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  1. DATA Request Thread
  2. Rsi
  3. MCX EOD DATA Downloader
  4. Does anyone have 1min data for crude/Gold/silver for the last 6 months or more?
  5. Getbhavcopy is not working 9/11/2016
  6. Urgent need for Realtime data feeder from zerodha Pi to Amibroker
  7. Getting live intraday equity data using APIs
  8. Need information about NSE EOD Data downloader 2016
  9. Anyone knows when yahoo finance EOD data get updates?
  10. Reliable & Cost effective NSE EOD data provider!?
  11. Import data to nest trader from xls / txt
  12. Where can I buy NSE Options Historical Data for SBI
  13. Backdated Top Gainers / Top Losers
  14. List of Scrip Codes for all equities
  15. Real time lme data
  16. Valvenet technologies
  17. DDE server/service
  18. Help to start mt4 data provider business
  19. Data feeder or go for nest for amibroker
  20. Historical data of mcx
  21. Excel sheet for FNO open interest
  22. Unauthorized vendor caught
  23. Any one share stock live data importer
  24. where to buy historical futures data?
  25. data exchange
  26. Where to get sgx nifty feed
  27. Neotrade
  28. Data on MT4
  29. does anybody have 2mins/5mins/15min/30mins or 1hour data ?
  30. request reg rt data feed application
  31. free RT data feed from google to amiborker
  32. free realtime NIfty data need
  33. Ieod mcx crude
  34. Data for Market profile TPO chart
  35. cheap and reliable data
  36. Yahoo EOD data feed accuracy for NinjaTrader
  37. NeoTrade data feed problem with NinjaTrader
  38. Request Suggestion of best free IEOD downloader
  39. Sector Classification
  40. How to download indexes from yahoo finance
  41. MT4 Data ned for indian mcx n ncdex
  42. Realtime (Tick) Data in Excel
  43. MCX realtime datafeed
  44. How to get RealTime Data in MS Excel, for testing n developing own system in VB.Net
  45. Can i use NSE RSS Feed Burner for my website
  46. Need Sectorwise All NSE current listed symbols
  47. Global Datafeed option symbol problem
  48. Rtdsdata site and software not working
  49. Unusual spikes in Nifty future volume
  50. Whats going on with Truedata?
  51. Against which value the current USDINR is actually compared with?
  52. Diff type of Datafeed
  53. Please suggest Cheaper API for accessing live NSE Data
  54. Default Delivered Volumes Data
  55. can i include the NSE FEEDS into my mobile Application
  56. How to get Stock Quote Of Singapore Nifty Futures through YQL ??
  57. Help Reqd to get data from nseindia website
  58. Charting Software with Nifty IEOD data for minimum 6 months
  59. how to delete other series than "EQ" from nse bhavcopy csv file?
  60. Forex Data in Excel
  61. Which Data Provider Give Correct [Equal to ODIN High,Low,Open, CLose] RT Data Service
  62. EoD Database - ASCII - Since Inception
  63. Record Live data to historical data in Excel
  64. Best RT data Provider for Metastock with volume
  65. 5min Historical data of GOLDBEES
  66. Is there any free realtime datafeeder for amibrocker
  67. Can anyone code nest to motivewave
  68. Options Eod data
  69. Anyone tried/infos about "LZO NSE" (real time broadcast data decompression library) ?
  70. Data feed on MT4/Ninja Trader
  71. fundamental ratios to excel
  72. NSE F&0 | MCX | EOD Database
  73. Feedback on Soumya's data service (EOD)
  74. CME Crude feed
  75. Application to display Real time trading prices
  76. Data Req for fundamental analysis
  77. Need options data please
  78. Having problems with Data Importer . unable to import data to amibroker
  79. Bse Indices Data
  80. Any Experience with a data vendor Best RT
  81. Need Data provider for Amibroker in cash segment
  83. MCX IEOD Data
  84. Global commodity data
  85. Realtime Datafeed via an API (for NSE FNO/CM, preferrably Level 3/Tick-By-Tick)
  86. EOD data
  87. GFDL In accurate data for MCX
  88. News data feed
  89. Realtime best data provider
  90. real time data for metatrader
  91. help me and get 1 month data free
  92. Alert for Open Price
  93. 1 Min Forex Historical Data Needed
  94. Data of Hakija Software
  95. Live vwap data in excel?
  96. Excel Macros
  97. Data Feed For Trade station 9.1
  98. Datafeed for Auto Scanning in amibroker ?
  99. EOD/Intraday Data for US Equities/Currencies needed
  100. Data Needed!!
  101. Required nifty futures ieod data for last one year
  102. Realtime data for FCharts
  103. options ieod data req
  104. Dodging After-effects of Corporate Actions
  105. EOD data downloader for MCX and/or NCDEX
  106. How does cheap data provider work?
  107. Listed NCDs
  108. Datafeed Vendor Comparison
  109. Datafeed to Multicharts
  110. Beware of first charting
  111. Regarding Datafeed for Amibroker
  112. Esignal-data access MCX-SX tick by tick data problem
  113. Questions for Everyone (Free Data)
  114. need real time data for my webtool
  115. currency tickdata
  116. need data for nse cash fno , commodity and currency
  117. NIFTY & BNF daily historical data in csv format
  118. free RT data
  119. IEOD data needed for Nifty, Bank Nifty and US Indices
  120. NSE TAME weekly charts missing data
  121. Stock Closing Quote in MS - Excel spreadsheet
  122. want realtime data from zerodha trader
  123. Dow jones / gold
  124. FirstCharting Nifty, Niftyn, Niftyn2 data are same, why?
  125. need realtime NSE snapshot data
  126. Real Time Data from ODIN to TXT file without Excel
  127. Can i have EOD data of MCX for amibroker
  128. bnf-1 and nifty-1 ieod data from 2005-2010
  129. manshiRT fraud
  130. manshiRT closed?????if yes,pl suggest any other data providers like manshiRT..
  131. Nifty Futures Historical Intraday data - 2008 to 2013
  132. ManshiRT/Databull/ Aamaadmisoftware need to introduce ONLINE MT4 charts
  133. NCDEX NCharts Pro
  134. [REQ]now2MD
  135. backfill in amibroker plz help me...
  136. excel to trade tiger
  137. Feeddropper
  138. RT Datafeed
  139. Need ieod data
  140. how to maintain database
  141. Odin feeds to excel
  142. Can I get help for nest to ami with josh1 utility please
  143. Realtime Data WebService
  144. is databull work with MC8
  145. RT Datafeed for MultiChart 8
  146. A Tricky Question
  147. Nest trader to excel to amibroker
  148. Shareguru to NT7 Real time data
  149. BTC/USD data ?
  150. how to get free IEOD data for Amibroker??
  151. Shareguru or Echarts:Which is better?
  152. Dotex sending notice for illegal use of data feed
  153. best realtime data for amibroker in cheat price
  154. how to get mcx chart like gold,silver,nickel etc..
  155. Tick by Tick Real Time NSEF&O Data
  156. Free Real time data for amibroker
  157. EOD data splits, bonuses adjusted
  158. Cheap Institutional-Grade Historical Data
  159. compliant to SEBI over NSE data feed
  160. Need seniors and friends advice n help to start REAL TIME DATA FEED BUSINESS..
  161. Does anybody know from where iCharts.in is getting data feed
  162. data for amibroker from odin and nesttrader
  163. Nifty Historical iEOD 2008 to till date - Free
  164. 1 year 30 Minute Data for Analysis
  165. need neat and clean database since inception
  166. real time data feed to mt4 platform from excell sheet
  167. NSE/BSE Stock Ticker
  168. Need historical EOD data upto date in Amibroker or Metastock format kindly help
  169. Shubha EOD downloader new release (free for life)
  170. Excel to Metatrader Realtime Data Feed
  171. Problem in downloading EOD data from Google Finance with Amiquote
  172. Realtime Data Feed - NSE/FNO/MCX
  173. RealTime Data in amibroker through TradeTiger
  174. how to get multiple stock quotes from google finance?
  175. JSON feed for intraday
  176. Data conversion from Sharekhan TT 2 MS in offline mode
  177. ManshiRT closing down?
  178. Rt data for nifty and banknifty
  179. excel file which includes entry n exit levels with dates based on an indicator
  180. Yahoo finance quotes download stopped working?
  181. DDE server name for ODIN
  182. Help in Excel
  183. how to link excel sheet to webpage
  184. Metatrader for Indian equities, commodities and currency
  185. need rt data plugin
  186. Google finance wrong data ?
  187. NSE Currency Real Time and historical Data in Excel
  188. Anyone using Myquotes for RT data here?
  189. NSE-MCX-Currency Realtime data feed
  190. Pursuit of Free data and Rumination of Determination ...
  191. Real Time Google data to Amibroker
  192. Most Reliable Data Feed (RT + EOD) for Metastock
  193. Hakija: New fixed version
  194. need MCX historical data more than one for amibroker year
  195. Bse insider trading data
  196. please tell me how to get data feed form IIFL TT to excel and excel to MT4
  197. How to save 'Data Table' from Zerodha Trader
  198. Complete Details about NSE and BSE Market Data in Excel Sheet
  199. Shubha downloader beta launched
  200. How to add data for a security?
  201. RT data feed from ODIN to excel
  202. RTData pls help
  203. pls help need mcx 1 min historical data
  204. MCX RT with Backfill option
  205. 4 hour commodity time frame with Manshi RT in Meta Trader 4?
  206. How to trade eod charts with intraday entry?
  207. Data feed to sierra charts s/w!
  208. Data Mismatch EOD v/s IEOD
  209. Nest trader to metastock
  210. MCX IEOD data required
  211. Amibroker RT Data for mcx nse ncdex and fx
  212. Nest plus plugin " ieod data issue"
  213. Subscriber of Spider Software or Tickerplant or Reliable Software or GFDL
  214. Motilal Oswal Lite Desktop to Amibroker
  215. NSE Tick Data Provider
  216. Data Feed (EOD & Intraday) for Excel
  217. Getbhavcopy error
  218. BSE and NSE Codes
  219. required high-low of every 30 min of mcx silver
  220. Mt-predictor data feed required
  221. NSE/BSE/MCX Real Time Feed API - For custom software development
  222. cheapest nse & mcx rt data provider
  223. End Of Day Data Feed in MT4 (NSE+CASH)
  224. Bhavcopy not getting installed on PC!!!!
  225. How to get real time commodity data from CME into amibroker?
  226. NSE Link not working
  227. please help members
  228. US 10 yr federal note daily yeild rate equivalent in India?
  229. Need help with importing real time data feed into excel~
  230. Equal Solution RT Data Feed-Feedback Of TJ Members Required
  231. Any one know how to get free realtime datafeed for metastock(yahoo)
  232. Data deluxe- mother of all data downloaders suggestions required
  233. NSE real time data to Metatrader4 or 5
  234. Historical F&O IEOD: NSE vs GlobalDataFeeds
  235. Can i get EOD data of Dow Jones ???
  236. World indices
  237. RT feed data for Amibroker
  238. Request for Historical 5 min intraday data of USDINR currency future
  239. Gci stopped
  240. Bhav copy of NSE-derivatives for 06-07-2012
  241. Daily/Historic adjusted close for NSE F&O?
  242. Free NSE Stock Futures IEOD beyond March?
  243. USDINR hourly data one time
  244. Realtime data NOW,ODIN,TradeTiger,Google,Yahoo > AmiBroker, Fcharts, Qtstalker
  245. Real time NSE MCX Data on Metatrader 5
  246. livechart esignal real time data importing
  247. from TT to text?
  248. Tradetiger to Amibroker data export in offline mode
  249. AmiQuote 3 lanched supporting Intraday data
  250. Free data from NSENOW to AmiBroker via Excel