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  1. Odin Diet (Angel) vs TT5 (5paisa)
  2. chartoasis.com - another free EOD analyzer
  3. amibroker data import
  4. Substitue of Amibroker needed
  5. mp3,mp4 converter
  6. New One-Key Buying/Selling Software for ODIN
  7. charting software having option to draw atleast 6 emas ...
  8. ManishRT server has stopped working
  9. Real Time Data from Excel To Metastock
  10. how to import nse data into fcharts
  11. Spider Iris
  12. Gordon rose afl for fibotrader
  13. Any software for long term Buy/Sell indicator on EOD data?
  14. Buy Sell software with entry, Exit and SL indication
  15. Does anybody know (website URL) where we can get current value of SGX NIFTY
  17. Automated NSE,BSE EOD data update into Amibroker
  18. Applications to help trade better
  19. fibinnacci book help
  20. Looking for software developer
  21. EOD from CBOT
  22. Aptistock - Is it possible to change EOD DOWNLOAD other than Yahoo Finance
  23. Real time NSE F&O data
  24. Innovative Idea
  25. Proedge Trader (New Trading Software)
  26. Realtime Stock Quotes
  27. looking for software for live cash/future/option in excel sheet
  28. free stock soft
  29. Need help for AFL
  30. Realtime & EOD Charting - New Software Wishlist
  31. Free Real Time data downloader to Amibroker From yahoo,google or NSe
  32. Windows 7 or vista..?
  33. Top 10 Google Chrome features to boost your productivity
  34. StockMeter - realtime stock monitoring app for Mac
  35. Economical and best trading and technical analysis software?
  36. Good site for Technical charting
  37. In Quotetracker,how to plot 3 and 15 day EMA on intra-day charts?
  38. Eod software
  39. Supertrade or odin which one has more utility tools
  40. NSE Tracker v6 with Futures Support and many good features
  41. Metastock 10.1 question
  42. Off line software
  43. Desktop Stock Ticker
  44. Advanced get Software
  45. Metastock V/s Amibroker
  46. Free softwares for trading
  47. for datafeed to amibroker
  48. best trading website
  49. testing software
  50. Any software for drawing trendlines?
  51. aptistock
  52. Get live NSE stock quote 3.0
  53. New Free Make Your Stock Investment Fun, Easy and Simple
  54. Excel sheet for tracking market indices
  55. download symbol list from yahoo
  56. GCI MT4 Demo Account
  57. TA software
  58. GET NSE Data with only 1-2 min delay
  59. Forex Robots Review
  60. Shares Accounting Software for Tax and Portfolio Management
  61. Need help with quotetracker
  62. investment analysis software
  63. key for win office 2007
  64. Free software for keeping transaction records
  65. Live yahoo messenger buddy for realtime stock quote of any stock all over the world
  66. Download BSE Indices
  67. Installation Guide: QtStalker on Ubuntu Linux with NSE EOD Data Plugin (Bhavcopy)
  68. Elwave 7.6 - Excel DDE Integration help required
  69. about BOLT
  70. How does ODIN look like ?
  71. QTStalker on UBUNTU Linux and its working...
  72. Chart Nexus
  73. Development of a software based on strategies
  74. how can I place trades in multiple accounts at one go??
  75. TrendMedium 3.0
  76. Software for Personal Finance & Investments
  77. Trading Terminal's Short Kyes
  78. best software for trading
  79. Tools or Libraries for high frequency data cleaning
  80. help me about tt advance sofware
  81. how to use Charts in ODIN Client (Integrated)
  82. Trding Software's Short Kyes
  83. best software
  84. Reliance supertrade !!!
  85. How to give NSE RT datafeed to Amibroker
  86. Doubt regd. using any Software
  87. Metatrader
  88. How to use explorer & indicator builder for profitable trading in metastock
  89. Easy Real time charting in NSE MCX and NCDEX in one login
  90. Free Stock Market Software With SMS Alert
  91. Free Chatting Software
  92. Real Time Quotes for Nifty Stocks directly from the NSE website along wit alert sound
  93. Fibotrader setting database
  94. TickerPlant
  95. Paintbars in QuoteTracker
  96. Which Trader Terminal to use for Day Trading????
  97. Software tool for Mac OS X
  98. DAta for fibotrader
  99. Intraday charting software for commodities
  100. Help sought for using BSE charting
  101. How is PROFI$ION
  102. candle stick for odin diet
  103. Historical Nifty Intraday Charts
  104. Tripex oversys(531774:bse)
  105. Linux Stock Market Client-Help needed
  106. India Infoline and basic trading, Posting screenshots. Plz help by answering YES/NO
  107. New to trade. Need help to make an offline order on India Infoline's TraderTerminal
  108. Free RT Datafeed Software (Yahoo,Odin,PIB etc) Demand & Development Cost
  109. Ray Gann Calculator
  110. How to set AFL Time frame
  111. Needed help on software trading from all members
  112. Try World's First User Friendly Lightweight , Mutual Fund Portfolio Manager
  113. Find profit loss stock wise using excel
  114. portfolio management software for investors
  115. alph omega for metastock
  116. TradeTiger (Sharekhan) incorrect price candle closing w.r.t. time frame set
  117. any free software for charting..
  118. Hi, total number of scrips in odin diet
  119. Formulae language
  120. technical software???
  121. Falcon...Real Time
  122. Free software for charting and technical indicators [in the making]
  123. Suggest an Alternative Software
  124. Need your Cooperation
  125. Odin Diet Software , Condition generator.
  126. Odin Order Entry Help
  127. Your Suggesstion please
  128. Getting Nifty on Quotetracker !!
  129. RSI 3 months Chart in EXCEL
  130. Real Time technical scanner/filter
  131. MetaStock Software Setup
  132. Software for stop loss GTD on icicidirect.....
  133. Looking for a Tool for placing SL sell order automatically...
  134. Pls recommend a Charting software that allows filtering based on OBV
  135. s/w to download historical data for indices from BSE...
  136. Good charting package ( Tradestion8.5, Amibroker, metastock etc )
  137. s/w to downlad historical data for any scrip from bse
  138. Diet Odin Trading offshore (Out of India)
  139. Stock charts similar to finviz.com
  140. obligation report...........
  141. Tick Charts.
  142. Softwares for Risk Management (Pre Deal checking)?
  143. Back office software
  144. Forex Autopipster EA
  145. Who will provide free real-time charting software?
  146. NSE Tracker
  147. POWER INDIABULLS / Basic Indicators
  148. NSE Intraday Data
  149. Realtime or delayed Streaming prices for Indian Markets on mobile.
  150. Quote center being phased out 2010
  151. What is ODIN?
  152. fibotrader
  153. 10 lakhs software
  154. CMIE Prowess DATABASE
  155. scanning software
  156. A basic but imp0rtant questions for AmiBroker Experts!!
  157. TickerPlant
  158. Fast NSE EOD Bhavcopy Downloader (Metastock edition)
  159. diet odin problem
  160. Any news about Teledata??????
  161. Official NSE downloads (software from NSE)
  162. Help required with NEAT
  163. ICICI Direct Margin Traders - S/w for Order placement based on iCLICK-2-GAIN Reco
  164. EOD2FCharts EOD Data Download & Export to FCharts SE (Free Technical Analysis s/w)
  165. Minimum configuration for charting softwares
  166. Interactive brokers offers api trading on the nse
  167. Need some clarification regarding TA (Software and Data)
  168. Legal to write software.
  169. Intraday help needed
  170. How can i change the qoute time of charts in QuoteTracker for indian mcx exchange
  171. Wanted Live / 15m Delayed OHLC rates of all NSE stocks
  172. Need help for ami using with rt tick data
  173. amibroker, helpful software....?
  174. Support and resistance levels
  175. Odin
  176. An odd thing on my ICICIDirect.
  177. Power Indiabulls query
  178. WEBOTRON : Powerful Technical Analysis Software for non technical persons...
  179. myQuotes - Free Real Time Quotes Software
  180. Forex MegaDroid
  181. software required
  182. Help me...
  183. Please suggeust me which is best
  184. Portifolio MAnagemen in Excel
  185. SMS Alerts for Indices
  186. How to start learn technical analysis
  188. setting price alert in diet odin
  189. Excel workbook for Stocks, ULIP and MF
  190. ODIN BulkOrder Upload Facility
  191. Which is the best Technical Analysis Software ?
  192. Excel capital gain calulator ?
  193. Fun.exe from Omkarmango
  194. Reg Best Automated Trading system
  195. Looking for portfolio management software ?
  196. software
  197. Profit loss calculator Software
  198. NSE data (1996- Mar 2009) for Metastock
  199. JStock - Free Stock Market Software
  200. Can i download complete NSE stock code list in excel format?
  201. Regarding trading....
  202. Accounting software for shares trader & investor
  203. Relative Comparison b/w MetaStock & Amibroker Features? Which is gud for beginer?
  204. Free Software for INTRADAY charting online ??
  205. Integrated Charting Software
  206. Suggestion for removing PC Evidences
  207. How to optimize PC startup.
  208. Powerindiabulls running on Mobile
  209. Portfolio manager
  210. Portfolio Management website for Futures and options.
  211. Abletrend Software with Esignal
  212. Stock Analysis Software for daytrading
  213. Tools for F&O BhavCopy
  214. Commodities autopilot trading program
  215. Placing Trades In Odin
  216. Help with Odin On Vista
  217. Which is the best software..?
  218. Zen Intraday/EOD Converter v2.0 Freeware
  219. How to import "Live Feeds" to F Charts through excel.
  220. Omnitrader in India
  221. odin preferences help
  222. Murrey Math Trading Frame 2008 v18.7
  223. Free niffty charts
  224. Searching for a Buyer
  225. needs registry error cleaning software
  226. How to convert 1 min data to higher time frame ?
  227. Power Indiabulls v
  228. Zen Analyzer v1.0 Freeware
  229. Beginner help on TA and resources for Metastock needed.
  230. Having problem with MetaStock Plug-in
  231. Help needed to start online trading in Geojit
  232. Odin data to ab through dde link to excel
  233. Real time MCX gold international prices
  234. QuoteTracker[1].v3.9.1 + Patch
  235. fibotrader ........ pls help
  236. Open Interest Tracker Software
  237. Software related quries- plz help
  238. Market Capitalization of a Company?
  239. Need Help to design expert in Metastock
  240. Help for amibroker
  241. One click order placement
  242. Excel
  243. odin realtime to metastock
  245. can i use two different brokers ODIN software
  246. EOD downloader for NSE/BSE... Small file size....
  247. Help for format of real time data feed
  248. LIVE quotes on Excel
  249. Great free software
  250. NSE Real time Data Downloader v2.0