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  1. Property Investment
  2. Macbook (Apple) based trading Setup
  3. trading
  4. How is the course Online feeding academy by sharekhan?
  5. desktop notifications
  6. Guess Nifty Mar 2017
  7. Guess the Nifty Feb 2017
  8. Lets discuss Market moves today.
  9. Can you make money by short term trading?
  10. Guess the Nifty Jan 2017
  11. Bitcoin
  12. Dangal Movie, Reel vs Real, Here's truth
  13. Threads that belong in General Chit Chat
  14. Suppose General Election will be on 31st Dec
  15. 5 Bone chilling Real Ghosts Photos
  16. RIP Late J.Jayalalitha
  17. Guess the Nifty
  18. Inherited stocks, gold, money,silver are exempt from income-tax.
  19. Did you know... Facts related to the markets
  20. 5 Mind Blowing Facts about space
  21. Discussion thread for travi's Diary
  22. 5 Greatest Inventions by Accident
  23. Donald Trump will be the next President of USA
  24. Is China central bank debt crisis will be around for ,Who will benefit ?
  25. Searching for one missing friend in trader ji
  26. Best course for trader development
  27. sorry to use word "call "in thread.
  28. Festival sentiments of India
  29. List of Good Finance sites
  30. Best Interest rate on Fixed Deposit Account
  31. I have heard a lot about Sukuk bonds. What are they exactly? Is it advisable to inves
  32. Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!
  33. Insurance
  34. How to prevent money leakages
  35. Discussion on Economic and Political News and Views
  36. Euro 2016
  37. Moving image file website?
  38. Today is 389 Birth Anniversary of the Great Warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji !!!
  39. Information for a project
  40. Plug And Play trading desks in Mysore
  41. HUF status for Christians/Muslims etc
  42. Careless IT department or it's Scam?
  43. Buying Chair online
  44. Medical insurance suggestions
  45. My new Smart screen launcher.
  46. I want to transfer some of my holding stocks offline
  47. How to improve leads???
  48. How to find old post??
  49. Idea Cellular Ltd IDEA 144.40
  50. Broking Agents
  51. Brokerage Charges
  52. what is this price band in ipo? can anyone please explain me on this?
  53. anyone Doing PHD or Thesis here?
  54. Why are so many people looking for easy money?
  55. Any good free/paid screen recording software?
  56. 2562 theory of tradig
  57. Instant messenger
  58. how to socialize if you trade from home only
  59. How to archive PM box?
  60. How to sleep better?
  61. Cattle leukemia virus found in milk linked to breast cancer – study
  62. Anyone getting consistent calls from Bajaj Finance? (Getting abuse calls)
  63. How to give feedback to TRAI (against anti tele callers)
  64. BSNL Broadband Speed increased to 2mbps.
  65. Trying to predict our Markets based on gut feelings
  66. What happened to Learn to Fish thread?
  67. Mind stuff
  68. Interesting Read - Chinese Economy
  69. How will u pronounce "Rivan"?
  70. Chandukhana kee gapp !
  71. Angst and ire
  72. Monthly income for Widowed lady
  73. Traders from mumbai / navi mumbai area
  74. Looking for like minded investor in Bangalore
  75. LLP or Partnership
  76. Best Stock market Movie
  77. Analysts calling to subscribe
  78. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
  79. Traderjis thread for German speakers
  80. IO Test
  81. AnyBody Practising Taichi
  82. Day Traders Lounge.
  83. FIFA Women's Word Cup Canada 2015
  84. Notes to myself
  85. Self Help & Misc. Instresting Stuff.
  86. After market/weekend chitchat
  87. Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight of the Generation
  88. Incable Mumbai / New Cable TV Receiver
  89. Ipl-2015
  90. Options and Hindu Philosophy
  91. Taxation Discussion
  92. How to register with SEBI as investment advisor
  93. NISM Certificate
  94. Heart Touching song for good soul people
  95. Bigger Questions...... (BQ)
  96. Important Notes
  97. Need help about institutions or teacher for learning .
  98. US offers highest-ever cybercrime reward for arrest of Russian hacker
  99. need information on ncfm certification
  100. AAP sweep !!!
  101. "Acche din" for farmers..
  102. At what gain percentage should we sell a stock (day, swing trading)
  103. please Sign petition to exclude section 44AD, to remove burden from retail traders
  104. Lets vote
  105. Which company provides financial services in India?
  106. All-time greats of Hindi Industry !!!
  107. politics related -- opposition party
  108. INVEST EXPO 2015 Feb 14 - 15 - 2015 at Chennai
  109. Hindi heroes of yester year
  110. Could you tell me where I can recharge my prepaid mobile online?
  111. Could you tell me some benefits of financial planning?
  112. Where can I get more information on Aditya Birla financial services?
  113. Merry Christmas!
  114. Android Mobile App for charting
  115. 1 lakh capital 15 days time.. What to do ?? HELP HELP PLEASE
  116. Tributes
  117. Yester-year hindi heroines
  118. Just for timepassing
  119. Lazy Monday !!!
  120. #DAY/Positional trading/general chit chat corner#
  121. First Ebola in parts of West Africa and now Plague in Madagascar
  122. cant see attachment in closed post
  123. Spacecraft landed on comet
  124. Liberal Remittance Scheme doubt
  125. Traders - mumbai
  126. Wish to connect with Traders in Kolkata
  127. Cyclone "Hudhud"
  128. TJ members scientist questions
  129. Devayani Khobragade wants to go back to USA
  130. Any Trader from Asansol--Durgapur belt of West bengal ?
  131. relation between hospital and patient
  132. India's immigration policy
  133. Galts Gulch - Visible Invisible / Invisibly Visible
  134. Happy Independence Day
  135. Old Hindi Songs
  136. Small Power Points with BIG message and some with not so big!
  137. Overheard on "Halal Street"
  138. Insights & Inspiration
  139. is there any diffenence between on/offline shopping
  140. Ad calls
  141. Life improvement books!
  142. How do upload image file in Traderji
  143. Soccer World Cup 2014
  144. Brothers! Sisters!! Friends!!! Help to Tamil Trader
  145. Anirudh Sethi Report
  146. ♫ j u s t c h i l l ♫
  147. Get-Together (Trader meet)-Mumbai
  148. LS 2014 Post poll survey.
  149. Guru-bachan
  150. Connecting higher
  151. Mysterious Flight MH 370
  152. Human misjudgements
  153. Happy Holi and colourful life this year aheaf
  154. snipping tool
  155. upcoming trading innovations from bitcoin platform...
  156. Pune Traders Ring
  157. Play Games Online
  158. A tale of two regions !!!
  159. Traders from punjab
  160. Shopping Online
  161. Domain name suggestion please
  162. Play game online
  163. indicator required ASAP
  164. lets Fight without using slang
  165. Trading Demotivators
  166. Money money money its rich mans world-Jai Ho song in english
  167. Happy Pongal
  168. Aadhar card - problem getting one.. any other problems ?
  169. The bankruptcy basics
  170. Uday kiran-telugu hero 34 years-suspected suicide-reason filmy mafia suppressing his
  171. What is tax free bond?
  172. New Banking License
  173. NSE BSE Holidays 2014 List
  174. Happy New Year 2014
  175. how to resolve this issue pertaining to yahoo mail?
  176. which politicians in congress and upa are patriotic?
  177. What simple business can a former trader start
  178. Sbi atm card fraud
  179. Bjp likely to loose votes due to sushma swaraj
  180. Traders on MCharts
  181. You Can’t Be Too Big To Fail
  182. Good cardiologist in Kolkata
  183. Infra stocks hog limelight on hopes on new govt in ‘14
  184. Highly Replicable Business Models
  185. Traders in Bangalore
  186. Open letter to President of India
  187. Six Blind Elephants
  188. Removal of Additional Margin
  189. Happy New Year
  190. Happa deepavali to all tj members.
  191. tax related question.
  192. competent and eligible person required to look after industries portfolio
  193. Masti Thread
  194. how trading business is different from other business
  195. How did you know traderji.com?
  196. Which personality would you support?
  197. Meaning of Politics-dont know? learn it now
  198. TraderJi is International
  199. Buy packaged refined oils & get palm oil free in it.
  200. why the english stayed in poor india for 400 years?jhuk marne ke liye?
  201. PLS Explain about stars and ranking to members
  202. Newbie Question
  203. Congress likely to loose ap vote bank
  204. Where do ya go on trips?
  205. Back Testing OF Stretegy
  206. American govt shut down
  207. He assessed Indians 64 years ago-he is correct as they say
  208. Namo Vs RG
  209. Minesweeper Game SHOCK
  210. ICICI Pru Life wealth 2/HDFC crest etc
  211. Father Sebastien God call is back!!!:D
  212. about RT
  213. Any Bank without yearly Internet Banking fees
  214. Post unique or monopoly business praposal
  215. What is wrong with banks in India?
  216. Markets & After hours
  217. Being Informed
  218. Best Demat acc provider
  219. some files/info to share ----- not related to trading
  220. Typographical or grammatical errors on business/finance websites.
  221. Stress Buster
  222. Love your country? then read this-Do something.
  223. Shaolin Monk harnesses Qi to drill his head
  224. Bank FD Interest rates
  225. Inspirational Stories
  226. Any trader from Chandigarh?
  227. Baba - "My Favorite Politician"
  228. how to use currency trading
  229. Welcome Telangana
  230. How save are our data with TJ
  231. help need to install subhadownloader
  232. This is What Wi-Fi Looks Like
  233. Guys-Loss/Profit share your feelings here Let's cheers
  234. Top five regrets of the dying
  235. Fiat Money
  236. Subscriber for over 3 years
  237. Big Pharma Using India's Poor as 'Lab Rats' to Test Meds
  238. Downloads at good speed from Tikona
  239. Legend Milkha singh makes india proud & emotional
  240. KK's 100% Perfect AFL:
  241. Have you played chartgame ?
  242. Relax your mind-enjoy music
  243. Delhi Traders Club-Only For Traders From Delhi
  244. Algorithm. Here an other way how they are used in today's world.
  245. Are you confused,fed up,frustrated with trading results? try this relax first
  246. Covered in accident insurance
  247. Views on Stock Holding Corporations Estamping service
  248. Who will WIN 2013 IPL cup ?
  249. Intraday option trading
  250. India needs leader not politicians