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  1. Startup Stories
  2. Trading : what we think it is vs reality
  3. Inspirational quotes
  4. What business to start for extra income and future prospects?
  5. The Best Trading System
  6. Extremely thankful to Traderji.com
  7. Urjit Patel appointed new governor of RBI
  8. Why no Advisory Tips provider coming forward ?
  9. The only book you need to master trading.
  10. Smart_Trade Fan Club
  11. HINDI : Satta kabhi cheque book se nahi hota...
  12. Trading stories
  13. A thread forever for a trader
  14. rtdsdata is it true and worth
  15. Random Gyaan
  16. Advisories - Caution
  17. Donot get cheated
  18. Traders let’s meet in Hyderabad
  19. sanskrit Sholak meaning Karna theme
  20. about my intraday trading
  21. •Did you learn how to ride a bike by reading a book?
  22. Algo trading quotes
  23. My Notes
  24. Just Drop It Here !!!
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  26. Wealth Creation
  27. books and change in your viewpoint
  28. Experience
  29. Money matters
  30. Learning Curve in Day Trading
  31. How to be a super trader
  32. Luck,Life and Stock Market
  33. Making of a Trader/Investor
  34. Thought for the day
  35. Multitask at your workplace by setting realistic goals
  36. Life Changing Books
  37. Human misjudgements
  38. how pappu become professional trader
  39. Who will cry when you die:- robin sharma
  40. Wisdom Word
  41. Economy in 30 mins-Ray Dalio:A billionaire's economic theory
  42. wisdom word from technical analyst
  43. sign of good trader
  44. Food for my brain when it does mistakes
  45. Happy Teacher's day
  46. The top 5 things I learnt from trading
  47. Sun Tzu’s Art of War -As applied to trading
  48. Changing self to change results
  49. Some more wisdom from the markets
  50. Some trading and assorted wisdom
  51. Trading wisdom from Phantom of the pits
  52. One Rule Trading
  53. The stock market and you
  54. Essence of successful trading
  55. Three Monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi-Applied to Trading Phsycology
  56. From A Doctor to A Client,From A Client to Sub Broker, From Sub Broker to Broker.
  57. True & very inspiring story...
  58. We Are Traders A Tribute to All Those Trading the Markets
  59. Life and Journey of a Trader
  60. WOW - Warket Wizards Mark Minervini & Stuart Wilton
  61. Master Day/Swing Trader Tools & Tactics 1 - Oliver Velez
  62. Dr. Alexander Elder Quotes
  63. Dr. Alexander Elder's 7 Rules for Traders
  64. two simple questions but no clear answers-post your answer please
  65. beginner
  66. Words from the wise On trading and investing.
  67. Quotes from the Masters
  68. Exercise Discipline
  69. The Importance of Technical Analysis
  70. Thinking that makes losses worse.
  71. Jake Bernstine quotes
  72. Some Gems
  73. The Six Enemies of Greatness (and Happiness)
  74. Quotes from Edwin Lefevre - Trader & Author of Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
  75. Winning Strategy
  76. 10 psychological rules for traders from Mark Douglas
  77. The guide book for Forex investors
  78. Thought for the Day - It's Not Logical
  79. Breaking Point
  80. Long trend
  81. Trading Quotes
  82. The Holy Grail
  83. My Real Story
  84. A foolish mistake cost me my one month of salary :(
  85. Do You Think Money is the Root of All Evil?
  86. Keep the best, in your list !
  87. Loss in trading
  88. Seeking Alpha
  89. "Rules 0f Trading" by Denni$ Gartman
  90. 10 Amazing Lessons from Albert Einstein
  91. Investor learning from Greek Crises
  92. Son of Warren Buffett
  93. How the Market Works
  94. Equity Investment Without Risk
  95. The 5 Steps to becoming a trader
  96. "Know your game well"- Every trader's edge
  97. What is one most important lesson of 2009?
  98. When & how to invest rs 1 crore in stock market to gain 20 lacs in three months
  99. A Humble Request to all
  100. The Myth of all-weather Portfolio
  101. How extra fat will become an advantage for its victim?
  102. Do You Bathe When You Bathe?
  103. Work Smarter To Perform Better
  104. Stock market is nothing its a glass of fruit juice
  105. Corporate Lessons :D
  106. My Lessons In Life - Azim Premji
  107. Faith
  108. InnerWorth Articles - Printable format
  109. Is Worst Over ?
  110. Trading mantra
  111. Hi all good people on this forum...(Please Help me)
  112. Request to Join Earth Hour Today
  113. 25 Rules of Millionaire Traders
  114. John Wooden's Rules. Applies to Trading
  115. What were the worst trading mistakes that we commited from the list?
  116. 50 Golden Rules for Futures Traders
  117. Totka
  118. Trading in the Zone Mark Douglas
  119. Stock Investing Market Plan
  120. Think You Are Poor Soul?
  121. 7 Habits of a Highly Successful Traders
  122. Is selling your holding at the profit of 0.5% is a profit indeed???
  123. Forwarded mails...
  124. Trader's diary - Inspiration for the one who lost hope...
  125. 50 trading rules
  126. Thinking Big - Dr.David Schwartz
  127. Why some Make It
  128. My Dear Analyst,
  129. Warren Buffett Fan's Club
  130. Quote Your Favorite Post
  131. trading
  132. The new Dimension to trading-TG-VSA
  133. trading/investment success, -
  134. Day Trading is like Monopoly
  135. Jesse Livermore quotes
  136. US in Recession: Buffett speaks out
  137. Buffets view on 2008
  138. Words of Wisdom from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
  139. Tale of Three Fish
  140. Warren Buffett
  141. In defense of Day Trading
  142. Trading as Profession
  143. How "buy and hold" guys lost money??
  144. Do all of us suffer from confirmation bias?
  145. Discover Your Talents.....(For Traders)
  146. Flying Returns
  147. Trading on illusions
  148. Must read for FULL Time Day traders watching the Screen!
  149. The ten most costly trading mistakes investors make..
  150. The 12 Rules of How to Avoid Losing and Start Making Money from the Stock Market
  151. Words of Wisdom
  152. never give up...very inspiring....must read....
  153. start of a equity trader in indian market
  154. What to do if you keep losing!!??
  155. Marcus's collected quotes
  156. Indices verses Rupees
  157. Hindenburg Omen. (*Read * marks)
  158. Smile while you trade.
  159. forward mail from my freind
  160. Reminiscences ........
  161. tools of a trading pro
  162. Articles Of Interest
  163. invitation for wisdom
  164. Golden Quotes from Warren Buffet
  165. Article Worth Reading
  166. Are you lost in the technical analysis jungle ?
  167. Information Websites For FOREX Participants
  168. Trading Rules
  169. Anybody watching Suze?
  170. Going long or short
  171. Two Species of Trader -- Which Are You?
  172. My Best Trade Ever
  173. Stopped Trading for the month
  174. Quotable quotes
  175. Quoting Dr Alexander Elder
  176. How Warren Buffet made his billions
  177. The Top 10 Trading Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
  179. A post I read on the net
  180. Wisdom Dump
  181. What Trading Teaches Us About Life
  182. Incorporating in India
  183. Gandhiji's Words of Wisdom
  184. If you have lost money...
  185. Can you tell how technical analysts do their job of investing
  186. An article worth reading
  187. 10 Ways To Lose All your Money
  188. Some quotes from Chankya niti.....
  189. When the market gives you money, take it!
  190. Something Interesting for traders
  191. Mistakes in trading by silent masters of Trading
  192. CAN YOU MAKE 1 Lac from 30000 Rupees by trading?
  193. Rules from the Masters
  194. Collection of Trading Rule Lists
  195. Millionaire in the making by stock investing
  196. Trading losses- how do you handle losses?
  197. Free report to read-learn
  198. What happens prior to any price change?
  199. Wisdom From Masters
  200. TIPS, TIPS Where are You?
  201. Is Shorting Ethical ?
  202. Wisdom through pictures
  203. 13 Things Your Broker Won't Tell You
  204. Sensex crosses 10000 mark - Future Predictions on this mad BULL?
  205. Stop the loss with STOP LOSS
  206. 20 Rules For Effective Trade Execution
  207. Trading Quotable Quotes
  208. Life wisdom from a Trader's blog
  209. Thoughts N Opinions
  210. 20 Rules To Stop Losing Money
  211. 20 Golden rules for traders
  212. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part Seven
  213. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part Six
  214. Million Dollar Articles
  215. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part Five
  216. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part Four
  217. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part Three
  218. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part Two
  219. Seven Deadly Trading Mistakes - Part One
  220. The end of Jesse livermore among others- Tumble to Humble
  221. Quotes of Wisdom
  222. Words of wisdom indeed
  223. Stimulii
  224. Golden Box
  225. One paragraph that explains Life......
  226. Luck !!!
  227. Beautiful Quote
  228. The Thoughtful and Aware Trader
  229. Never Quit.. whatever the circumstances are....
  230. Must Read For New Investors
  231. Fails in Investing, Ask a Scientist !!!
  232. Technical Vs Fundamental- momentum stocks
  233. Is 7800 in sight?
  234. More Golden Rules of Trading
  235. Golden Rules of Trading
  236. Advance-Decline Line
  237. Does the Market top out on good news or bad news??
  238. Why Share Knowledge ???
  239. Parameters for valuation of script or share.
  240. Fundamental Flaw of Every Trader
  241. The Two Realities of Trading
  242. Ashok Leyland
  243. Investing Vs Trading
  244. Trading: A Journey, Not a Destination
  245. Classic Trading Quotes
  246. Systematic Investment Plans
  247. Investing Rules:
  248. Mid-cap stocks and their advantages
  249. pay cash vs borrow
  250. what a successful daytrader does daily