two data feeds on same computer
  33. Want help to write program in afl (amibroker) to setup buy call- logic as follows
  34. How does stop loss trigger work
  35. How much profit one can make in Intraday
  36. Mcx Gold and silver trading is dangerous.
  37. First Charting MT 5 FREE????
  38. News you can Use
  39. Real time data feed
  40. Requirement: Currency Futures IEOD Data
  41. RTD from Nest Trader for Metals and Crude
  42. Need NSE Futures IEOD - Year 2015
  43. BSE intraday Data
  44. How to copy tick charts from Bazaartrend
  45. Real time data feed for nse n bse- EXCELLENT
  46. NSE Cash RT data for Bull's Eye Broker v4.0
  47. Vendor for MCX Real Time 1 min. Data
  48. Please suggest data provider for my requirement
  49. require IEOD 1min Data for nifty fut,bank nifty fut
  50. How to merge contracts.
  51. Any reliable RT data provider for NSE (other than GDFL)??
  52. Request for IEOD USDINR currency pair data for 2015
  53. Need 1-2 year old iEOD data
  54. ninjatrader data from shareguru-problems can anybody help please
  55. Need NSE Cash IEOD Data from 2006 - 2009
  56. IEOD data NSE cash NSE Fututres, MCX, MCX-SX and NCDEX
  57. Nifty current month IEOD
  58. need realtime datafeed from nest to mt4
  59. NSE Cash IEOD Data needed from May 2014 till date
  60. ODIN to custom application
  61. Who provides VIX intraday live data.
  62. NeoTrade's Cloud Data Feed?
  63. Google IEOD DATA for 21/04/2015... Enjoy
  64. Cooperative investment for real time data software
  65. FREE RTD SOFTWARE of josh 1 vs 300/ mnth for live data
  66. why stock previous closed price and opening price is not same?
  67. [ REQUIRED ] IEOD Crude Oil
  68. is anybody getting free real time data in AMIBROKER
  69. Excel2ami can anybody help me?
  70. Sub-prime crisis - Banknifty IEOD data request
  71. Please i need 1 minute data of mcx crude oil for Dec and jan of Jan 2015 Contract
  72. Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts
  73. OHLC Data differences between terminals and NSE website
  74. Google list for NSE stocks
  75. Nifty Options Intraday Data
  76. Google, Yahoo to Excel to AmiBroker, Fcharts
  77. Trade Tiger to Excel to AmiBroker, Fhcarts
  78. ODIN to Excel to AmiBroker, FCharts with backfill
  79. Can anybody recommend Nifty SPOT datafeed service?
  80. Intraday 5 min data
  81. Historical 1 minute data request
  82. Intraday NSE stocks and index spot data feed provider
  83. Mcx 1 min data needed!
  84. Best Data Provider - NSE Cash Segment
  85. Want an Alternative of chartspro/ Manshirt/ charts2win which can fetch data from TT
  86. Need MCX Realtime Data API
  87. Free RTData from Nest/Now/Google
  88. need realtime data for amibroker
  89. Details in RT Data
  90. Intraday Stock Alert.
  91. Simple Intraday Strategy for NewBies
  92. GUi-Based Free RealTime Data NOW NEST 2 AmiBroker, Fcharts
  93. [GET/PROVIDE] Support group for NSE IEOD [1-Minute]/EOD data from trade tiger
  94. GDFL data error issue
  95. NSE IEOD sample from 2009 1 min
  96. NinjaTrader 7 - Need RTDF
  97. theres this webpage which claims tht its possible to feed mt4 from nest trader
  98. Anyone can share Intraday Data for US Stocks (back to 1 or 2 years)
  99. Want Historical NSE and MCX 1 minutes data
  100. [REQUIRED] 1 Minute IEOD Data Of Crudeoil
  101. need 1min ieod for NIFTY F1 for september
  102. NSE Historical 5 min Intra Day Database
  103. request for intraday data
  104. NSE Futures - 1min IEOD Data
  105. Copper I , Silver Micro I Intraday 1 min data of 29th August required urgently
  106. NSE TAME auto update of bars
  107. 9 Months nifty and stock future data free download 1 min
  108. options data req
  109. Nifty future Intraday View
  110. Request IEod data of lead of past 6 months
  111. Best real time data proivder?
  112. A beginner to backtesting
  113. Intraday Realtime Data Vendor required
  114. IEOD 1 min data
  115. need mcx Natural Gas 1 or 5 min historical data
  116. Stay away from RTDSData.com
  117. Historical tick data for ITC
  118. bnf-1 ieod data from 2007 either gfdl/viratech quality
  119. tick chart
  120. yahoo real time
  121. Nifty & Bank Nifty IEOD Data
  122. MCX Data ,Please read!! Important.
  123. Mcx real time data.
  124. NIfty & Banknifty Options IEOD Data Required
  125. Need intraday historical data for stock futures
  126. Last 6 month mcx ieod data for natural gas for amibroker
  127. Who is good RT and EOD data provider?
  128. intraday data including options
  129. Crude oil iEOD data for last 2 years.
  130. wrong candle formation with gdf data?
  131. need Icicidirect stock price data into excel-anybody tried?
  132. need help for intraday data updating utility for amibroker local database
  133. USDINR rt data
  134. CDEQUI nesttrader has not enough abiliy to provide data
  135. Website for Intraday chart
  136. has anybody used this free tick by tick data?
  137. Historical Tick Data from Josh sir's Utility
  138. Nse cds datafeed
  139. need data for NSE USDINR futures
  140. Best RT data provider
  141. USD INR 1min intraday historical data
  142. Data feeds and profits
  143. Need Cash RELCAPITAL and YESBANK 5 min intraday data for November month
  144. Req:- ieod for nov
  145. Please suggest good Intraday EOD data provider
  146. any rt data to mt4 avilable?
  147. Want realtime 5 min ohlc data
  148. yahoo realtime issues solved?
  149. Fetching Live Quotes And Feeding to Amibroker
  150. 4 yrs ieod data of mcx,nse , fno and eod data sice inception at 10k
  151. Tick Data for just one day or week
  152. Google Real Time Data
  153. Get ODIN Diet Market Watch Data To Amibroker Without any software
  154. EQ Options IEOD data
  155. Does Any MT4 Data Vendor gives Accurate NSE Volume data ???
  156. adanient fut ieod data
  157. Data Feed Question
  158. Real Time feeds in Excel
  159. cheapest MT 4 Real Time Data
  160. Now/Excel/Amibroker
  161. #### only silver ####
  162. Nse f&o option ieod data
  163. nifty put or call 1 minute IEOD data for amibroker
  164. Shubha realtime combo launched
  165. Esignal on Demand
  166. Shubha RT plugin for Amibroker now launched
  167. usdinr intraday data
  168. is invest bull rt data is correct option.
  169. Chartsdata & IntradayAFL
  170. Software Required for real time news
  171. top 5 paid datafeeder
  172. MCX Gold Silver and non Ferrous Metals Data
  173. Nifty Live Calculator with all Famous Calculations
  174. Names of RT data vendors for Advanced get required.
  175. Both NSE cash and F&O RT datafeed in Amibroker
  176. Symbol prefix/suffix for NSE Futures data on Google
  177. Symbol prefix/suffix for NSE Futures data on Google
  178. free 30 day ieod tick and 1 min data of 3 nse stocks daily
  179. Need historical intraday data of share guru or manish rt
  180. USD INR Data
  181. Financial Data Market Survey
  182. E-signal data feed, inconsistent?
  183. crudeoil intraday data nov 2012 to may 2013
  184. Anybody wants to share Esignal cost with me?
  185. NSE-CDS intraday data
  186. Std. Thread for nifty future ieod ....
  187. mcx historical 1 min data
  188. 60m chart not display continuously
  190. USDINR 1min historical data
  191. Any Data feed thats similar to Rtdsindia
  192. load rt data from now terminal
  193. Nse mcx free data feed symbol-list
  194. Free RealTime Data NOW Nest ODIN Trade Tiger Google Yahoo to AmiBroker, Fcharts MS
  195. RT Amibroker plugin for all Indian markets
  196. Problem in getting live quotes from yahoo finance
  197. How to retrieve today's open price for MCX commodities?
  198. Yahoo Intraday data issues for the last 4-5 trading days ?
  199. required IEOD DATA OF USDINR
  200. Real time data for all cash stocks with less frequency
  201. is there any site or software where i can see abt 8 charts at a time
  202. mathematical levels for nifty and stocks
  203. RT Feeds
  204. Intraday data for ncdex
  205. Real Time data for amibroker
  206. Best MCX RT data feed for Amibroker?
  207. need RT data feed for ninjatrader
  208. currency IEOD data required
  209. USDINR charting for NSE
  211. Global Data Feeds -- NSE CM Segment Closing on 1st Nov 2012
  212. Nifty all strikes option 1 min data [ oct 2012 ]
  213. Closure of Global Datafeeds Stopped NSE CM and Add MCX RT Data
  214. IEOD - open interest
  215. ManshiRT RTDatabase Export/Import Issue
  216. Today's day trading top picks by forum members
  217. Web based for NSE real time feed
  218. Lost mcx data
  219. ami database and and its size
  220. 8 th sep 2012
  221. HELP Needed: NSE 1 mins IEOD data for NSE
  222. ODIN diet to excel to ami
  223. unknown tick data
  224. Best Indicators
  225. Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Intraday Data
  226. Web based Nifty F1 data
  227. Charitng NSE feed via PHP
  228. Globaldatafeeds not working?
  229. Request for Historical 5 min intraday data of USDINR currency future
  230. IEOD data
  231. Currency IEOD data required
  232. Tradetiger to ami broker?
  233. NIFTY_F1 data needed
  234. Sensex 1 Mt OHLC data.
  235. 15 minute data for international commodities
  236. nifty historic IEOD for past 10 yrs needed
  237. NSE data for MT4
  238. Historical hourly OHLC data
  239. Nse equities ieod data may 2012
  240. Nse options ieod data may2012 [02/05/2012 to 31/05/2012]
  241. mcx ieod data updated daily
  242. Odin2Ami � Free Odin to Amibroker Realtime Datafeeder
  243. intraday historical data for european markets
  244. Request: IEOD from Jan 2012 to April 2012
  245. Excel to amibroker
  246. Need help
  247. I need IEOD cash historicall data any help ?
  248. How to get NSE Live data in Excel !
  249. Realtime TradeTiger-Excel-Amibroker
  250. Dhaka stock exchange (dse)- free amibroker daily & intra day data feeder