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  1. using gann methodology
  2. Trading signals based on simple strategies
  3. Help need for backtesting
  4. Learn How To Fish
  5. Experiments with OBV
  6. Need strategy code - please help
  7. NinjaTrader8 Data Plugin for NSE, F&O and MCX Segments
  8. option stratagy
  9. Tom de mark sequential monitor for nifty50 stocks
  10. Oddball S&P system
  11. Help requierd..
  12. Day Trading Strategy which actually works
  13. Help on backtesting
  14. Amibroker formula coading help required
  15. Unconventional ways of identifying market moves
  16. Query for Day Trading
  17. why point and figure charting is not famous ?
  18. Market corrected on RBI rate cut?
  19. A great way to trade crude oil on WEDNESDAYS
  20. Candle stick patterns
  21. Learning to trade with order flow
  22. Master strategy - either profit or zero loss
  23. What is up with the opening price
  24. Volume Profile and Market Profile a new wave of market picture
  25. Nifty trading strategy for Monday 1st Aug 2016.
  26. Nifty Intraday Breakout Failures
  27. Nifty Future Trading as per supertrend and adx
  28. Short Straddle and trading future as per Supertrend Signals
  29. Is it possible in other platform? (other TA software?)
  30. Positional Trading Systems
  31. profitous . in (any one done his course
  32. High Low Breakout Technique
  33. Developing a Quantopian like service for Indian stocks
  34. supertrend v5 + filters
  35. How good is this mean reversion strategy?
  36. AFL Code required for EMA based strategy
  37. Tips/Precautions while shorting medium to low liquidity stocks
  38. VWAP Strategies
  39. odin
  40. Is there any Broker who provide opposite Bracket Orders tool...
  41. create exit plan
  42. No afl like this before? Is it possible to make it in other platforms
  43. Intraday stock selection
  44. How to plot 15min Moving average in 1 min chart in amibroker
  45. Do Gartleys and Butterflys not work on Nifty Futures ?
  46. Advanced Order Flow Analysis and Practicing of Order Flow for better Trade Decision
  47. Importance of trend in technical analysis
  48. Options Trading Strategy Automated
  49. NF Swing Trading using Fractal AFL
  50. Trading strategy
  51. An event driven strategy
  52. Price Action perspective using VWAP+SD and TF AMAs
  53. Straddle: What are the Loss in exiting the trade intraday?
  54. Intraday Stock Selection Best Method
  55. Order Flow and volume profile trading
  56. stop the trading after reaching the target
  57. shadow candle style - 99% work .. need AFL code
  58. Working with volumes (concept)
  59. please help me make a trading system
  60. Risk free option trading strategies
  61. Protective Put Advanced Version: Part 2
  62. Which of these trading strategy should i follow?
  63. day trading commodities- profitably !
  64. What is your annual return percentage for your strategy
  65. Combining Trend-VWAP-Ranges - Pratap's method
  66. Protective Put Advanced Version 150% Profit
  67. Recently developed a Trading System
  68. Intraday Trading System to Trade Forex with RSI and Stochastic Divergence and Candles
  69. Need AFL for My startegy , Kindly Help
  70. Day trading strategy for sudden spike
  71. BUY SELL SIGNAL which is working
  72. How to Play this Chart
  73. Vanilla Bollinger Bands (2,20)
  74. FUT Position Trading with option chain
  75. Which are gud indicators for Volume.?
  76. Turn false signals into profit
  77. ATS Fisher
  78. Indicator of the Year
  79. About Nifty Positional Trading
  80. System Testing
  81. Cash and Futures Arbitrage
  82. trailing stoploss
  83. Renko chart strategy
  84. supertrend version 4 back testing
  85. Trading System Successfully tested
  86. Commodity trading using GANN
  87. Commodity Intraday trading
  88. What is option Pair Trading Strategy?
  89. Inviting to share afl & how to use it for consistent returns.
  90. Hi! Wanted opinion on the strategy of sell when open = high and vice versa
  91. Pair Trading
  92. Open price = low price = buy ? can someone help me out with this stratergy
  93. Strategy for bank nifty(expiry26-2-2015)
  94. Time based trading nift and banknifty
  95. Realtime Charts: Any Pattern Scanner/Recognizer?
  96. Monte Carlo Simulation - Correct Assessment?
  97. intraday scanner
  98. NR7 Trading help
  99. Edward Pottasch AFL ? bcoz its keep changing " entry levels"??
  100. Order Management System - strategies
  101. Safest of Safe Trade !!
  102. BNF HIGH LOW trading stratagy
  103. Professional Traders know how to turn a losing trade around
  104. Bollinger Bands techniques
  105. Time based trading
  106. MR13 Trading System
  107. your strategy for AFTER MARKET ORDER(AMO) ?
  108. TTTB or T3B trading System
  109. technical trade consultancy training in pune
  110. Crude Oil Intraday With Good Results
  111. Experiments with Strategies
  112. How to trade intraday using Volatiltiy
  113. Nifty 8DMA plus minus trading stratagy
  114. Trading with coin flips
  115. why bother with a 'system'?
  116. Can someone help me in this?
  117. Forecasting Market Reversal
  118. TaiChi Price Action - Intraday Trading Strategy
  119. Trading systems
  120. Bank nifty stocks Beta value, weightage ... etc
  121. Trading using Machine Learning
  122. Any one have this afl
  123. help.i need this afl
  124. Trading using elliot waves
  125. Where can I find this indicator ..
  126. Nifty future and stock IEOD data 1 min format
  127. Ninja trader basics
  128. Trade Flasher - First Charting
  129. MCX historical data attached 1 min IEOD -6months
  130. help needed to code the system
  131. My Trading Strategies...
  132. Triangles, Flags, Wedges
  133. Mcx trading with renko bars
  134. Applying Sonic R Strategy in NSE, MCX - Discussion
  135. Difficulty in Executing Trades_ Need Help
  136. Understand pair trade
  137. Strategy with parabolic sar verfication
  138. MT4 indicators / template req
  139. Sh315 with another tool
  140. Amibroker and its applications?
  141. How to calculate bhavcopy pivot point
  142. How to predict tomorrow's trade
  143. Crude Oil - 10 EMA Reverse Strategy
  144. Intraday Setup - Open/High/Low breakout pattern - No Charts, Just excel
  145. good hedging strategies in nifty options for elections
  146. Need help for Research & strategy formulation
  147. Portfolio Creation, Understanding & Trading with Advanced GET
  148. Interest Rate Figures In India
  149. bollinger band trading system
  150. random mind
  151. cauchy disrtibution in forex
  152. Opinion on Backtest results
  153. Supertrend Multitimeframe Dashboard Amibroker AFL code
  154. Generate ur own call
  155. Combined Bands Model trades
  156. Pure profits
  157. Backtesting period
  158. discretionary vs mechanical trading systems
  159. Free Mt4 Trade Copier
  160. Daily Forex Signals
  161. pair trading
  162. Instant profit giving stocks...
  163. pair trading tool
  164. Simple trading strategy in NIFTY futures using SMA
  165. AFL needed for filtering above avg value of portforlio of stocks
  166. Integrated Trading Platforms
  167. expert advisor & daily signal provider
  168. NR7-NR21-Inside day Excel sheet needed
  169. 2 questions
  170. Trading Daily Timeframe
  171. any body have this 100% nifty profit systam
  172. Nifty Futures - Calendar Spreads
  173. Turnover Details Needed
  174. Best Strategy To Make 50 Pip to 100 Pip Daily
  175. Lets develop a strategy
  176. Best ATS Provider in India
  177. Intraday Trading Technique
  178. Help with AFL.
  179. Nifty Positional Trading - Super Trend Indicator
  180. GODS own Trading System
  181. sucessesful scalp trading strategies
  182. Current trading with Volume Spread Analysis
  183. looking to buy a system/strategy
  184. hello
  185. Need to afl code to finalize the target price
  186. Infy ~ results mania trading [vimalraj]
  187. how to use keystocks software for picking swing trading eod candidates
  188. Free Forex Trade Copier & Signals 30 PIP Daily
  189. compounding in backtesting
  190. Financial planning help
  191. need strategy for trading in non trending days
  192. historical economic calendar
  193. Ib c++ api
  194. simple straddle strategy
  195. Trend runner for BANK-NIFTY.
  196. Being a quant
  197. coding my strategies
  198. MACD Qualification
  199. Trading NR21 Setup, Best method for Scalping
  200. Backtested afl.
  201. Super Trend Formula verification
  202. BSE Courses
  203. Trading NIFTY with Volume Spread Analysis
  204. Covered call
  205. cost of algo trading
  206. Mt4 Trade Copier Expert Advisor & Live Trading System
  207. Trading Intraday with Triangles
  208. Mt4 Trade Copier Expert Advisor & Daily Trading Strategies
  209. Live Trading System & Mt4 Trade Copier
  210. Understanding Algos
  211. Latest advancement of Indicators.
  212. From My Trading system: 1-3 Day Trades
  213. Forex Signal Vs Forex Trade Copier
  214. InstantPip Best profitable signal & trade copier of 2013
  215. Free Signal are good or Paid Signal are good
  216. 1 Attachment(s) Instantpip Live Automoted Trading System & Mt4 trade copier
  217. Instantpip Live Automoted Trading System & mt4 trade copier
  218. Order execution
  219. InstantPip Live Automated Master Trading System
  220. trade with trend
  221. tradeing with Trend
  222. Option techniques
  223. Once again Turtle Soup ..
  224. Williams OOPS Trading system
  225. Pairs trading
  226. Pairs trading
  227. some important support and resistances
  228. option strategy
  229. Which is better CRB or Renko charts?
  230. Survey: Nifty Options Strategy (Daily/Weekly)
  231. Simple trading strategy in commodity
  232. T3b trading system
  233. My High Probability Swing Trading Long Stock Lists..for tomorrow..Study Chart!
  234. Stocks -Hedge Trading
  236. BankNifty Future Hedge Trading
  237. Is there bracket order in Nest?
  238. Pair Trading
  239. AFL code writer wanted
  240. nr7 backtest
  241. 5 EMA Positional Trading System
  242. Nifty Future Hedge Trading
  243. Open =high open =low finder
  244. Trading Reversal Bars - Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader
  245. Super Trend
  246. Trading Narrow Range Bars - Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader
  247. Trading strategy on Nest Pulse
  248. My trading record of automated trading software
  249. is MABUITS really an ideal tool to trade?
  250. New Trading Tool