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  1. Anyone facing issue with Zerodha?
  2. how is sasonline ?
  3. Which broker has the lowest margin requirement for covered calls and spreads
  4. Why the zerodha/tradesmartonline blocks more margin?
  5. review for tradeplus
  6. Transferring 800 physical shares.
  7. Is Markets.com reliable?
  8. Transfering shares in physical form
  9. Reliance securities
  10. satisfied with geojit, pls suggest one more broker.
  11. Pls help me to chose a good broker.
  12. What happens if all share certificates in Depository Participant get stolen?
  13. withdraw fund without our knowledge -advice
  14. Forex Trading
  15. Opening an account with ICICI Direct requires payslip copy?
  16. How to enter Buy/Sell order with StopLoss simultaneously in NSENOW?
  17. want to open a trading account
  18. Which trading software - multiple charts
  19. My Experience in Wisdom Capital aka F6 Finserve
  20. Sharekhan Trade Tiger brought virus
  21. MT4 Broker for MCX
  22. best discount broker for futures
  23. Wisdom Capital- Traders Paradise : Review
  24. How to test software on NSE
  25. Zerodha's NestPlus charts wrong by miles !!!
  26. SPAN MARGIN ALONE for F&O Carry Over Position - LEGAL or ILLEGAL ?
  27. Hotforex Zero spread account - demo testing??
  28. Best Charting broker for Intraday
  29. Best Demat Account Service Provider In India?
  30. Client Financial Details Form
  31. Managing different accounts under one id - possible?
  32. Clients of Wisdom Capital: How is your experience there ?
  33. ACHIIEVERS EQUITIES Loses its "Numero Uno" Position to Astha Trade
  34. Please choose the best discount broker :-)
  35. Brokerage charges comparison for equity delivery trading by popular discount brokers
  36. Seperate demat account & stock broking acount?
  37. Angel broking vs motilal oswal securities
  38. Lifo fifo in odin
  39. Zerodha Advantage
  40. Brokerage accounts for partnerships / entities
  41. Is Zerodha trader better than NSE Now
  42. Best broker for MCX and NCDEX
  43. Happy Diwali
  44. IIFL: Flat Brokerage of Rs.9.99 per executed order
  45. Pi Visual Styles error fix
  46. interactive brokers order execution time
  47. Feedback Pi Beta
  48. Limit Order-Protection of Capital.
  49. Very important info regarding safety of funds with broking houses
  50. Feedback on Odin
  51. want to open ac in smc
  52. Discount Broker with SPAN Margin ALONE for Futures Carry Forward ?
  53. Sub - Brokership OR Zerodha
  54. India Info Line Trading Charges
  55. Sub broker v/s Authorised person
  56. SVLNS OFFERING Rs. 1 per lot in NFO Segment
  57. supertrend on zerodha mobile?
  58. Low Brokerage Trading Account
  59. Goodwill commodity trading-chennai-has anybody tried it?
  60. Nest Plus 2.9 - Only 1 minute chart is working
  61. Best broker for me?
  62. Franchisee closing what are rules?
  63. Tradeplus unlimited trading at Rs 99 p.m
  64. Issue with Sharekhan
  65. Sharekhan Help
  66. Compare between sas online broking & and zerodha broking
  67. Zerodha Realtime Data against NSE TAME
  68. Plan to open account in sas online.. Pls comments
  69. Can Subbrokers provide trading calls
  70. Any Good broker for options
  71. Odin diet v/s Trade Tiger
  72. Demise of Deemat A/c Holder
  73. sushil finance??
  74. Kotak Securities Problems
  75. MY Pair Trades( Dairy)
  76. Nest Zerodha- SL hit w/out price reaching the trigger price
  77. Any discount broker with their own DP?
  78. Delay in order execution after submit in Zerodha/NEST?
  79. free demat and trading account???
  80. Brokerages with Best Research Service
  81. Online trading with DP account of another broker
  82. Sharekhan Trade Tiger
  83. tell me which terminal is best sharekhan's tradetiger or angel broking's odin diet
  84. Interactive Brokers - Pros and cons?
  85. IB Trading using API
  86. Can you see in nesttrader indicator value in market watch symbols
  87. ICICI Direct - e-instructions offline shares transfer - charges
  88. Fountain Securities
  89. NEST Vs Trade Anywhere Trading Platforms
  90. Live Market data on mobile
  91. Multi Country Broker
  92. Want to do trading but have no time
  93. Help with ICICI Direct's MarginPlus
  94. Forex expositions by ShowFxWorld.
  95. onlinezerobrokerage
  96. you can stop loss ur self
  97. Broker with best Charting Tool??
  98. Worst brokers
  99. Is Nest Trader Best Trading Platform
  100. which broker allows paper trading?
  101. Multiple chart at same time!!!
  102. Safety of margin money
  103. Interactive Brokers : Indian Resident : NSE
  104. Where can I get free NIFTY futures charting with indicators
  105. Help on falcon
  106. Any views on Astha brokers from Bhopal?
  107. Does ICICI charge for cancelled/rejected trade
  108. Are you paying less brokerage than my broker
  109. Any brokers dont charge margin for option spreads
  110. any Indiabulls account holder in chennai.
  111. Zirodha or wisdom capital which one is better?
  112. Can somebody tell me how zerodha is better than CDEQUI?
  113. Stop Loss feature on GeoJit FLIP
  114. Portfolio Management Services
  115. Which Online Platform Should I Use for Equity Trading? - Newbie
  116. How the brokers cheat you in charges by other charges
  117. Looking for a broker who has best back-office solution
  118. How much time did you get before signing Sharekhan's digital contract mandate letter?
  119. Authorised person with join account
  120. Brokerages upbeat on exit polls but advise caution
  121. Alice Blue: cheating complain in NSE
  122. Sub Broker/Authorised Person/Remiser-Advice Needed.
  123. India procon
  124. Algorithmic trading using sharekhan
  125. First Time Investor
  126. Chosing Angel Broking As brokerage
  127. sp tulsian-anybody uses his guidance?
  128. Best INVESTING account
  129. Problems while trading
  130. Feedback needed on Globe Capital Online Trading facility
  131. Sub broker
  132. need a good broker
  133. list of stock brokers in banglore
  134. Which Broker Provide NEST Trader Terminal Please Share
  135. how to subscribe it anyone know
  136. Cashback on Stock Trading
  137. best online broker on all respect
  138. Some Clarification : Wisdom Capital
  139. Good time Securities
  140. New cheater.
  141. 100% deposit bonus from liteforex and LIMITED!!
  142. sbicap beginner doubts
  143. SEBI Petition re RM's
  144. Which Platform/Broker offer order execution at predecided time?
  145. ICICIdirect executed overnight order in PreMarket Session
  146. sharekhan profit & loss a/c
  147. Tradetiger's tools
  148. which broker is best in terms of sub brokership?
  149. CDEquisearch - Any feedback?
  150. query over broker change. help needed.
  151. Forex Competitions
  152. SAS Online - Power of 9 (Rs 9 per Order-Borkerage)
  153. Tradejini
  154. sharekhan tradetiger help required
  155. Brokers MCX & NSE Brokerage less than Rs. 1000 per month / Rs.10 per order
  156. FREE lowest brokerage account true or false ??
  157. Discount brokerage_multiple day margin position
  158. what is brokerage calculator i share trading concept
  159. Can a broker take personal assets?
  160. Cell phone Trading
  161. Broker with Highest leverage in India
  162. "Expiry Underway" prevented placing order at ICICIDirect
  163. online versus offline trading
  164. Despite stricter Sebi norms, cos line up to buy back shares
  165. Need help, in hdfcsecurities how to stop automatic release of funds?
  166. About Ventura Trading Account (vs sharekhan)
  167. Wisdom Capital- My dream broker.
  168. AmariFX - Competition
  169. Highest Intraday Exposures In Options
  170. Achievers commodities query..
  171. Complaints against brokers 2013-14
  172. forest trading
  173. Any Broker providing good margin for BTST type trades (Cash segment)?
  174. New to trading
  175. Cdeq system not able to send orders thru in ncdex & mcx
  176. NSEL defaults again, settles just Rs 9 cr outstanding trade
  177. Need Info about Broker
  178. Zerodha...a question
  179. Multiple Accounts Trading Terminal
  180. Discount brokers step in as big players exit
  181. Broker platform issue
  182. best full service broker
  183. any body have account with this cheap broker
  184. MT4 broker for LEAD , ZINC , ALUMINIUM (in USD)
  185. NSEL defaults again, to pay Rs 9 cr
  186. Solution for NOW platform
  187. Need help with derivatives trading with sharekhan using TradeTiger
  188. sbi cap sec
  189. CDEQ proceeding towards failure-staff leaving cdeq dissatisfied
  190. Suggestion please
  191. Any Broker Offering Trading Using Multiple Choice Orders
  192. Stammp duty
  193. Integarated Trading Platform (ITP)
  194. Some Questions To all traders out there
  195. SAS Online
  196. Rk global
  197. stock lending borrowing
  198. suggest me good tade brokers
  199. Options trading in US market
  200. Brokerage rates for NRIs
  201. Trading platforms and their services.....
  202. Clarity on disparity of turnover charges beetween different brokers
  203. What is Base Rate?
  204. Spread order for MCX
  205. Online trading
  206. Et now shows for diwali
  207. Stocks in Focus
  208. On Line Trading
  209. Brokerage Charges Comparison with Example
  210. Discount broker with highest margins in f&o
  211. Logical Question To All Traders.
  212. What is your opinion about Anand Rathi ??
  213. List of discount broker with Debt/IPO/Mutual funds trading facility
  214. Capital Required For 1 Lot of Gold / Silver ( INTRADAY ONLY )
  215. Nest as Trading Terminal
  216. Rs.21 Min brokerage for Kotak??
  217. New Poll : Best discount Broker
  218. Brokerage without RM
  219. trade with 1000 rs yearly
  220. RK Global Odin Vs Nse Now
  221. Feedbacks on sas online
  222. :- Is there any good discount broker in NCDEX with great trading limit facility
  223. Need help in finding some good discount broker with D-Mat Services
  224. Asthashare
  225. broker giving stock lending borrowing facility
  226. Real Time data with discount brokers
  227. plz help icicidirect futures charges APART FROM BROKERAGE
  228. best mt4 broker providing indian stocks?
  229. which is more better --- zerodha or achivers
  230. Trading A/C opening in Indian Address for NRIs
  231. Minimum processor to run Sharekhan Trade Tiger 2.4.5?
  232. Need to change broker , Help please in dilemma
  233. Going to open 3 in 1 trading account in ICICI Direct
  234. Discount Broker Comparison
  235. New to ICICI DIRECT
  236. Cannot trade in scrips of bse sme in icicidirect
  237. Regarding Nest trader platform..
  238. exposure in options trading
  239. feedback on astha trade
  240. Best Online broker for NRI
  241. Brokerage House Suggestion
  242. SX-40 : ZERO brokerage for 2013 - Parim Finserv
  243. ShareKhan Brokerage!!
  244. zerodha opens its branch in ahmedabad
  245. discuss about Stamp charges
  246. Trading on Windows Phone
  247. Looking for a commodity trading software.
  248. Nest Platform - Charting
  249. RKSV or Wisdom capital
  250. RKSV - NOW platform problem