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  1. Decision making while trading- theory.
  2. Losses->> an in-depth guide
  3. How to stay focussed while day trading?
  4. What is the worst one day loss you ever had?
  5. Should I Trade ????
  6. Trading Experience
  7. Behavioral Biases in markets
  8. How market Thought me ?
  9. Lovely Chit Chats
  10. Any succesfull trader is here...
  11. Good Read
  12. Wiley Trade Mindfully.
  13. Price Action Doubt
  14. HabitRPG for Trading Discipline
  15. Punters mood
  16. Day Trading vs Swing Trading
  17. Get rich or die trying!
  18. Be Consistent Trader
  19. Worthy videos of Dr.N.Gopalkrishnan
  20. Whom to show registration certificate before posting level at forums???
  21. Mind vs Logic
  22. so we are all plants now!
  23. understanding the trading mind from neuro science and psychaitry
  24. Indian Traders
  25. do traders subconsciously really want to lose?
  26. Why ?
  27. Your guidance needed...
  28. Survey: Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation
  29. can market ticker hypnotize you :) ?
  30. A Strong Trading Mind
  31. Exclusive Trading Psychology
  32. need for psychology books
  33. Free will is an Illusion. Success is success only in the hindsight.
  34. Trading rules of Paul Tudor Jones
  35. Trade Recomendations by experts.
  36. Avoid Distrctions
  37. How can the elections influence the market.
  38. Infinity percent win,Beat the operator with Trading Psychology
  39. Earning Profits - Still Unstable Mind
  40. 90% trading is Psychology.....10% Technical
  41. Bipolar Disorder
  42. Great quote
  43. What is NLP Please Alobarate
  44. Difference Between Discretionary And Mechanical Trading Style
  45. Visualisation techniques for a trader
  46. Affirmations for a trader
  47. Greed and Fear
  48. how to *act* disciplined in market? help needed!
  49. My Trading Plan
  50. Chicken or Eagle?
  51. Greed & Fear
  52. Wht i do?
  53. 80/20 Rule
  54. Confusion about trading - please give your views
  55. Gaining Mental Strenth for Trading
  56. Does a person good in maths will be good in investing?
  57. Check your beliefs to improve your trading .
  58. why nlc workers went on for a strike?
  59. Intuitions about trading .
  60. 'Collective Consciousness' - a new revolutionary way to predict stock market
  61. Trading and Metaphysics
  62. What is more dangerous
  63. Why trade?
  64. What is your Edge ?
  65. What do you do during trading hours?
  66. Loosing 9 out of 10 times and still make money.Possible?
  67. What changed or what went wrong?
  68. Market makers method training course free by Martin cole
  69. Psychological/Mental Pitfalls of a Trader - Oliver Velez
  70. relative strebgth of index
  71. What is Foreign Exchange Trading?
  72. Unable to pull the trigger
  73. Kill emotions while doing Intraday trading:
  74. Wrong thinking and trading losses.
  75. are women better investors/traders?
  76. Overcoming psychological Barriers
  77. Mind circus
  78. Anatomy of a loss
  79. nifty closed @ 5300.00 , is this coincidence?
  80. stock manipulation... what would you do?
  81. the flipping coin argument :)
  82. Want Positive Results....Think Negative!
  83. lets imagine everyone is a master trader...now what happens!?
  84. cals refineries Ltd
  85. Doing Trading is bad thing?????
  86. BackTesting is working great...but will it work for real time.
  87. Trade Psychology to trade money
  88. Day Trading Psychology..
  89. You've Got a Great Trading System. So Why Are You Losing?
  90. Trading Psychology Videos
  91. Achilles' heel...!
  92. Equity Markets regain their strength; bourses trade near their intra-day’s high
  93. What to do to correct my mistakes ? Help me Guys
  94. How Coke and Pepsi fake it in China: with shrinking sizes
  95. the analyst in the air, the trader in the car! (Js)
  96. Chicken Sexing And Trading
  97. Technical Analysis - Graduation Day :)
  98. I Lose No Matter What I do....Overcoming problems...
  99. Giving a seminar on Psychology of Trading
  100. Building Trader's Psychology
  101. Why it is difficult to trade on tips given by others
  102. [Analogy] Bangkok Dangerous
  103. Current news & Rumours in the mkt
  104. The Warren Buffet Way - R Hagstrom-Book
  105. Trading with Emotions
  106. The Myth of Friday is Down Day
  107. Stock Markets & Astrology
  108. Why trend followers end chasing the trend...?
  109. Setting monthly targets
  110. Want become an Intraday Trader!!
  111. What kind of trader are you?
  112. Am I Right? About Averaging Losses..
  113. a story from book "The big board"
  114. How the market tells you when to stop!!
  115. about financial astrology
  116. Have you noticed the so called Stock Analysts on CNBC?
  117. help reqd for middle east traders
  118. 5 Steps To Becoming A Stock Market Guru By Larry Holmes
  119. Interview - Mark Douglas - Mind Over Market
  120. A Perfectionist?
  121. A bad trade at the start of the day
  122. Psychology of Intelligence - free ebook
  123. Inspiring story of a lady trader
  124. Trader's Challenge: Keeping the demons in leash
  125. difference between a winning trader and a losing trader
  126. Before the trade....
  127. Discretion is back in
  128. 3p's of trading
  129. Err... Psychology and Trading?
  130. Tell how u lost ur money.
  131. Welcome to the world of Monkey Investing
  132. From : Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
  133. Must read article from Brett Steenbarger
  134. Why following tips will never make you rich?
  135. Anticipatory v/s Reactionary Trading
  136. How an Asset bubble forms ?
  137. What is the “edge” you have in the markets?
  138. Common errors and bad habits of retail investors
  139. Morality of trading: Gambling or business?
  140. Short Strategies
  141. My influence on Market...plz help
  142. Biased Mind: Enemy of Trader
  143. Eight reasons why stock market traders loose Money: Ashwini Gujral
  144. Intra Day Trading
  145. Paper v/s Real
  146. Joining the Gym, Makes You a Better Trader?
  147. Tuning Up a Trading Mind !!!!
  148. Which Stage of Trading Are You At ?
  149. Your Daily Horoscope
  150. Depressing Facts
  151. learning of a discretionary trader
  152. Trade The News
  153. CV's Psycho Collections
  154. Ratan Jain's Collections from Various Resources
  155. Holy Grail
  156. Song for Traders
  157. i love day trading
  158. Difference Between A Winner & A Looser
  159. Stress-Free Trading System
  160. Mental Aspect of Trading by Linda Raschke
  161. Trading Mistakes A Trader/Investor Should Aviod.
  162. journey of a trader
  163. Stop Loss
  164. Making Choices
  165. Daytrading vs Investment
  166. Dont buy breakouts on impulse-just wait and--
  167. Have a look
  168. swing trading video-2 watch now
  169. Tip of iceberg called trading
  170. futures trading charts-education
  171. video watch-how to not loose money
  172. Money Making Rules for Investor by Bob Prechter
  173. Are traders Purists, Game Theorists, Occupational Blind Eye turners, Conmen or
  174. Learn options trading basics by VIDEO
  175. Trading E books downloads for new Investors-ESNIPS
  176. Video on options trading-Learn now-rvlv gifts
  177. Daytrading Using Indicators
  178. Video watch secret of trading-timeframes
  179. Stoploss Is My Boss
  180. WHY price ALWAYS goes down AFTER you bought the stock?
  181. Do you like to drive your car only looking in rear view mirror?
  182. Stoploss and co -simple formulae
  183. Gold market direction -FIBONACCI Video watch
  184. How to make Rs 10 LAKS in 3 years and from how much?
  185. Long term trading-like warren buffet-E books
  186. emotionfreetrading- E book gift for newbees
  187. Stockmarket miracle-e book
  188. Trading strategy(hidden)-find out-comment-food for thought
  189. swing trading video-2 watch and learn
  190. My best trade ever
  191. Being Right and Making Money......Dr Tharp
  192. GFH (Greed, Fear & Hope) Factors and Markets
  193. Free Astrology Help On Stocks
  194. psychology of trading commodity futures and forex
  195. Trading on Eventualities (political crash, terrorist attack, war, etc)
  196. Report scams in the Equity Market
  197. 16 deadly mistakes of trading
  198. Intraday Trading on First Day of Listing
  199. Innerworth
  200. Use Of Astrology In Trading
  201. Very nice article by Dr. Brett Steenbarger
  202. Paper Trading Psychology - Must Read-Great Info
  203. Types of trading--Adv and Disadv
  204. The phaomnneil pweor of the hmuan mnid.
  205. Pessimistic Vs Optimistic Investing Attitude
  206. Stop Thinking
  207. Few Rules to become successful trader
  208. Investing Rules
  209. Learning cycle of a Trader
  210. Jesse Livermore
  211. The Saga Of an Investor
  212. Trading with money I cannt afford to lose
  213. Balaji Telefilms and the Saas-Bahu Negativity
  214. Investing - "One's Partnership with India Inc."
  215. The first crack in the Dragon's armour?
  216. What if there were a 9/11 right now?
  217. An anatomy of the Stock Market! - Bull & Bear Market Cycles
  218. Articles on Trading Psychology by Dr. Brett N. Steenbarger
  219. Trading Games
  220. Charts can filter out emotion
  221. Why Professionals Lose In The Market
  222. Trading lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous
  223. Accepting the Uncertainty of the Markets