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  1. Tradeplusonline - Your feedbacks?
  2. Physical Shares Lost & other DEMAT issues - How to sell shares ? Help appreciated
  3. Best Broker for Option Selling
  4. Can one have more than one Demat Account on one PAN card?
  5. Bigprofitapp.com
  6. Stupid newbie question...
  7. Sharekhan Tradetiger users: How do you check individual turnover?
  8. 20 R.s Broker vs True No Brokerage
  9. Zerodha Annual Charges
  10. Transfer holdings from NRE DEMAT A/c to another Indian Resident DEMAT A/c
  11. quotes freezing
  12. what if broker got bust
  13. Bonanzaonline
  14. a question on zerodha pi
  15. Is Anand rathi a reliable platform
  16. Unlimited Bracket Order
  17. Find Unlimited Plans strategy
  18. Is there an upper limit on percentage of futures initial margin required by broker?
  19. How do you find leverage offered by AngelBroking on a particular scrip
  20. 123capital
  21. Ficus wealth broker anybody used?reliable?
  22. Share transfer
  23. Nse mobile android app
  24. Slowest Broker Platform
  25. AMIBroker: What are threads per analysis window?
  26. Your view on SAS Online?
  27. RKSV Upstox on iPhone/iPad
  28. FEEDBACK: Interacive Broker for International Trading
  29. Karvy Stock Broking's Reversal of 50% brokerage issue
  30. Acumen Capital Markets (India) Ltd
  31. Can online broker go bankrupt?
  32. How much funds have you parked with discount brokers?
  33. FP Markets – Your View
  34. Are Brokers like Mtrading legal in India?
  35. Transaction Charges
  36. How to close a Demat Account(ICICI DIRECT)?
  37. Limit order with Bracket order
  38. Best NSE Index Options Brokerage Plan
  39. Broker made HUGE buy/sell transactions from my account by "mistake"
  40. Tickmill Big Announcement
  41. Finvasia
  42. Sub Brokership
  43. Brokers providing Algo trading.
  44. please guide regarding which discount broker to choose along with their comparision
  45. Who trades with Profiforex?
  46. demat account closer
  47. Unfortunate experiences with renowned brokers
  48. Information regarding Indian Brokers
  49. Is possible to trade on only Span margin??
  50. Sorry read many parts of forum but unable to decide which broker.
  51. BNP Paribas bought Sharekhan
  52. Confused about Share khan ledger balance and capital gain report
  53. Avoid Quarterly settlement for Interactive Brokers
  54. Trading going on on Saturday? Bizarre!
  55. ULTIMATE Final Comparison (Angel Broking vs Sharekhan)
  56. What you want in a new online trading platform
  57. WHY People Like Zerodha Too Much
  58. POLL - Which is the Best Broker in India
  59. Multiple stop losses & profit targets for a number of lots while trading on MCX?
  60. Do zerodha kite offeres after market bracke or cover order?
  61. Angel Broking equity brokerage charges
  62. Zerodha - Tracking Profit and Loss of EACH Trade
  63. Any one tried 5paisa brokerage
  64. Discount Brokerhelp please
  65. Wisdom Capital : Free Trade & Investment Zone.
  66. Impact of GST on trading.
  67. Best Broker in India ... Flat Monthly Fees.
  68. Stay away from TrendBlazer
  69. zerodha limiting stock universe
  70. Effect of GST to Trade Cost
  71. What is smallcase?
  72. NestPlus - Login problem
  73. Zero amc for demant
  74. Established Discount Broker
  75. Scalping broker needed
  76. Guidance on scanners
  77. Which is better Zerodha's kite, RKSV's upstox or Reliance's Tick?
  78. Where I can check the stock brokerage reviews?
  79. Options Brokerage - Suggestion
  80. Buy order failed
  81. Sharekhan _ Amibroker bridge
  82. Any low fee Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) provider for US NRI casual trader?
  83. Any feedback on them?
  84. Review of SAS online ? Please share your expereince
  85. DPL ONLINE : Unlimited Trades @ Rs 1499/Year Acros s NSE/BSE/MCX-SX
  86. Trading only nifty options with Unlimited brokerage(like RKSV in the past)
  87. Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?
  88. which broker - ipo's and tax free bonds?
  89. Any broker in india that provide service to trade in international markets
  90. wisdom capital taking exit from f6 finserve
  91. SecureJi Brokers for MT4 Trading
  92. Beware of MyValueTrade
  93. Best Broker for news trading? OctaFX, TradeWiseFX or FreshForex?
  94. Which broker is giving highest intraday exposure in equity cash....plz suggest
  95. Trading from Chart
  96. Broker for highest leverage
  97. which broker provides lowest transaction charges ???
  98. Zerodha MIS & CO Type Orders Questions? [Help]
  99. Zerodha - against NSE Auhtorized Data Vendors like GFDL and TrueData !
  100. Zerodha wrong attitude for Ninja Trader Users
  101. SHAREKHAN API to amibroker
  102. Orders getting rejected?
  103. Trade Tiger AMC - am I being duped ?
  104. need an opinion on geojit broker
  105. Which is the best RKSV's upstox pro or Zerodha's kite
  106. How to avoid brokerage account opening fees?
  107. Bse bolt review
  108. Can any brokerage cater to this trade?
  109. RKSV? or Zerodha?
  110. Brokrage and leverage for currency trading
  111. broker for option trading
  112. Pro Advisory Championship
  113. How do I check if a firm is registered with SEBI?
  114. How much does ICICI direct charge intraday
  115. Orion Broking Services Runaway with clients Money !!!
  116. Sharekhan - Automated Trading
  117. ZERODHA become RICH now treat us like POOR
  118. Nest Trader Latest Version (Not Modified for any Broker)
  119. Love you Zerodha.. Open trade.
  120. brokerage
  121. Contra Trade
  122. For Zerodha
  123. Symphony Presto discussion
  124. Unauthorized Without Consent Trade Transaction(F&O) in BMA Wealth Noida
  126. Suggest Broker between ICICI, Kotak and HDFC
  127. Any broker there? whose phone line is not busy..
  128. Alice Blue Securities - FREEDOM plan - pls comments
  129. mutual fund
  130. Mutual Fund
  131. NSE Trading Platform
  132. Online MCX charting
  133. Lowest Brokerage or Lowest Break-Even Point ?
  134. Mt4 or mt5 platform on android mobiles
  135. Cheapest nifty option trading
  136. Is Cancelled cheque mandiatory for opening account with zerodha?
  137. My value trade
  138. Sharekhan's Trade Tiger has an Unknown Publisher
  139. Is Share Khan's Trade Tiger compatible with Microsoft Windows 10?
  140. User Review: TradePlusOnline
  141. I'm Ditching RKSV & Going Back to Zerodha Again!
  142. About NOW
  143. Privacy while trading
  144. failed transaction charges.
  145. Multiple demat accounts
  146. How to increase traffic of my webpage?
  147. Is Zerodha losing their Credentials ?
  148. Cheapest Broker for Option Scalping?
  149. Query regarding share transfer
  150. zerodha intraday charting
  151. ICICI Demat acct, link to Zerodha or RKSV
  152. cheapest broker
  153. Rksv-dream plan
  154. HDFC Securities: Intraday charts
  155. Amibroker trade tiger
  156. NSE NOW - Is this normal ?
  157. Broker providing technical analysis auto buy and sell?
  158. bugs in recent update of sharekhan
  159. Purposely Short Delivery by Ventura1
  160. Which Brokerage with Real time Charting Software?
  161. Which discount brokers supply trailing stop loss for overnight positon?
  162. Portfolio Exit
  163. Cheapest forex broker in India
  164. SAS-Online has banned Intraday trading today
  165. WOW! SHAREKHAN! TradeTiger-AmiBroker Bridge
  166. How to use sharekhan Bracket Order ?
  167. Discount broker with best terminal
  168. Achiievers Equities or SAS online
  169. Kotak securities fees
  170. In Search of Best Trading Platform : courtesy : Wisdom Capital
  171. What are "Delivery Handling Charges" ?? Which brokers have it ?
  172. Broking Frauds - Sharekhan & Others fined for Front-Running
  173. Trading Terminal Disconnection
  174. Are Brokers Deliberately Cutting Cord of Small Traders
  175. Support the cause for whatever it is worth
  176. NSE Scandal!! BSE like scam in the making??
  177. Problem with sharekhan trade tiger
  178. Help with Nest
  179. want to open a Trading a/c with SHARE KHAN--your view please!!!
  180. Zerodha; trading using moving average crossover
  181. TradeTiger Chart issue
  182. Maximum Amount allowed in individual trading account
  183. Margin Penalty Charges & Trading with Intraday Profits
  184. Nest Plus Paid or Free for use
  185. Want to know from experience people
  186. Who is your Broker ??
  187. is it legal to use foreign brokers like iqoptions in India?
  188. Franchiese enquiry
  189. Multiple Chart at same time.. pls discuss..
  190. MoneyPalm Money Trader Trading Platform
  192. Brokers offering Trailing Stops in their Software
  193. graph linking in trade tiger
  194. Itl or wisdomcapital 100 days challenge or zerodha 60 days challenge??
  195. Any feedback for f6finserve?
  196. Someone Pls Help - NEST Plus Login Issues
  197. Svlns offering 499/- unlimited trading or 1/- per lot
  198. Please suggest me a good online trading platform
  199. Indian Trading League / SAMCO
  200. Problems With intraday trading on DietOdin
  201. Brokers for foreign investors
  202. Brokers & Year-End Reports -
  203. which brokers are offering ODIN plaform.
  204. Finally I give up on ICICI Direct - Any good brokers for Margin Trading?
  205. Any New Products/Platforms in the Forex market you come across?
  206. How to delete Pivot and R1,R2,R3 and S1,S2,S3 from trade tiger?
  207. Planning to start trading - Please help in selecting online trading site (sharekhan)
  208. myvaluetrade.com review
  209. Demat account without PoA to broker for large investments
  210. Trade Tiger used up 6+ GB of HDD instead of less than 80 MB
  211. What is the future of Geojit?
  212. Procon Advisory Trading Experience
  213. Trade Tiger - Tips, Tricks and Hints
  214. How to change chart color in amibroker 5. 5
  215. Incompatibility issue - Zerodha/ NEST Link to Excel x64 bit
  216. Help for intradey to delivery based
  217. Algo Trading @MasterTrust
  218. Preferd Brokers for High Number Trading
  219. Short selling stocks for longer than intraday
  220. RE: DP Charges
  221. SBI Smart - now with app for iOS and android
  222. Hi TRADERS, which brokers have lowest Transaction charges??
  223. Newbie needs help regarding ICICI direct
  224. Very Bad experience with Bezel
  225. Invitation to brokers (rksv,zerodha and others) to adopt FNCharts
  226. All brokerage calculators MISLEAD traders.
  227. TradeTiger - Issues
  228. Intraday trading with out demat account
  229. Suggest Authorised Person for NSE/BSE/MCX
  230. Rs. 1 per lot Brokerage in NIfty Fetures and Nifty Options and Stock Fetures and Opti
  231. How is AliceBlue Broking house?? pls comments
  232. Any SMS alert providers ?
  233. Demat account details lost
  234. What is the actual profit in zerodha (or RKSV) for a 10k trade
  235. Broker who gives maximum scripts(atleast 1500) for intraday trading. with good margin
  236. Which of these are better brokers for day-trading?
  237. Help regarding margin trading in sharekhan.
  238. Completely new!! Pls help us to know share market in layman terms.
  239. Hallo dear members please guide on traderjini
  240. IIFL 9.99 Flat Brokerage
  241. Difference between Demat accounts (sbi, icici) and discounted account (Zerodha, RKSV)
  242. zerodha pi delayed again
  243. Which broker charges minimum margin for writing options
  244. Are we safe to keep big portfolios with a single broker?
  245. Fortune Vs Orion Vs Goodwill
  246. How do i find if the broker has many complaints?
  247. Are BO orders available on FNO contracts?
  248. Tool which shows entry / exits points for a stock on a chart
  249. SBIcap sec is way to expensive. Which trading account is best and cheapest in brokerg
  250. Nifty points going. to rise in new year?