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  1. Limited Scrutiny Notice
  2. Tax Audit Due date Extended
  3. No Income tax for traders.. Lets fight
  4. Lookinf for a CA based in Pune
  5. Accounting Work in Tally for Tax Assessment
  6. How can i know P/L from this image
  7. income for Assessment cost
  8. CA needed in Pune
  9. Non filling of Income Tax Return
  10. FY2015-2016 (AY16-17) ITR2 filing guide for Intraday Gain
  11. Books of accounts for intraday traders
  12. Stamp Duty Charge
  13. STT Calculation
  14. FNO turnover calculation in excel
  15. Confusing Message from Tax Dept (E-Verification Related)
  16. No income, but starting trading. Should I be concerned about the taxman?
  17. Options to save tax for full time option trader
  18. Recommend a good tax consultant in Mumbai for filling ITR4
  19. received LETTER from income tax
  20. Impostors
  21. Indian Taxes for Overseas OPTIONS USA trading
  22. in ITR4 where to show Short Term Capital Loss made in Equity to Carryforoward
  23. Anybody done an audit in kolkata
  24. plz help regarding tax
  25. Capital gains tax account scheme to save taxes?
  26. Need help ! about tax
  27. F&O turnover calculation
  28. Any Idea how to start a Trading frim
  29. F&O Turnover calculation
  30. Received Notice under section 139(9)
  31. Tax Audit Due Date extended - Still Time to Catch up
  32. accounting and audit cost
  33. Is long term capital gains in shares taxable if i am trader
  34. option tax and capital gain
  35. Business Tax Returns Filing Started
  36. Starting a Share Trading Company
  37. Are You Covered Under Tax Audit
  38. Return filing query
  39. Income Tax Return Forms Notified
  40. Please help i am new to all these income tax
  41. looking for CA to calculate my tax on investment
  42. Trading in CM, F&O in Wife's name A/c
  43. Property Taxation
  44. Regarding stamp duty calculations
  45. Stock market accounting in tally
  46. Discussion on section 44AD of IT Act
  47. Discussion on section 44AD of IT Act
  48. Stock Portfolio Closing Balance
  49. Tax implications
  50. companies Act 2013
  51. Companies Act
  52. Looking for CA for audit and tax preparation related to stocks trading - Bangalore
  53. Company Act 2013
  54. Inheritance in foreign currency
  55. Capital gains query: bonus from MF to be included in cost?
  56. How to get rid of Tamil Nadu Stamp Duty?
  57. Role of STT in taxation
  58. Budget 2014-2015, A general tax slab review
  59. Bad Experience: Cleartax.in
  60. Global report and Audit Fees
  61. Loss in F & O trading
  62. tax on GOLD ETF
  63. URGENT!!! Maintaining books of accounts
  64. accounting in tally
  65. Tax and brokerage intraday 2014.
  66. FY last day trading
  67. ITR processed demand determined
  68. Taxation for Traders / Investors
  69. Deducting investment expenses
  70. My tax query. Please help me.
  71. Clarification needed Trading income taxation for senior citizens
  72. TAX For trading In futures and Option
  73. CA specialized in patent trading strategy
  74. Do I have to get my accounts audited?
  75. Please clarify my doubt in tax auditing
  76. Tax implications of transferring shares across demat accounts
  77. Group order for Directshares Accounting software
  78. Tax Return Filing in case of Futures & Options Trades
  79. Tax Free Regime - No Income tax, Sales Tax, VAT, etc etc.....
  80. Income tax on earned money from stock market?
  81. Income Tax Notice
  82. Taxation on Gold ETFs
  83. How to calculate carry forward -please help
  84. Feedback on taxmantra.com
  85. Disclosure of Foreign Income in ITR 2
  86. Audit-Taxation Cost Burden.
  87. Cost basis for bonus shares
  88. Looking for a CA for help in derivative trading taxation
  89. Income tax return for F&O transactions
  90. LTCG Tax on Debt Funds
  91. Long term loss tax adjustment
  92. Tax details: intraday trading in futures and options
  93. Tax Consultant in Noida
  94. What kind of company structure ideal to prop trade?
  95. Tax payment
  96. when is the due date ?
  97. difference
  98. short term capital gains tax
  99. Sample Filled ITR-4 xlx for Salaried and Traders
  100. Currency Trading
  101. Commodity Tading Tax Query ...
  102. Investing/Trading on US Market Shares.
  103. Filing Up ITR 4
  104. ITR-4 - futures trading
  105. Long term gain
  106. Intent of breaking up STCG quaterly in schedule CG
  107. What do you say you do in your income tax return?
  108. taxes on option trading
  109. what is the legal requirements for commodity adviser in india
  110. Stt
  111. Tax ... Tax ....tax
  112. I use Sharekhan and I have a query about additional levies
  113. Stamp Duty on NSE Derivatives Contracts
  114. Tax on US market earnings
  115. Stamp Duty Charges in Trading
  116. tax on future trading turnover
  117. Taxes on commodity futures
  118. Pooled trading
  119. Transmission of shares to individual with his/her HUF PAN card
  120. Day Trading as a Business
  121. tax
  122. Stt query is it going to be reduced or removed
  123. Day trading Taxes
  124. education cess
  125. a question abot taxes and other chareges
  126. Software for accounting of stock data
  127. Is returns filing mandatory for F&O loss
  128. How to calculate turnover In Case Of day trading?
  129. Tax on share market trading for salaried
  130. How to file tax online via Government's Income Tax site?
  131. ITR-4 eFiling for F&O Loss
  132. Income tax clarification for short term capital gain
  133. F&O : How to show in returns
  134. Taxation regarding F&O losses.
  135. HUF pan card
  136. taxation for trading abroad
  137. nri selling estate in india
  138. Save tax?
  139. Early PF withdrawals will be taxed
  140. NRI in US with investment in India
  141. SBI Retail Bonds TDS
  142. Advance Tax payment by corporates - data source?
  143. MF & Taxation
  144. Free Tax Planning Guide 2011
  145. Tax Saving Tips Beyond Section 80C
  146. Is tax audit compulsory for a share trader?
  147. Tax Saving Advice Needed
  148. NRI account trick
  149. intra day volume limit from tax perspective
  150. Completely new on these forums, I basically wanted to say hi
  151. Treatment of tax on Fixed deposit interest
  152. Tax Deduction Query
  153. Mutual Funds and Annual Information report (AIR)
  154. Can anyone please explain the NRI taxation policy?
  155. Retail limit increased to 2 lac in IPO - Taxation problem querry
  156. Accounting of Bonus and Split of Shares.
  157. Formula to determine the Cost Price for Break even
  158. Saving Capital Gain
  159. TDS for payments in foriegn currency
  160. Income Tax on Money Earned in Stock Market
  161. Exhausted 80 C Limit?? You can still save tax.....
  162. Stock trading expenses and Tax deductions
  163. 5 tax-planning tips for salaried individuals
  164. Tax Calculation for Derivatives (FNO) 2010-2011
  165. Tax on ESOP
  166. If I am added as 2nd holder, will shares be considered my income?
  167. Tax on FDs
  168. Tax Implications for remissions to Canada
  169. Taxation in commodity trading
  170. Wash Sale Rule in India
  171. Tax Free Bonds
  172. SEBI needs income proof for futures traders?
  173. TAX rules for the financial year 2010
  174. Reporting losses in tax return
  175. accounting for shares in gnucash
  176. Please guide me.
  177. Specimen copy of filled ITR-4 form (P/L from ST, ID and FO)
  178. Guide:- TAX liablilities for Stock Advisory Services
  179. ITR 4 Excel form
  180. Turnover Vs Transaction
  181. Capital gain deduction
  182. Gigolo fees
  183. stt and taxation on standard chartard bank IDR
  184. income tax on loss??
  185. Direct tax code and income from derrivatives?
  186. journal entries
  187. Do NRIs pay tax on Capital gain from Indian investments in their residing country?
  188. Accounting for Shares in Tally
  189. Want to know basic things of income tax on trading
  190. Statement of Capital Gain or Capital Loss
  191. Taxation on stock lending income
  192. Turnover audit
  193. Capital gain summary statement for broker?
  194. Taxation For Pvt Ltd Companies
  195. Now Save Your Income Tax
  196. HDFC NRI Trading account STP, STT bla bla..
  197. Leased car and tax - Impact of abolition of FBT
  198. Tax Refund Query
  199. Tax for derivative income.
  200. Why is it important to submit tax proofs?
  201. Taxes with respect to different kinds of shares transactions
  202. Trading as Business
  203. Software to calculate capital gains tax
  204. Does Loss incurred in Trading get Tax reduction
  205. Turnover Amount and Tax
  206. Do we need to pay income tax for Trading Profit?
  207. Tax on corporate/bank fixed deposit and NCDs.
  208. Reg, Turnover of Shares Trade
  209. Query on different Charges in Day Trading
  210. How much tax is valid on short term (1 day to 24 months) capital gain by stock sell
  211. STT on call exeicsed
  212. Taxation solutions
  213. Related to Tax
  214. Tax Details before closing account?
  215. Tax Again
  216. direct tax code and small investors
  217. what is current Tax Rates for Short term trading
  218. long term gain audit required?
  219. Intraday tax Audit?
  220. Keeping trading a/c book on tally
  221. Can i claim for stt refund if loss in share market.?
  222. Tax filing after layoff - for 9 months rather than 12
  223. ULIP & Tax
  224. Accounting Entries and Taxation for Stocks & F&O-A thread for settling these issues.
  225. Taxation Query---Please help
  226. what should housewife should mention for source of income in PAN card ?
  227. F&O -taxation rules
  228. need ainfo on tax returns
  229. STT on "off-market" transactions
  230. Tax matters
  231. Stt ?????????????
  232. help on taxation
  233. Intraday and STCG....
  234. Trading as a small firm - Questions
  235. Setting up living trust in US
  236. Mutual Fund - Bonus option vs Growth option
  237. Tax for nri in india
  238. First time tax payer...
  239. TAx file maintain?
  240. Rules for offering service from india
  241. HRA exemption in it related
  242. Tax levied on money transfer to uncle bank account
  243. REquire a spreadsheet for calculating STCG or LTCG
  244. Capital gains tax on a gifted property
  245. Stt cut likey this month
  246. Stock Derivative Trading - Speculative ?
  247. Tax rate for the trader in F&O
  248. How to calculate the tax....?
  249. Loss in share market offset against investment ....
  250. ELSS, Demat & Brokerage