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  1. Is ADX giving false signal? Kindly suggest.
  2. Identifying future volatility and momentum
  3. Are stocks more responsive to support/resistance than index?
  4. The speculator
  5. Bearish Earnings Reversal Followed By Bear Flag Signals Bad Times For Broadcom $AVGO
  6. sbi analysis
  7. Delivery in commodities and futures/ options
  8. Need A Software other than Amibroker
  9. Day Trading in Equity for living
  10. Technical Screener
  11. can u make elliott wave theory simplified
  12. Price action chart reading
  13. Techincal Analysis of IDFC BANK Ltd.
  14. Does anybody know how profitable this system is?
  15. Renko - Brick size
  16. Gann vibration system
  17. My System - My trades.
  18. Chart Pattern Trading
  19. KAMA in zerodha Pi
  20. Can anyone have angle afl.
  21. My trades based on Trade Hunter's 315 EMA Crossover
  22. Market depth analysis
  23. Swing trading hub
  24. Breakouts
  25. How to pick stock for the next day?
  26. nifty future and bank nifty
  27. Forex Analysis and News for Major Currency pairs
  28. Is anyone using NR7 for trading?
  29. Understanding Charts easy way for Beginners
  30. Excel sheet trading
  31. Renko Trading
  32. How to Identify a Trend Day Early
  33. Regarding TATA Power Analysis
  34. Learning Swing Trade (inspired by gopicbin1 and market master(mrktmstr)
  35. No Indicator performs better except your Mindset
  36. Any Indicator
  37. Afl help needed
  38. Your favourite stock analyst ?
  39. I want to count when singnal (i.e. breakout, cross) happen.
  40. Beta value of F&O Stocks
  41. Simple Candlestick Chart Setups
  42. nifty future help
  43. need help for future trading
  44. The Ultimate Indicator
  45. Important Observations on Volatility and Beta
  46. Testing 20WMA
  47. Identify Price Volatility As Early As Possible With Moving Averages
  48. Intraday technical crossovers MA,stochastic,MACD,RSI, etc in 5 min,15 min,30 min,1 hr
  49. Simple Breakout Strategies and Systems
  50. Is Nifty - Bullish, Bearish or Neutral ?
  51. If 90% of traders fail, why not just do the opposite?
  52. Short Survey Request
  53. Trading system for beginner
  54. What is up with the opening price
  55. FII activities reports in excel
  56. Divergence
  57. Learning Technicals
  58. Astro Crude Trading
  59. please help me; in dire need
  61. reuploaded stock evaluation
  62. I AM Working out an excel
  63. Dividend Payout Vs Growth NAV value significance
  64. Best Intraday Trading Moving Average Setup for US30(Wall Street 30) Index
  65. Repainting Vs Non-Repainting SuperTrend
  66. Various Market Studies
  67. Charting brokers
  68. how to trade Nitin Spinners ?
  69. Latest method of trading
  70. Where to find Pre 1994 prices of TATAPOWER
  71. What is the optimal winning percentage for trend following?
  72. How to confirm a trending or ranging market?
  73. Chapter Close (Req Must See All)
  74. How to calculate Support, Resistance and Target for the Premium prices of Options
  75. Why there are so many gaps in NIFTY and BANKNIFTY in last 1-2 years alteast
  76. Kakatiya cement - thoughts
  77. What is the best online forum for learning technical analysis of stock markets?
  78. What is the best site to do virtual trading of options and futures in the Indian mark
  79. how to become successful technical analylist
  80. Metatrader 4 Custom indicator
  81. Elliottwave analysis videos NSE stocks.
  82. Institutional Activity
  84. Trading Divergences using Stochastic Oscillator
  85. Multiple moving average
  86. Real Time stock Scanner of hour,day,week,month required?
  87. Swing and Intraday Options trading thread
  88. Triangles, Wedges, Pennants etc
  89. Plan to improve Balance Dynamics
  90. Sounding Board and Random Brainstorming
  91. Learning Parabolic SAR
  92. Help needed in finding trend using bollinger bands!
  93. Market Indicators
  94. Mapping of BSE and NSE listed companies and Sector / Industry
  95. Preparation for CMT
  96. Invest for Income Generation
  97. Trade With SMAs
  98. Do Gartleys and Butterflys not work on Nifty Futures ?
  99. Kindly add buy sell variables
  100. Gann calculator
  101. Awesome Oscillator Review
  102. Nellore Group
  103. H4 time frame for NSE and MCX possible?
  104. TrendLine
  105. How to backfill nifty EOD data from excel to amibroker ?
  106. Trend Following
  107. Problem in calculating EMA of a Stock
  108. Why fail to cath at leat one from high rising script of year
  109. supertrend afl......
  110. Can i use NSE RSS Feed Burner for my website
  111. Heikein Ashi candle
  112. An Excellent Trick Named as Star Bar Trick
  113. Highly accurate combination of indicators in day trading
  114. Afl Basic.........Use for all
  115. Modify afl with target and stoploss
  116. Indicators for different time frames?
  117. Intraday Logic depen only on price action
  118. voltas
  119. Renko Trading With Energy Band
  120. please Add one condition in afl
  121. Undisclosed volume
  122. Channel surfing
  123. Repaint call in afl please modify these
  124. Discripency in BSE EQ Closing Price Computation
  125. Gann angle calculator excel
  126. A New Strategy which shows good Results
  127. Pathfinders
  128. An Excellent Collection of ST's Posts.
  129. Exit at next Day at 9:16 am (intraday trade)
  130. Order FLow Data
  131. Stockometry
  132. Lead and zinc trade
  133. Buy Sell Arow
  134. Best trading for intraday
  135. How to check RSI for stock futures?
  136. any views on gold?
  137. Regarding RSI indicator
  138. What are the different stratgeies fos shorting a trade
  139. NISM Series -XV
  140. How to select signal line parameter in MACD
  141. Demand and Supply zone trading
  142. What is the formula for zig zag indicator
  143. intraday parameters
  144. Help ! ...... Technical Analysis Software
  145. Karthik's OPTION Trading Strategy!
  146. Please identify this indicator for by sell signal
  147. Survey on “Investors’ Behaviour and strategies in Stock Market in Bull and Bear Phase
  148. Which Strategy / System / Indicators Gives U consistent Results
  149. Trendline, Volume & Momentum......
  150. Technical Analysis is better than Fundamental Analysis
  151. Is Downtrend Starts ?..Technical View
  152. Some charts - Scalping some points
  153. Transfer of Shares
  154. How to confirm if market or share is in sideways trend
  155. Need trigger price more than stop loss
  156. Learning Gann Analysis for 60K
  157. W pattern doubt
  158. Candle Identification
  159. How to trade with volume
  160. Afl code
  161. Nifty vs Nifty Futures
  162. How to decrease minor cross over in moving average crossover
  163. I found some new stuff...
  164. Amibroker Shade Area
  165. Draw levels on ICharts or Investing
  166. Preparing Technical Report
  167. Karthik's 315 Pullback Strategy (Intraday & EOD)
  168. Tom Demark Trading strategy
  169. Need suggestion with scohscatic in crude oil
  170. MS training in Mumbai?
  171. profitable or not...
  172. When will you exit?
  173. Exit strategies using TA
  174. Albk
  175. ichimoku cloud strategy
  176. Cycles in Trading
  177. tech analysis using GTIMT4
  178. Elliott Wave Analysis of NIFTY spot
  179. Convertion MT4 to AFL
  180. Technical Analysis - Notes
  181. afl help
  182. Some charts live ... I might think to trade ! (short to very short term or intraday)
  183. Technical Analysis - Practice trades
  184. NSE Server Crash----Elliott Waves
  185. Rules regarding Buy Today Sell Tomorrow
  186. Need help on AFL code
  187. Charts Discussion
  188. Charts Patterns and Intraday Trading
  189. Traders Favorite Decision Tools - 1
  190. Traders Favorite Decision Tools
  191. Technical analysis and charting Software
  192. Time Series Forcast
  193. RSI method
  194. Add Buy Sell Arrow in formula
  195. Anyone Having This Indicator?
  196. Help with trends
  197. Is it possbile to predice price deviation with respect to RSI deviation
  198. Can anyone suggest about Amibroker
  199. Renko basics
  200. Strategy involving MACD and Bollinger based RSI
  201. Bazaar Shastra
  202. FII DII Activity Data
  203. My PA learning
  204. Why Chart Patterns Occur
  205. Dividend calculation
  206. SL Order to enter a trade
  207. Looking for 2 Technical Indicators
  208. Alert in Zerodha Pi
  209. Script help please...
  210. Scan for 45° trending stocks
  211. Can any one modifiy this MQ4 code into AFL ?
  212. Question to senior scalpers and day traders. Kindly guide
  213. Point & Figure Charts
  214. How to enter Serial Key for amibroker
  215. Want to learn Tech Analysis
  216. rolling series charts or standalone series charts
  217. Speculation of fuel prices at petrol pumps
  218. AFL Help Needed !
  219. Help with the charting software
  220. your views requested on trading with renko bars
  221. Trading System using EMA and PSCR
  222. Trading based on total buyer quantity and seller quantity
  223. Brokerage and intraday trading has hit me hard
  224. RSI data for each stock on NSE
  225. technical software
  226. Chart Pattern Help
  227. Searching for 2-3% per trade possible net profit
  228. All updates in one thread By santhosh2010
  229. Suggest resources to find detailed trade setups
  230. TCS Q3 Results 2014
  231. Dma
  232. Short Term
  233. Choosing the right strategy for trading is a strategy by itself
  234. Android Free Calculators useful for trading
  235. Testing Strategy for Breakout Trading through Future and Options
  236. Which indicators or logic can this system be using?
  237. How to find relative strength of a stock ?
  238. Price Action help needed
  239. My Strategy
  240. Intraday trading / scalping
  241. A positive day i.e. a white candle is required the next day to confirm this signal.
  242. Karthik's CRUDE Intraday Strategy
  243. Requesting a BollingerBand Squeeze formula for FCharts
  244. Enhanced MACD
  245. niftyonly trading
  246. Can u Guess the Strategy Behind this
  247. Amibroker Scan error
  248. AFL code Help
  249. Understanding financial markrts
  250. 100 % profit without single stoploss hit?