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  30. Historical volatility
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  36. How to get a list of tickers with company names for NSE and BSE stocks?
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  38. (Req.) Data vendor
  39. What is the name of website?
  40. Pls Suggest historical end of day feed for Amibroker
  41. EOD Data
  42. Nse EOD data 19941103 to 20140606 Download link
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  44. USDINR EOD data
  45. NSE Bhav Copy for 21-03-2014
  46. Eod
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  60. mcx eod data for metastock
  61. Thodaa sa TP .... Thodaa sa Important Triviia
  62. Problem In Get Bhavcopy Data
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  65. Market Cap data
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  68. NSE Futures DATA
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  82. downloader
  83. Historical Data
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  86. Stochastic value (K%) for EOD
  87. Nse Eod Data From 1995 to 2011 & Mcx Eod Data From 2005 to 2011
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  89. What is the programming language used for data downloader ?
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  97. Intro
  98. Advance GET EOD DATA ! HELP PLEASE !!
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  102. gbc new rel
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  117. R u experienced?
  118. India Waiting For Your Opinion-Best Customer Support
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  121. Proxy for NIFTY Stocks
  122. Nse & Mcx Eod Data for Metastock, Amibroker and AdvancedGet
  123. Can anyone please post Amibroker Database EOD from Sep 2009 to Sep 2010
  124. Data for NinjaTrader
  125. Google Finance - EOD downloader
  127. Missing data in Yahoo Historical Quotes
  128. Display BSE shares names in amibroker instead of their codes
  129. eod downloader from yahoo and google
  130. you can use this opensource project for downloading EOD data from yahoo
  131. Adjusted EOD Data + partnership
  132. International gold silver copper eod
  133. please help for eod format
  134. Hindalco intraday price low
  135. mcxtxt eod
  136. Free NSE Stocks EOD Data 1995 Onwards(in all formats F-Charts, Amibroker & Metastock
  137. Sector Specific Database.
  138. Need NSE EOD for Fibotrader
  139. BSE EOD with Open Interest Data
  140. Backtesting
  141. split bonus adjustments
  142. DataFeed
  143. Getbhavcopy now downloads Futures data too..
  144. Bonus Split etc
  145. metastock data upto 25th jan.2010
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  147. NSE Eod Futures Data for Amibroker
  148. historical pr. zip
  149. AMIBROKER IEOD Database (01 Sep 08 to 15 Dec 09)
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  154. Historical Trades Database
  155. Metastock 10.1
  156. Option data downloader
  157. How the CSV EoD file of BSE & NSE are converted into TXT format for Amibroker
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  161. Nifty Junior Data from 1993
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  165. Help needed to remove data
  166. Help regarding website address for downloading BSE Bhavcopy
  167. A new yahoo group providing free eod data ready for conversion into metastock
  168. free Chinese Stock EOD Data for MetaStock
  169. help for EOD
  170. NSE EOD Split/Bonus Adjusted
  171. cem eod not working..Please help
  172. Fibitrader- Data Update Help
  173. Free eod database for ms & ab
  174. s&p cnx nifty- index volume
  175. Eoddlc
  176. NSE BSE EoD downloader in meta/ascii
  177. Which Bhav copy downloader?
  178. EOD Nifty Fut & Options data for 08-09
  179. EOD into AB
  180. Yahoo data feed screwed up
  181. Bulk Bhavcopy Converter for NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEC (CSV 2 MS,ASCII)
  182. metastock compatible eod data of mcx
  183. reliable charting service?
  184. Options Historical data
  185. Request from BSE EOD Data from Viratech
  186. BSE EOD data for Metastock
  187. Historical EOD data
  188. NSE EOD data for Metastock (Split and Bonus adjusted) till 13 Dec 2008
  189. Free NSE BSE data downloader (EOD, Indices, Daily & Historical, Bhavcopy downloader)
  190. ASCII (eod) data needed
  191. ***** Finance EOD Downloader in Metastock Format
  192. NSE EOD Split/Bonus/? Adjustment
  193. Need link to NSE/BSE EOD Indices csv files
  194. eod data spilt & bonus adjusted needed
  195. FREE IEOD for NSE(100 Stocks)
  196. Help Required for NSE Historical Data
  197. Sensex EOD Data - Inception to 1998
  198. EoD - Nymex - COMEX Data
  199. Query on Trusted Source of Historical Data
  200. USDINR EOD Data
  201. Meta stock data and Amibroker data
  202. problem in amibroker import data
  203. download dsj eod bhav copies
  204. Downloader Tool + Historical Data - International Indices
  205. NSE EOD Historical Database - Metastock Format
  206. Latest EOD Data For Metastock - Upto 29 August 2008
  207. Problems with Getbhavcopy downloader (Hemen Kapadia software)
  208. eod data of REL is missing
  209. Has anyone used AmiQuote for data?
  210. Possibly the purest database (NSE)
  211. Open Price Not Displayed in Metastock
  212. Nse eod to metastock
  213. MetaStock NSE Data downloader with VIX
  214. Need help on EODequities tool
  215. Spider ACE EOD data to Metastoc ?
  216. IEOD from investbulls how to convert it to metastock
  217. links or site for free IEOD
  218. Any S/w which can Tell Avg. Qty, Volume Gainers & DMA of All Stocks of nse/bse Daily
  219. Free utility to download EOD data
  220. EOD Data Provider
  221. nse eod database 4 amibroker.
  222. Nifty EOD data till date ??
  223. Order Book Data
  224. Historical Nifty and other indicies
  225. EOD NSE DATA from early 1990s to 23 Feb 2008
  226. BSE Indices data !!!
  227. cant getting eod bse data from 1 jan 08
  228. need eod data on vista platform
  229. BEST NSE BSE EOD DATA provider?
  230. EOD Downloader from YHOO
  231. historical data
  232. Latest historical data neede
  233. Bse indices historical data
  234. Need NSE and BSE Historical Data, any help??
  235. How To Append Data With Previous collection ?
  236. new site for trading online, data free, indicators free and fee
  237. Nse Eod Data 02/11/2007
  238. EQ and BE series..
  239. Getbhavcopy (Free NSE Data downloader) version 1.1 released
  240. EOD clarification...
  241. Last 1 year Data
  242. Where are Wartsila and Yokogawa?
  243. EOD data for BSE stocks
  244. Need Advnaced Get EOD data
  245. Anyone has pr zip of 13th september.
  246. EOD commodites data wantend in Ms Fomat
  247. BSE data from BSE site needed
  248. International data for bullion vs MCX
  249. can anyone plz provide me 6 months Nifty FO stock data
  250. Deliverable Quantity