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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

Superb idea a noobi trader who cannot invest on a metastock or amibroker where shall they start from ??
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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

Its experiments in technical specialist term basis to turn in the market and makes a good experiments so to come back in the market strategy from various aspects in investment.sell,buy.
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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

thank u
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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

Originally Posted by karthikmarar View Post
Thanks Jaykiru for kick starting this thread. I will study and revert back to you again.

Now let us take look at my very first workable trading system. Of course I have come a long way from there. This system though very simple did provide many profitable trades and I hope will help the beginners to get some insight and help them in their path towards their own profitable trading system. Step by step we will cover more advanced systems, Indicator etc. This system, which I fondly called MABIUTS (Moving Average Based Intermediate Uptrend System. Forgive my penchant for funny names) will be a good starting point for the thread. I will talk about the setup and entry only. I will not cover the position sizing and money management part here because each individual has his flavor of MM.

It was a time when I was trying the grasp the intricacies of Technical Analysis. I was looking at various Indicators without really getting the grasp of their working and drawbacks. The indicators gave conflicting signals leaving thoroughly exasperated.

Finally I decided to make a system, which will be a very simple one yet gives me reasonable profits. I started experimenting with simple moving average cross over systems, but was quite unhappy with the frequent whipsaws. Then I decided to approach the problem in an unconventional way different from the normal use of Moving averages. I listed the objective as follows

1. The system should be simple
2. Based on simple moving averages
3. It should be able to identify an Intermediate Up trend ( Ahh… I am a big Fan of Saint, you know) and latch on to the trend.
4. The Time frame should be medium.
5. Visual pointer like Bullish, bearish and neural (sideways) on the charts to make an easier understanding.

With these set of objective I set out to make my system. First step was to identify an Uptrend using Moving averages. That time I was very familiar with the 3-13-39 system from the great thread by Traderji. After some experimentation I decided to use just the 13 day EMA with a signal line of a 9 day EMA of the 13 day EMA.

So my setup was EMA(13) greater than 9 day EMA of EMA(13).

Now what about the entry? I wanted to enter on confirmation of starting of Intermediate Up trend. Now my Pivot Analysis studies (Some of you may be familiar with my thread on pivots) came to my aid. So the entry would be when the price crosses the previous High Pivot. (The previous peak)

I kept the exit also very simple. When the he EMA (13) cross below the signal line, I will exit the trade. (Trailing stops etc were a far cry for me those days)

It was a simple and elementary Trading system. But worked well during the bull market. It caught on most of the intermediate up trends and kept one on the right side most of the times. It also gave signals for entry or adding on pullbacks in an uptrend. It identified most sideways movements. It was good for safe, stress free positional trades.

Of course It had its share of drawbacks. Some entries were signaled at the top which proved to be loss making. The system also was unable to handle big drops.

Overall it was very satisfactory system in a bull market and of course in a bear market the system will fully keep one aside. The system with its simplicity may be a good one for beginners.

Let me reiterate the rules again.

Setup: EMA(13) of close > Signal Line
Entry: Close crossing the previous peak
Exit : EMA(13) crossing below the Signal Line

Signal Line : EMA(9) of EMA(13)

I had implemented the same in Metastock and has now recreated the same in Amibroker. It has the following features.

Buy and Sell indications – Arrow and “B/S” Texts. Amibroker is more flexible hence has the price also.
Chart Bars color coded with green for Bullish, Red for Bearish and blue during pullbacks and sideways movements. The blue indication puts one on alert.

Color-coded ribbons in Metastock for Bullish, Bearish and neutral zones.

I am enclosing the two charts for your reference (one from Metastock and the other from Amibroker).

Comments welcome. Also effort to improve could be thought of.

The Metastock Expert and Amibroker AFL will be posted in their respective sections (Just to avoid clutter here)

Warm regards


The Metastock code and Amibroker AFL can be found at

For the related explorations please go to
you r great man. Thank u
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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

Nice share, EMA precisely explained..

Thank you and keep up the good work

Last edited by Raj05; 16th January 2016 at 01:28 PM. Reason: comments swapped
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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

Sir kindly suggest me about Elliot Wave Theory software in an indian stocks & e-book.
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Default Re: Experiments in Technical Analysis

I want to know about a strategy which is best suited for nifty swing/positional trading.
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