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  1. Where is the PR file of today ? 2017 April 28
  2. Review of EquityPundit
  3. Traderji HedgeFund
  4. is 17% annualized a good return on a form of debt?
  5. Amibroker AFL for Renko
  6. My (btst/intraday/swing) picks based on price volume & news
  7. Is Nifty going to 11000
  8. SmallCase - The best and safest way to trade Cash Market
  9. Buying $X At This Level With This Target.
  10. Avinash k - NIFTY & Bank Nifty Analysis
  11. Investment Bonus question
  12. My nifty and stock views
  13. The SEC deadline to approve or reject the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF is March 11
  14. SNAPCHAT is just a hype
  15. US FED Funds Rate
  16. Short position (delivery) not covered
  17. Snapchat's IPO. First day results
  18. DJIA. Is it time to buy?
  19. Target reports Q4 today
  20. Is it an opportunity to buy Yahoo?
  21. Samsung family succession hits snag with chief’s arrest
  22. Snap is seeking an IPO valuation of up to $22 billion
  23. after hours orders not getting converted to stock exchange order
  24. discrepancy in stock volume amounts at Yahoo, Google, Stock Market Watch etc.
  25. Trade to Trade Question
  26. Trading money of family members and relatives
  27. understanding volatility report
  28. What's your trading strategy for Union Budget 2017?
  29. 50 lakhs cash market strategy ?
  30. Investment idea- Team SVLNS Financial
  31. Global stocks down after Wall Street slip
  32. Snap doubled its acquisitions in 2016 as it builds toward IPO
  33. Weight Watchers shares soar after Oprah Winfrey loses 40 pounds
  34. Effect of bonus shares on stock price
  35. Ikea to pay $50 Million over 3 toddler deaths from dresser tip-overs
  36. Suggest me Best penny stocks under 10rs?
  37. Does Zerodha Offer BTST and STBT?
  38. Eyeing $GILD For A Buy At This Level...
  39. How to give feedback/suggestions to screener.in developers?
  40. Trading & Financial data for 150 companies?
  41. getting my feet wet for the first time
  42. Stocks trading status in NSE/BSE
  43. Basic question about margin
  44. My calls which might be better but i can make profit out of it,
  45. yearly % gainers/losers for Equities
  46. Are we on the edge right now?
  47. Time to buy Calls!
  48. INR - deviating from the script
  49. Cairn - Vedanta - interesting situation
  50. Sun Pharma - interesting situation!
  51. ICICI Bank - India's best positioned bank
  52. Investing in NSE Consumption Index. Thoughts?
  53. Any website to measure quality aspects of stock?
  54. TV Channel commentators: Experts or Astrologers?
  55. Biggest test for nascent bull market
  56. Jio subscriptions - could be very significant already!
  57. Tata DNA - no longer what it was
  58. ICICIDirect - black spot on ICICI name
  59. Walmart and Reliance Retail - big marriage on the cards?
  60. The strength of this bull market
  61. IT - Desperate for a Brexit Bonus
  62. What is going on with VGUard???
  63. Reliance Industries - Big Brother on the move
  64. Coal India - Black Diamond
  65. Tata Motors - biggest winner from GST, Brexit
  66. What is up with the opening price
  67. A Strong Rupee Policy
  68. Sun Pharma - Gleevec ends, now Glumetza
  69. Coming soon - mega bull market in India!!
  70. Long term secular bull market
  71. Karnataka Bank rights issue
  72. exposure
  73. nifty pe turning high
  74. Which one is the best strategy in the market?
  75. Exposure Confusion
  76. Basic question about Zerodha stoploss
  77. ARM Holdings has been acquired by Softbank for about $32 bn
  78. Reliance Stock - Results soon.
  79. AFL for N shares per bar
  80. how many of you think stocks will take a hit in next month or so
  81. Value Stock available at the moment?
  82. Tesla Motors offered to buy Elon Musk's SolarCity for $2.8 billion
  83. Is $TWTR An Undervalued Growth Play?
  84. I think that zerodha is tracking my orders. What should i do?
  85. Microsoft buying LinkedIn for $ 26.2 billion
  86. Bitcoin exchange rate overcame 2-year high
  87. Moser Baer Default
  88. Thread for people following stars on opentrade.in
  89. The raw materials are the most profitable investment since the beginning of the year
  90. please guide
  91. IBM signs $300 million IT-deal with Emirates Airline
  92. There is a real collapse in shipbuilding In South Korea
  93. The Bitcoin price has reached 20-month high and the market can't understand why!
  94. Please Clarify: Membership in IQOption.com being an Indian
  95. Brief Information About An Equity Search Analyst
  96. Volkswagen has invested $300 million in the taxi service Gett
  97. Tesla Motors has raised $1.46 billion
  98. Banking on banks
  99. The oil company Petrobras gets rid of offshore fields
  100. The buyback of shares in the US is collapsing at a record pace
  101. What happened to PNB today?
  102. The most expensive brands (Forbes)
  103. Can i trade U.S E-Mini DOW Futures from India?
  104. Technical Analysis - Back to the Basics....
  105. BSE all Stocks returns analysis
  106. Understanding Market Manipulation
  107. Quarterly dividend paying stocks?
  108. Are Indian markets overvalued?
  109. The new legs of this Rally
  110. Is It right time to invest it crompton greaves?
  111. Holding Dena Bank and Andhra Cements for more than three years...what to do now?
  112. Volume Of Buy
  113. Buy/Sell Doubt
  114. Swing trading futures/stocks in marginable account?
  115. Apple again misses the hundred most respected companies in the USA
  116. McDonald's wants to capture Asia
  117. What is Z category?
  118. Maximum Alert
  119. Major shale company Emerald Oil filed for bankruptcy
  120. strategy for choosing good stocks for intraday
  121. European futures fell after the blasts at Brussels airport
  122. Coca-Cola will create its own milk brand
  123. The greatest stock market crash ahead
  124. CHY exchange rate falls after news of tightening foreign exchange transactions
  125. Tata Motors stock up 40% in a month.
  126. Regarding average price
  127. gap up/gap down stocks from where ?
  128. Tidewater oil split and bonus date
  129. Phenomenon of CMG and JNJ
  130. Best Stocks With High Return
  131. what kind of share are best to begin with
  132. Market Cycle Dates
  133. Banking results for Q3
  134. 2016 Bear Phase...CNBC Latest Report
  135. Max India fundamentals and demerger
  136. suggestion for Good Stock
  137. Circular Trading Trap..Don't Be Victim
  138. Market 8 Years Cycle..History Repeats..2016 Bear Phase?..Must Read
  139. Abm knowledgeware
  140. Red Alert
  141. any website to scan gap up/down
  142. Safe Broker for Portfolio Size 10 to 20 lacs
  143. Stock broker firm who has foreign stock market trading
  144. Digital India-stocks
  145. any website for daily Market Report to email
  146. where to find nse gainer and loser historical data
  147. How to upload excel in traderji?
  148. Where to find correct book value of a company ?
  149. Help me with Opening an account!!!
  150. Download US ETF holdings
  151. Simple Strategy that works
  152. Idea About following stocks
  153. Total Traded Qty V/s Delivered Qty...
  154. Could you please tell me , based on the USDINR value which sector would have what imp
  155. I am going to buy Hindustan media Venture Limited but???
  156. Convert old share
  157. How are these Data Points calculated for BSE/ NSE ? HELP Needed
  158. A Newbie's Long-term picks. Need your opinions
  159. Axis band and inox leasure, my portfolio
  160. Help on MyGTD Order
  161. Best Trading strategy with backtesting
  162. Opine on my bleeding portfolio !
  163. Tata Steel....what's the word on the street?
  164. I am planning to buy these for long term
  165. Stock Selection ideas
  166. Looking forward to buy Amtek Auto
  167. European stock market close- TIMBERRRRRR
  168. live indices
  169. Stocks I have close watch on: what do you all think?
  170. Importing Google data into MT4
  171. Your view on SBI?
  172. Please fill my PhD survey on Investor Behaviour in Equity Market
  173. Analyzing India: New Series
  174. Transfer of Shares
  175. Black Monday Sensex -1600. What Next, Is India still Shining Star?
  176. regarding selling of stocks in sharekhan
  177. need suggestion to recover bad investment
  178. pannic selling
  179. What is your view on Tata Motors?
  180. Delivary emas
  181. How to pick a Right Options in Stock
  182. Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd
  183. Demat and Trading account without POA
  184. What is the best robo advisory service in India?
  185. Trading 40 Lakhs for good profits.......Simple strategy!
  186. sending abroad money earned in NSE Intraday trading
  187. Heard On The Street (Authentic/Forward/HoS/Rumors)
  188. Man Industries Chart
  189. EOD in Metastock Format
  190. Any opinion about this ?
  191. My picks from a 5 year perspective (2020)
  192. exposure margin
  193. Rising Price with rising Volume
  194. Telefolio and India Economic Review
  195. nifty buy
  196. Technique to gain from equities market
  197. NSE group wise stocks?
  198. Top Pair Stocks for Pair Trading
  199. What to do if Cash Sell order is not allowed.
  200. Can a broker withdrawal amount from my saving account without my permission?
  201. Want to choose a International broker -$10,00 what it means
  202. NIFTY index data before Jul 1990
  203. How do I sell Sterlite Industries shares?
  204. Arbitrage trading with 50 lakhs capital
  205. How much volume shall be considered good in NSE Nifty?
  206. statutory costs
  207. Sell Sterlite Industries Not Listed In NSE/BSE
  208. First Source Limited, Please guess this stock
  209. My trading & charts
  210. what is AMC Charges?
  211. FCL Bonus Stock
  212. How much is fees for taking a line directly from bse or nse?
  213. Suggestion on how to trade/invest for perople who can't follow the market in live
  214. TechM Bonus and Stock split. Shares partially received.
  215. Reason for bank of Baroda crash
  216. How to avoid loss in options ?
  217. basic question to senior nifty traders .
  218. Arbitrage question.
  219. How to get market information the fastest?
  220. Crmpt Greeves bags Order from SA
  221. ITC Hikes 20% price/effect
  222. ITC Hikes 20% price/effect
  223. what happens when buy and sell transactions exceed the actual volumes in the market
  224. intra-country arbitrage?
  225. corporate action
  226. Providing Portfolio Management Services (Non-Registered)
  227. Live audio feed of Budget
  228. Smile if you saw TexRAIl and Kalindee today
  229. Early Morning Intraday Tips
  230. Claris Lifesciences Ltd Multibagger?
  231. How to invest 40 lakhs in equity & FnO and profit
  232. How to find if quarterly results will be released during market or after market hours
  233. Help get On trading
  234. Contra trading on sharekhan calls
  235. Understanding Short selling
  236. Points against signing Power Of Attorney (especially IL&FS demat)
  237. basic doubts regarding BSE
  238. My First Trade
  239. Average HitRate With Poll
  240. Average HitRate
  241. Lowest possible Face value and Stock split
  242. Best intraday/technical analyst or brokerage
  243. tick average
  244. Anyone using TRUST facility of CDSL to settle/sell shares from demat
  245. Outlook on these equitites
  246. Crude crash and stock markets
  247. High school student scores $72 million playing stocks
  248. stock market crash in 2015
  249. question on zerodha
  250. zerodha pi